Physical therapy rehabilitation injury to tendons and ligaments -

Physical therapy rehabilitation injury to tendons and ligaments

Physical therapy will help you get back on track by improving mobility of the joints lesions, dispel the pain and help prevent permanent damage.

We usually or unconsciously do his body wounded while maneuvering. You can be an athlete diligently and often hurt the tendons or ligaments while playing the game, sport, strong violence such as basketball, or you are careless to sprain when suddenly fell while walking on the road. Though wounds have heavy how just rest assured then, because physical therapy will help you recover damage tendons and ligaments quickly.

Measures recovery

♣ Therapist will use techniques to reduce pain and enhance coordination, strength and toughness of tendons. During treatment, you may need to use tools such as bicycles and treadmills.

♣ Doctor will also treat the wound with heat or welding or encourage you to use the bath tub. The doctor will also suggest many other methods like electrical impulses, ultrasound or massage.

♣ You can also exercise and habit formation muscle relaxation at home. Comply with timetable in conjunction with training scheduled therapy will help you heal faster, healthy and safe for the body over.

Sprains and ligaments

The tendon is the branch tissues connect bones together and keep joints sure. For example, tendon knee connecting the thigh bone with the shin bone creating the joints to help you walk or jog.

Sprain occurs when tendons stretch or tear. The tendons most vulnerable, located in the ankle, knee and wrist.

One of the hurt knee ligament most common is injury to ligaments cross joints, the front knee (ACL). There are approximately more than 200,000 cases of injury every year and half the number of cases have to do surgery.

When hurt, the doctor will often give you do physical therapy before surgery. The following are the goals your therapist will put out for you to recover:

1. Improve the way joints motor

Exercises are also known as way to be pressed maximum, and chill out the most. Doctor will give you treatment right from when just the injury and may include exercises, cycling in place, or folded, straighten your legs.

2. Reduce swelling

You should apply ice on the joints as long as possible to increase blood circulation. Double knee up to chest while the other compresses bag of rocks. Tie around the knee by straps or bandages ACE combined with exercise will reduce the swelling.

3. Maintain muscle strength

The number of exercise, the manner and spirit maintain of each exercise will be different based on injury, but the exercises often include lying leg lifts, squat exercise, squat in place, seated leg rock thigh exercises first, exercises the barbell back thighs and legs.

4. Heart healthy

The exercises include swimming, cycling, or exercise machine full body workout will bring more benefits for cardiovascular.

Recovery after surgery

Physical therapy and therapeutic mechanical energy

The goal of physical therapy after your surgery is to bone joints normal operation back and safe for health in the shortest time possible.

You will be the doctor plan appropriate for the entire body to recover, but the recovery process usually styled the following form:

Weeks 1-3

The aim is to increase motor skills and movement do not need crutches. The exercises include weight lifting, running, bike and tippy-toe or the heel.

Week 4-6

You will need to maintain the exercise is designed for you to stretch your joints as much as possible. The goal will be to help the gait or how you walk back to normal.

The exercises will include step-up (anal aerobics for the abdomen incorporates the same tools (step) to make the step up and down by the legs) and exercises lunges leg. You can also use the type of machine in the gym to thigh exercises, thigh exercises back or legs.

Weeks 7-16

The goal is to be able to move your leg, comprehensive while to prevent swelling and soreness when the exercise again. The workout will include using machines such as treadmill machine, walking on air or climbing stairs as well as outdoor activities such as swimming or cycling.

Physical therapy replaces surgery

You can accidentally injure the tendon, heel, patellar tendon, or tendon elbow while playing sports. If the tendon is torn heavy, you need to be surgical, but in more mild cases, can physical therapy will help you recover without surgery.

Physical therapy is a method popular treatment for tendon injuries heel – tendon, the largest and also most vulnerable in the body. Your therapist will design the objectives, challenges and exercises necessary for the treatment.

Plan therapy usually will include:

  • Stretching and flexibility tendon to help the tendon heal and avoid pain in the long term
  • Exercises increase strength, help build the strength of ligaments and prevent injury later
  • Therapy by heat, ultrasonic wave improves the blood circulation, promote wound heal
  • Massage intensive enhanced toughness and circulation in the body at the same time prevent prevent injury
  • Exercises forged high endurance like cycling on the spot
  • Combination workout and gain agility.

All of the above exercises you can practice at home or at the gym. If diligent treatment, you certainly will quickly recover and return to play the sport I love.

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