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16 styles of perms with a bob cut (shoulder-length hair or less)

stripes between hair

Are you thinking of getting a bob cut with curling iron to really wow your friends and acquaintances?

If you have very long hair, you should think seriously about it, even if you speak to a stylist.

Do you know why? Because although recommendations from experts are always a good place to start, you’ll be the one with a bob cut.

And you should look good and feel good.

The curled bob is a bold, sassy, ​​sexy and stylish hairstyle, however, it is not the best hairstyle for everyone.

Let’s play a game.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself.

  • Do you have a wide neck?
  • Does your function pronounce?
  • Is your face oval in shape?

 If the answer is yes, then bob-cut is probably not for you.  

Because this cut tends to accentuate the neck and jawbone, suitable for those with a beautiful neck and without the jawbone.

Also, if your face is oval in shape, it could accentuate your chin too much.

shoulder-length hair

However, despite these exceptions, a curl bob hairstyle can be a good alternative to changing your look to something more modern, which will imply a bit of hold. preserve.

Have you heard of Coco Chanel? And Rachel McAdams, the actress in one of my favorite movies, “The Notebook?”

They have bob hairstyles, and it gives them a wacky look and a “world is within my reach” atmosphere.

  • So curls are ideal for long and thin faces as they add volume to the upper body making the face look wider.
  • An inverted bob , for example, can visually widen the neck, hidepronounced, expose wrinkles and add volume in thinning hair.
  • The outline of the bob cut also highlights the neck and collarbone, adding a very feminine and sexy appeal.

Do you think bob haircuts are not for women over fifty?

You are wrong

Hair tends to be thinner as we age.

This is very noticeable when the hair is long, as the hair tends to be greasy faster. Therefore, the hair pieces tend to stick to themselves and to the scalp, exposing more areas of hair loss.

When you cut most of your hair, you will remove the dry, frizzy ends.

This means hair follicles do not need to secrete a lot of sebum to moisturize broken, dry hair.

 That is why, if you are over forty years old, a curled bob hairstyle can give you more curls, making it look thicker and stronger. 

Now that you know the advantages of a curled bob, I’ll show you some ideas to bring with you on your next appointment with the stylist .

Be one of those women who have the world at hand!

Bob hair is curled asymmetrical

neck in sight

The asymmetry with curls isn’t as sharp and clear as with straight hair, but it works and it makes a simple cut look much more interesting.

You can get this idea with both tight curls as well as softer waves and all the options in between.

Shoulder curl

We can say that this is the most classic and easiest to maintain. All hair loss is uniform and is about equal length, meaning you don’t need to maintain it as often.

If you are looking to change your appearance but don’t want to complicate your life in the future, you should think of things like this.

Sexy and outstanding waves

If you have straight hair and you can’t make that radical change, then you can try some loose wavy hairstyles. And what ultimately gives it a more insight are some of the highlights.

Short curling soft hair

hair curlers at the hair salon

This is the best example where you don’t have to be too curly. Here, with some soft curls, you can get a very interesting effect.

Of course, for this look, you have to expose your neck. This can be an ideal look for women who have short hair or who want a very short look for whatever reason.

Wavy bangs with medium length and short hair

prominent honey yellow color

Do you love bangs?

Then you can try a style like the one above.

This look can suit both short hair as well as shoulder-length hair.

red hair

Keep in mind that this is a difficult hairstyle because bangs have to be corrected regularly , especially if your hair is growing fast.

Beach waves clap your shoulder

This is the style that many people call surfing or beach waves .

The idea is to mimic the looks of women who spend hours surfing the web. Of course, these prominent blondes have a natural tendency, but not always.

blond hair

For ordinary people like you and I who work in four walls, the only option to get this look is to visit our trusty hair stylist.

This idea works best with very loose waves. The blond tone you choose will depend a lot on your hair’s taste and history. Remember not to color and curls on the same day.

Magic waves and colors

Here, there are plenty of options you can imagine, and of course your stylist can.

Today, silver, purple, and blue tones are very popular, but you can also choose from more classic colors like red or bronze.

For the highlight to look better, the waves should be bigger.

Waves wild

Longer dress will lengthen the form of curls.

The added weight stretches the spirals and produces waves instead of tight curls.

If you have shoulder-length hair, it gives your hair a frizz-free look and random wavy curls.

Of course, your ideas will stay the same. How do you like it?

Now that you have an idea of ​​what curling style you want your hair to be, remember that it is very important to know how to style your curls .

With a brush? None of it, please throw it away once and for all.

But don’t worry, below I will show you how to style your permed hair.

How to maintain curls like the first day is longer

The size of the curls you choose does not matter, knowing how to care for them is extremely important for this process to last longer.

Take care of your curls, and they will thank you.

  • Always brush your curls from the bottom up.

Starting at the bottom will allow you to gently unscrew each button , instead of pulling them all down.

To do so, always use a wide-tooth comb.

  • Cut the ends regularly.

Split ends are never beautiful, other than the fact that they can lead to frizz.

If you want to have healthy curls that look vibrant and fresh, you should visit a hair salon every six to eight weeks to trim the ends of your hair.

  • Use specific styling products.

You can use mousse for curly hair as well as coconut oil for styling.

You can also use specific curly hair serums to soften and curl your curls.

  • Deep conditions ended.

When your permed hair has gone dry or too dull, do n’t apply a lot of products.

Just use your fingertips to apply a dime-sized drop of cream or oil to brush the ends of your hair, giving them moisture and movement.

By now, you know which curled bob hairstyle could be your next new look.


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