Can you get a perm on short hair?


Have short hair and are thinking of curling it?

I had the same great idea three months ago!

And that’s a good idea.

The change is very impressive.

 Impressive that my stylist actually asked to take my photo and include it in her portfolio. 

However, to get the results that make your friends jealous, you have to keep in mind which perm is the best option for short hair.

Can you imagine what your head would look like if there were only small, small spiral lines sticking to your scalp?

I thought it would be a living image of Medusa, with small magical snakes growing out of her head instead of hair.

Of course, I don’t want to be Medusa, but I also don’t want to end up with those ridiculous knots in my hair that make me look like ET.

Do you remember the famous little alien from the movie Spielberg with a really big head?

But, I need to change my appearance.

I have been a preschool teacher for over 15 years. And, although I would love to have long hair, I decided it would be better to have short hair for my job.

Do you know why?

  • First, it saves me time. I get up, I brush it and that’s it, I can run to work.
  • Second, have you ever had an innocent kid with half a hard candy in his hair? Is not?

I hope it stays the same!

Because you can’t imagine how difficult it was to get that little candy out of my hair!

And since I ended up having to cut off 4 curls from my hair, I decided to cut my hair into a bob.

But after three years of that style, I got bored of it.

My curls stuck to the sides of my face, sad and soft, attracting even more attention to my angular face.

Sometimes I wear a bandana or a headband, but I don’t feel very comfortable.

 Until I saw an Instagram photo of a friend with short hair curled. 

In the end it looked very spectacular on her. So I asked her for the stylist’s name and address, and one Saturday I went to change the look.

Do you want to add vitality to your short hair?

Would you like it to have more volume and more movement?

So don’t give up, and keep reading, for today I’m going to tell you about:

  • The two best curls for short hair.
  • These instances do NOT make sense for a permutation.
  • If you have short hair, how much professional curling should you have

So change that and give your hair a new vitality.

There are two perms that are applicable to short hair.

Can you guess what they are?

2 best curls for short hair

just on the sides

What’s the point of a bob hairstyle and a long mid cut ?


Both are short hairstyles. But, there is an essential difference between them.

In the case of bob hairs, your hair does not reach shoulder length. In my case, for example, on the sides, my hair barely touched the jawline and nape of the neck.

Cut long in the middle, your hair touching your shoulders.

 I didn’t want to cut my bob any longer, so I decided with my stylist to only curl the hair at the roots. 

Have you ever been stuck of a fixed root?

That’s normal – the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about curls are small curls – but what I did has nothing to do with that.

A root perm gives life and volume to your hair, without affecting side length.

  • Of course, my stylist washed and dried it with a soft towel.
  • After untangle, she split it into four segments and wrapped the first 2 inches of my roots around the moderately long bars. She doesn’t put any sticks in the rest of my hair.
  • She then applied the osmosis solution, which took her a long time , as she had to ensure that the product was evenly distributed.
  • Finally, after applying the perming solution and the neutralizer, the time has finally come.

The first thing my stylist warned me was: “Don’t be afraid, the curls won’t be identified as such!”

I felt a lot of relief and as soon as she started drying and brushing my hair. My face has been transformed.

But, unlike Incredible Hulk … Nothing like that!

My face was filled with happiness and when it ended, I felt like a party the size of the Carnival, as big as Rio’s Carnival, the biggest of them all.

She did it!

My soft and boring curly hairstyle has increased volume and movement, and it is not even short anymore.

The original software is already working. And after 10 days showing it off, I realized something else: getting ready didn’t take longer than before.

So what if you have waist-length hair?

 From my conversation with my stylist, I learned that the best alternative is to get waves. 

Because they will give you movement and volume without shortening your hair too much.

Now there are some important things to consider besides whether your hair is long or short to determine if you can curl it or not.

Have you dyed your hair lately?

If so, keep reading because if you do decide to curl your hair, you could ruin your hair forever.

When should you not buy a bending machine?

stylized face

The new curling technique makes curls easier and looks more natural, and those loose curls are not only beautiful, but also easy to take care of.

But we should not forget one very important thing: the chemical products used in this process, and even though they are better than the ones used in the 1980s, they are still chemicals.

 That’s why your hair needs to be very healthy.  

  • If you color it, don’t get a color.
  • Don’t take one if you have bleached your hair .
  • And if you split the tops, cut them off. That will ensure that the capillary fibers are not damaged further.

 You should also make sure that your hair stylist knows how to do it. Inquire about their experience with previous clients and, if possible, ask them to take pictures of their work. 

And bring pictures of what you are looking for because a picture is worth a thousand words.

You should also be open to their proposals, as in the end, they are experts. Maybe you want to get clear curls, but if you cut your hair layered, you’ll probably look like a poodle.

Listen to their suggestions, because they are known.

And if you think they don’t understand what you’re looking for with your short haircut, look for another stylist.

How much does short curling hair cost?

When we talk about prices , you should remember that there is no fixed price.

 Everything will depend on the salon. It will also depend on the stylist’s experience. Because in many salons, they give students the opportunity to learn from experience. 

But, be careful, because what is cheap ends up expensive. And you have only one hair.

It’s worth paying more and keeping your hair healthy.

  • For me, when I go to a good salon with an experienced stylist, one of my bob curls costs $ 150.
  • And with waist-length hair, at the same salon it could cost $ 200.

But you should always keep one thing in mind. After getting your curler, which lasts for about six months, if you still like it you should perform permutation again.

And you should also invest a few more dollars in protein treatments because curly hair is difficult to retain moisture.

Now you know what are the two best curls for curly hair.

And you, which one do you decide to take? A root or a wave?


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