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Is it possible to perm curly or wavy hair? Can it give your curls more volume and shape?

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As we said, Maria has curly hair, but it lacks in focus. When she walks into the salon and asks how to restore her curls, we recommend a permanent permed hairstyle.

Is it possible to curl hair? You may have asked yourself the same question.

And the answer is: it depends on the results you are looking for.

  • If you’re considering curling your curls for more shape and stroke, the answer is yes, and it’s even recommended.
  • However, if you think curls will make your curls more manageable, less frizzy or stronger … don’t think about it. If that is your goal, the curling will only expose your hair to unnecessary chemicals and waste your money.

On top of that, there is another factor to note. There are different types of curly hair, with different curls. Your unique permed hairstyle is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding if curling hairstyles are right for you.

 Gentle waves should not be treated like curled curls. 

And the more profound difference is how the curls look like. Different types of perms have different internal structures and different care requirements.

So if you are curious how you want to curl your curly hair, keep reading as we will be discussing today:

  • What types of curves can be bent with good results
  • How to care for curls after curling

But whatever you decide, it’s important to remember that curly hair tends to be dry.

You probably already know this from experience, but since curly hair is so easy to lose moisture, it needs a lot of care. Well, curly hair that has been curled loses moisture even more easily, and therefore requires more care.

If you’re the one taking care of your locks, keep reading!

But if hair care is not your business, continue at your own risk.


Any curly hairstyles can benefit from curling irons

More volume for the hair

There are 3 basic types of curly hair: wavy hair, curly hair and curly hair.

  • Wavy hair is between straight and curly hair. It tends to be more shiny than curly hair, but not as much as straight hair and is often more prone to it.
  • Curly hair has a distinct S-shaped curl, and those curls can range from a capital S shape to a lower case s or sometimes even a z.
  • Curls have very tight curls and tend to be the thinnest and most beautiful. This type of hair also tends to be dry and brittle.

Now, let’s take a break and think: which curly hairstyle should we use?

If you think it’s the first two, that’s great! Looks like you are paying attention!

 Curls should never be used on curly hair, as chemicals can weaken the strands, lose moisture, and break easily. 

If you are interested in straightening your curls, we have suggested other treatments, such as hair botox.

Curling tongs are a great way to add definition to curly hair, but it’s very important that you discuss stick sizes for use with your hair stylist.

Now, if you have curly hair I would suggest a curl part.

Does anyone know what partial permutation is?

It’s basically a curling style in which the stylist only partially curls the hair.

In general, curly hair appears flat near the roots. So if you are looking for more curls, I recommend you only curl the roots, and leave the bouncy and defined curls in the rest of the hair.

 As you can see, it’s very important to consult a professional stylist before curling your hair. 

A stylist can look beyond looks and be able to understand the different structures, patterns, and needs of different hair types. They can then use this knowledge to find the best solution for your hair goals.

Determination of hair wave

Don’t forget that perms is a chemical process, using ammonium thioglycolate to break down hair structure and when it has the desired shape, a neutralizer with the oxidizing agent stops the process.

If you already have very tight curls, this solution can cause the strands to swell and become more porous, dry and curly than ever.

Wavy strokes, on the other hand, can define its “S” shape and give the hair more volume and fluff.

Do you still want to get a perm?

If so, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

On top of that, make sure there is no silicone in your hair, as it can act as a barrier and prevent the solution from saturating your hair.

 We recommend using cleansing or anti-scale shampoos to remove any chemical products or build-up that could interfere with the dye. 

Curly hair also needs more care, so make sure to always apply styling products while your hair is wet, don’t brush your hair while it’s drying, and use a diffuser with a dryer .

I also recommend washing your hair every other day or less and using deep conditioning treatments regularly. Don’t forget that the cuticle – which protects your hair shaft – has been damaged, which means it is very easy to lose moisture.

Now, if you already have a fixed version, I’m sure you’re curious how to make it last as long as possible.

If so, keep reading!

Have you curled or wavy hair? Then let’s talk about how to properly take care of it

After curling your hair, don’t even think about washing your hair for at least two days so that the hydrogen bonds are properly established.

And don’t worry if your curls look very tight at first as they will loosen and have a final shape after about two weeks.

When properly cared for, a curling plant will last for at least four months.

  • As I mentioned before, curly hair needs this type of specific shampoo and should not be washed every day.
  • Try to avoid using a hair dryer if possible. But if you have no other option, make sure to use a diffuser.

The gel works well for creating tight curls, while the cream and mousses are great for curls and looser waves.

  • If you have a bad habit of brushing your hair when it’s dry, stop!

Curly hair is never combed while it is drying, instead simply styling and untangle with a wide-tooth comb .

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of science behind curling hair, both before and after the treatment.


I would recommend curling hairs to:

  • Add volume and sharpness to the wavy hair.
  • Create more even curls with a variety of textures. Maria, mentioned at the beginning of the post, has this kind of hair. After curling, her curls are more even, clearer and even more fun!
  • Add the curls at the ends but straight at the roots.
  • In the end, I would never recommend perm for someone with curls or very obvious curls.

Now it’s your turn to share: what curly hairstyle do you have?

And after reading all of this, are you planning on getting a perm?


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