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Overview of cancer chemotherapy

Currently, there are 3 main methods used to treat cancer. All 3 have their advantages – and disadvantages. One of which is chemotherapy for cancer. This is the main method that will be used singly or in combination with other methods. Invite you to learn.

Chemotherapy what is cancer?

Cancer chemotherapy is the method of taking the drugs destroy cancer cells.

1. Chemotherapy for cancer works how?

The chemotherapy drugs for cancer have the task of targeting the diseased cells are growing and dividing too quickly. If methods like radiation and surgery only target the body areas cancer then chemotherapy affects your entire body. I.e. chemotherapy will simultaneously impact on both the cells carrying disease and healthy cells throughout the body. Especially the cells grow as fast as the cells in the skin, hair, intestine and bone marrow. That is the reason cause many side effects of this method.

2. Chemotherapy for cancer is effective, what?

Depending on the type of cancer and the stage on which method of chemo will bring different effects:

♦ Help you get rid of cancer: In some cases, chemotherapy can eradicate the cancer cells in your body and prevent always the possibility of cancer recurrence. However, this effect rarely occurs.

Control: For a few cases, this method will keep the cancer is not invasive to other parts of your body or slow down the development of cancer cells.

Ease the symptoms: With the case of cancer where chemotherapy can’t cure or control further, the method of chemotherapy will help to shrink the tumor that is making you pain, or pinched up the other organs. These tumors often grow back after stopping chemotherapy.

3. Doctors use chemotherapy for cancer how?

Maybe the doctor will use chemotherapy for cancer as a method of individual to cure cancer. However, in many cases, chemotherapy is usually used in conjunction with other methods:

– Surgery: Doctors cut out the tumor, tissues or organs that contain cancer cells.

– Radiation therapy: the Doctor will be screening the radiations invisible to kill cancer cells. Radiation will be launched by a kind of special machine to attack on the part your body from the outside or by placing radioactive substances on, near or even inside your body.

– Biological therapy: The material, biological such as bacteria, vaccines or antibodies be carefully administered to kill the cancer cells.

Cancer chemotherapy in this case is used to:

– Small tumors before radiation therapy or surgery.

– Destroy cancer cells that remain after surgery or radiation therapy.

– Increase the effects of other methods (biological therapy or radiation therapy).

– Destroy cancer cells recurrence or metastasis to other parts of the body.

4. A chemotherapy cancer how long?

Duration of a course of chemotherapy for cancer depends on:

– Type of cancer

– Treatment goal: cure, control the growth or relieve pain

– Type of chemotherapy for cancer

– The way your body responds to treatment

You usually cancer chemotherapy in each cycle, with stages into and the resting stage. For example, one cycle of treatment 4 weeks including: 1 week into + 3 weeks vacation. Resting lets your body regenerate healthy cells. When a cycle has already been scheduled, you do not arbitrarily remove horizontal the treatment. In case you get serious side effects that doctors have to stop treatment, a cycle different from other drugs will be weighed.

5. Done chemotherapy for cancer how?

Injection drug: Drug will be taken into the body with an injection directly into the hip area, thighs, arms or subcutaneous fat in the arms, legs, abdomen.

♦ Interventional techniques arterial invasive: the Drug will be infused through a small tube, soft to the arteries that feed the cancerous tumors to destroy them.

Intravenous infusion: the drug is infused directly into a vein, the same infusion.

Drug in the form of topical cream, applied directly on the skin.

To drink: you drink pills or lotions.

6. You will see how, after chemical treatment of cancer?

Common condition that is you are tired and want to disease after the drugs. You can prepare for this by finding people who support you. You should take a few days after the drug. During this time, you try to find people to help cook and take care of kids. Doctors always try to find every way possible to help you mitigate the side effects after chemotherapy for cancer.

Side effects of cancer chemotherapy and the tip reduced slightly

1. Nausea, vomiting

You can change the eating habits to ease the symptoms of vomiting, nausea.

– Divided into 5 or 6 small meals instead of eating 3 major meals.

– Eat slowly chew thoroughly.

– Drink water 1 hour before and after eating instead of drinking during meals. Apple juice, tea and water and ginger will be better for you.

– Avoid heavy food smell.

– Skip the food sweet, fried, sautéed or fat can make you nauseous.

– Anti-nausea medication: your Doctor may prescribe for you an anti-nausea medication. After use, you with doctor about antiemetic medications best for you. You will use several different drugs until they found a suitable type for yourself.

– The traditional methods: some people reduce nausea and vomiting during acupuncture, you absolutely can try this approach. In addition, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation are often very effective.

2. Change in taste

Have the following tips to help you eat more delicious after cancer chemotherapy:

– You try meat, poultry, fish or dairy products instead of beef and pork.

– If food of you change position, try to avoid eating them.

– If food tastes metallic, use spoon, fork, plastic, wood or ceramic.

– Use the type of sauce has a sweet taste in meals to help you more delicious.

3. Exhausted

You can feel very tired and have many ways to help you feel better:

– Rest or plenty of sleep, nap

– Walk short distance and slow purchase best

– Thanks to friends or family for help when needed

– Consider only doing the work necessary

If you can’t get rid of feeling exhausted, go to the doctor to check. In some patients, after chemotherapy for cancer will be the decline of erythrocytes in the blood (also called anemia). Your doctor will help you treatment in case of need.

4. Change the streak

Some people feel the spirit of gloom after therapy. To exclude it, try:

– Write down on paper what to do, need to remember.

– You can come to classes such as yoga, meditation, dance, music, art.

– You try to eat and enough sleep.

– Trying to focus do one thing each time.

5. Hair loss

– After chemotherapy, you use your strategy, sir, to brush hair. Avoid hair products containing strong chemicals such as the type of gel, gel shape.

– Short hair cut make your hair look thicker.

– If you want to use a wig, please buy now before entering therapy chemotherapy. This way, you can choose the wig like the hair of you, to help you not is strange.

– You can wear hats or bandanas.

6. Sensitivity to light

Maybe you will be more sensitive to sunlight for several months after treatment. To the limit, you get:

– Avoid direct sunlight, especially from 10 am to 4 pm.

– Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above.

– You wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, hats, wide brim when outside.

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