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Oncolysin: the Support helps to reduce side effects, improve health after surgery u bướuĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Surgery is the method of tumour treatment quite popular and effective. Although may encounter a number of effects when surgery tumor, but the risk of this is quite rare and often is the doctor closely monitored.

Hump is one of the health problems the most disturbing in the twenty-first century that the community are facing. There are so many methods of tumour treatment different but the most common and most effective is still surgery. However, despite this many people still not understand the surgery hump what is and this method can cause no danger. If you are also read about this problem, let Hello Doctor see the share below to better understand it.

Surgical method, tumor is what?

Surgery tumor is the method to remove tumor cells and tumor tissue and surrounding lymph nodes out of the body. This is a method of treatment of long-standing and often brings good effect with solid tumors, is in place and has not spread.

Typically, this method will be indicated for the case of the cell hump new appearance. However, there are also cases apply to the later stages with the purpose of reducing symptoms or to diagnose.

The purpose of the surgery hump

Depending on the type and stage of tumor for which surgical method will be used to:

  • Remove the entire tumor at an early stage, when the new cell proliferation and metastasis to the other organs in the body
  • Remove the tumor is localized in one area
  • Remove part tumor
  • Reduce the symptoms due to the tumor causing such as pain, shortness of breath…
  • Remove the tumor is causing pain or pinched up the other organs.

In addition to the purpose of treatment, surgery can also be used to:

  • Prevention: remove one part of the body at risk for cancer, even in the absence of signs of disease at that time. This method helps to limit the risk of developing cancer, cancer in the future.
  • Diagnosis: a biopsy is the ultimate method to determine the cause of the disease and the lesions of the disease. During the biopsy, the doctor will incision 1 wound in the skin and needle biopsy sampling of tissue to observe under the microscope.
  • Regeneration: this Method is performed to restore the shape and function of organs in the body.

Side effects can encounter when surgery tumor

Surgery can be performed by laparoscopy or open surgery. Before surgery, you will be assigned perform a number of tests. During surgery, the doctor will proceed to remove the necessary areas. After surgery, patients may have pain and take some time to recover.

In general, although safe and effective, but the method is still potential for a number of certain side effects. However, the degree of severity will depend on the condition each person and type of surgery. Most of the side effects are temporary and will disappear gradually over time but there are also some is permanent. Even so, you also do not need to worry because the doctor will always monitor and implement measures to control safety when necessary. Some common side effects after surgery, tumor is:

  • Pain at the surgery: This is a common side effect but the pain is only temporary, the doctor will give you medication and guide you how to control the pain.
  • Fatigue: this condition is also quite common, especially after the big surgery, particularly if related to the abdomen or chest. However, this symptom only occurs in 2 – 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss: This is one of the common side effects. To remedy this situation, experts recommend you should eat more foods rich in antioxidants, rich in protein, fat,… to strengthen the resistance.

In addition to the above side effect, you also can:

  • Swelling, pain, bruising around the surgical area
  • Discharge from the surgical area due to the fluid accumulate back
  • Numbness of limbs
  • Lymphedema can occur when lymph nodes removed.

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Combined use of Oncolysin with surgery – Solution to help limit side effects when tumour treatment

Surgery method is popular treatment but this form still so many potential side effects can be dangerous for health patients. Therefore, today, the experts recommended the the tumour treatment method, surgery should use more herbal products to increase resistance, enhance immunity and limit the side effects of this method.

Food protection health Oncolysin is one of the products helps support tumour treatment are world experts gave a very high price. The main ingredient is Oncolysin (high paint park apartments, methylsulfonylmethan, zinc salicylate) in combination with many herbal you product that works to support the heat, detoxification, increase antioxidant capacity, enhance resistance to the body and support reduce the hump.


Food protection health Oncolysin

In particular, Oncolysin not only have a supporting effect on tumour treatment which is also used to prevent tumor development at an early stage. So this is the product is extracted entirely from ingredients derived nature should not have side effects, safe for health patients, and especially effective when combined with these treatments modern.

The share on of Hello Doctor hope has provided the necessary information about the method of surgery in tumour treatment. Let’s build for ourselves a healthy lifestyle, science, at the same time incorporate the use of food health protection, Oncolysin to have a healthy body, okay.

You can read more about the effect that Oncolysin bring, you are invited to listen to expert Phan Van Population analysis in the following video:

If you still fret about the surgical method, tumor, or want to know more information about the product, Oncolysin, make the right call to switchboard toll-free 1800 6305 or phone number 091 723 0950 – 0917185170 to get expert advice more specific.

(*) This product is not a medicine, no side effect alternative medicine

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