Not arbitrarily treat mumps at home to prevent complications -

Not arbitrarily treat mumps at home to prevent complications

Mumps is infectious disease rapid viral mumps cause. The disease can go away after about 3-4 weeks, but if the sick person does not know how to take care of yourself, it will be very prone to complications and spread to those around.

Mumps in adults symptoms heavy and prone to complications than mumps in children. However, although mumps occur in adults or small children, patients also should not be treated at home, except when there are already detailed instructions of the doctor.

Symptoms of mumps

The symptoms of mumps usually appear within 2 weeks after the virus attack on the patient’s body. Initially, these signs resemble the flu usually makes people tired, body aches, headache, lack of appetite, and mild fever. Then, body temperature rising, causing fever patients from 39-40ºC or more. Salivary glands swell in two side cheeks puffed out causing pain.

The common symptoms is commonly seen in most patients. However, there are also a few cases of mumps virus attack but have no symptoms can is out. The patient does not have signs of mumps difficult to treat disease than because can’t get know what exactly they are suffering from what disease how to care suitable for yourself. Furthermore, if patients with mumps do not show symptoms, the risk of infection for the community very high. This can create an epidemic of mumps.

Mumps how long does it rid?

Mumps has 3 stages of development.

The incubation period

This stage usually lasts about 15-21 business days from when the patient is virus mumps attack. In the first 1-2 days of infection, the disease does not have signs of anything strange. Then about 1-2 weeks, the virus has the ability to spread strong with the people around or people who have close contact with patients. This is also the reason why mumps is very contagious the translation.

Stages of the disease

In the period of onset, the patient has symptoms of headache, vomiting, high fever from 39-40ºC or more. This stage usually lasts from 7-10 days and is when symptoms mumps the most obvious manifestation. After that, the salivary glands of patients suffering from swelling up in 1 or both 2 sides. This bump makes the face patients have portion distortion, stretch, ball and cause pain.

In addition to signs swelling of the salivary glands, patients may encounter more trouble, such as difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing food, dry mouth, sore throat, and pain spread out 2 ears.

The period of remission

When mumps progress to this stage, the swelling in the parotid glands begin to collapse gradually and with less pain. Patients with no fever or only mild fever and can eat and talk normal. 1-2 days later, patients will get better fever and no longer suffer any more pain. Bump in the salivary glands will disappear within 8-10 days after a patient is free of pain, running a fever.

Based on the 3 stages of development of the disease mumps, you can know the mumps how long does it from. As explained by medical experts, duration of the illness, the average of the patients with mumps is from 3-4 weeks after infection. This time around, not the same, can be longer or shorter depending on body condition and ability to meet treatment mumps of each patient.

The treatment of mumps common

Mumps no cure. Patients can only be mitigated symptoms by the common ways, such as using antipyretics, analgesics, rest, cold compresses for the swelling…

According to the experience in the treatment of mumps in folk, many people use other kinds of leaves, herbs smashed out and apply on the bump. However, this is risky because we don’t understand what kind of quality and activity in each herb. Moreover, we do not know his body has allergies to herbal ingredients or not. Case his allergies that don’t know, herbal, will make the inflammation, swelling in parotid gland becomes severe and difficult to treat.

Why you should not arbitrarily treat mumps at home?

Although mumps can go away after some time but you absolutely should not arbitrarily treat or stay at home if there is no designation, your doctor’s instructions.

In the bad cases, mumps can cause many complications, from mild to severe. If mild, the patient may suffer inflammation in some parts. Severe cases is infertility, meningitis lead to death.

So, just as doubt you have mumps, you must come to the right medical facility is been examined and the accurate diagnosis. In it, the doctor may ask you to treat mumps boarding to tracking the disease, but also can guide you how to take care of at home. At the same time, when was the visit, the doctor will ask more information related to medical history, characteristics allergies of each patient to prescribe pain medications to ease the symptoms of mumps. Coordinating treatment mumps with the doctor right from the time the disease started will create more favorable conditions for the treatment of mumps.

After having indicated for the treatment of mumps at the home of the doctor, the patient and the need for compliance procedures to prevent disease spread. The patient should be resting as much as possible, priority eat foods that have plenty of water. The patient must abstain from all foods, sour, spicy, hot because they make your salivary glands work more powerful, detrimental to the recovery process.

Most patients with mumps the first time have the ability for infected with this disease throughout the rest of your life. The best way to limit the risk of contracting mumps is vaccination vaccine MMR.

For children, vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine is recommended vaccination for children from 12 months of age. Then, when baby is 4 – 6 years old, my parents let baby reminder to ensure you have immunity to mumps.

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