Mumps are contagious? 3 way spread mainly -

Mumps are contagious? 3 way spread mainly

If you want to know mumps have spread not then this article will help you find the correct answer, the most complete.

What is mumps?

Mumps is the infection by virus mumps cause. This Virus can speed spread very fast and easy to become a pandemic if the disease does not consciously take care of themselves and prevent the spread to the community. You can get a virus mumps attack when talking, close contact, sharing cups, mugs and eating utensils with patients with mumps.

In the world, mumps was epidemic in some African countries and few states of America. Since the vaccine mumps was born (1967), this disease has dropped to 90%. However, you can still get sick after the vaccine for mumps because of many causes. The biggest cause may be, your immune system does not react well to the vaccine is injected or you have not injected enough 2 doses according to the recommendations of the health organization.

Symptoms of mumps

Typically, people infected with the mumps virus will be initial symptoms are mild fever, headache, muscle pain, fatigue and anorexia. After that, patients continue higher fever and swollen salivary glands in 1 or both 2 sides. At that time, 1 or 2 sides of his cheeks, the patient also swollen, which made their faces deformed.

Condition swelling 2 cheeks and pain in the parotid glands (located under the 2 jaws, the front ears) is also the most obvious sign to conclusion about 80% of your contracted mumps. The remaining 20% is due to other causes such as allergies, injury…

Immediately after noticing these signs, you need to proactively insulate themselves from crowded places and get to a hospital to doctor for you diagnose the disease accurately. This is the work you can make very conscious to protect the health of themselves and are responsible for preventing the spread to those around.

I get full immunity against mumps following vaccination MMR not?

Vaccine MMR is the vaccine of synthetic room all 3 measles, mumps and rubella in 1 injections. Although the vaccine MMR is likely to reduce by 88% the risk of mumps virus infection, but its effectiveness can wane over time. That means you need to inject reminder to always refresh the resistance of the body before the virus causes mumps. You need to consult your doctor to know the schedule given in each specific case.

Children should be vaccinated with MMR before 12 months of age and injection reminder when it is 4-6 years of age. Adults only need shots when around him are people with mumps. Once there, you should inject enough 2 doses separated by 28 days, even when you have injected enough MMR from my childhood.

How do I know I have immunity to mumps or not?

If you have injected the full vaccine mumps and want to know I had immunity to the disease or not, ask your doctor for a blood test. Test results will show at that time, your body has enough antibodies to fight the mumps virus or not.

However, test results do not have permanent validity because the immunity of each person can decline over time. Can at this time you are full immunity to mumps but some time after that, likely she will lose.

Mumps are contagious?

According to what has analysis, you think the mumps are contagious? The answer is yes!

Mumps Virus can spread vigorously and quickly for about 6 days before the outbreak of symptoms on the patient’s body and for 9 days after symptoms start remission.

Method of spread spread is popular due to the fresh exposure, touches the saliva or secretions from the nose of the patient.

In addition, the spread of mumps, which is when an infected person coughs or sneezes, their saliva sticks to the hands. Then, they hold on to the things in the house. You touch or use it before they are antiseptic.

Mumps dangerous?

The answer depends on the process of care of yourself and treat mumps of you are correct according to scientific knowledge don’t.

Typically, mumps can go away in about 3-4 weeks and does not cause danger to the network if you follow treatment instructions, rest your doctor.

Because there is no cure mumps virus, so doctors will not use antibiotics to treat for patients with mumps. However, your doctor may prescribe pain medications or medications help reduce the symptoms of mumps to patients feel more pleasant. Things you need to do is to strictly comply with the treatment guidelines of your doctor, take medication kickback and enough dose.

You should not be buying topical medications, drink from the outside or the medicinal oral tradition apply to the bump. If the unfortunate thing happens, you can get more pathology or condition other disadvantages. More serious treatment of mumps is not the right way will make the disease are more at risk for complications such as swelling of the testicles, ovaries or meningitis. At that time, mumps is really dangerous because it potentially life-threatening patient.

How to prevent mumps

Prevention the most effective current is injected the vaccine MMR. You can inject in vaccination centers or health care facilities that provide this service.

Mumps usually onset on the winter, spring, when the weather is humid. So, in this time period, you need to pay attention to nutritional factors and campaign modes to strengthen resistance for body. Resistance healthy also means you are more likely to resist disease more.

If around you are people with mumps, you can prevent the spread by limiting contact with sick people. Cases of force majeure, please wear a mask when chatting with the patient and wash your hands often with antiseptic solution. In homes with the mumps, the material used must also be sterilized regularly.

Things need attention when treating mumps at home

In most cases, the doctor can appoint for you to treat mumps at home after visiting the clinic and clinical diagnosis. Patients treat mumps at home to pay attention to the following:

♥ Drink the drug full prescription of doctor.

♥ Regular body hygiene with warm water.

♥ Hot compresses or cold compresses on the swelling to feel better.

♥ Priority to eat foods made from beans, grains, and liquid feed. Additional green vegetables, fruits into the diet and absolutely avoid the food are sour, spicy, hot.

♥ If not necessary, patients should not be out and touching the cold water because the wind and water can do the immune system of patients with weakened over. Therefore, patients predisposed to add other illnesses such as colds, fever. This makes the body tired and prolonged duration of treatment disease.

♥ Isolation from the pregnant, children and those who have not been vaccinated mumps to prevent the spread for these objects.

♥ Wear a mask when in contact with others and regularly wash your hands with antiseptic solution after coughing or sneezing.

Hello Doctor hope the information you have provided has helped you have a better picture of mumps to know mumps have spread not. From there, you have more knowledge and healing for yourself and loved ones.

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