Mumps and what you need to know -

Mumps and what you need to know

What is mumps? This is one of the common disease globally until there are vaccines.

Causes mumps is due to infection with the virus paramyxovirus. Mumps can affect all parts of the body, but lesions are most often encountered is the swelling pain in 1 or 2 side function.

In Vietnam, the vaccine mumps was widely used from long ago. Thus, the number of cases of this disease has considerably reduced.

Virus causing mumps does not cause more severe symptoms when a new intrusion into the body. To the outbreak, the virus causing the patient is swelling of the salivary glands function and the two cheeks bulging out. At the same time, at the stage of the outbreak, the mumps also makes the patient experience pain when chewing or swallowing, fever, headache, muscle pain, fatigue and anorexia.

Within 9 days after symptoms flare, mumps virus is very contagious. Therefore, patients need to be treated and quarantined as soon as detected symptoms of mumps. In that period, the patient should be resting as much as possible. The treating physician will try to reduce the impact of symptoms by giving the patient pain medication line ibuprofen such as advil, motrin IB or tylenol the acetaminophen.

Causes mumps

Mumps Virus is easily spread from sick people to healthy people. If you have not been injected vaccine mumps, you will susceptible to this disease when exposed to saliva of an infected person when they cough or sneeze.

You can also contracted mumps when shared cups, mugs or other personal items with someone who is infected with the mumps virus.

Complications mumps

Almost all cases of mumps does not cause many serious complications. However, when it occurs, the complications will leave many severe consequences. The majority of complications are related to swelling and inflammation in some parts of the body, such as:

♣ Testicle: this condition is called inflammation of the lan. It one or both testicles to swell, causing soreness, discomfort, extreme. Fortunately, the inflammation does not cause infertility.

♣ The brain: People infected with mumps virus can be inflammation of the brain or meningitis if the virus moves up the nervous system. From there, patients with mumps are more at risk to encounter problems, nervous serious, maybe even life-threatening.

♣ The pancreas: complications of mumps occur in the pancreas will cause symptoms inflammation of the pancreas. This condition makes the patients experience intense pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, and vomiting.

In addition, these complications are rare other of mumps but can occur include:

♣ Hearing loss: Patients with mumps are at risk for deterioration of hearing function in one or both ears. This complication rarely happens but when were suffering, the patient suffered hearing loss permanent.

♣ Cardiovascular problems: It can be inflammatory diseases of the heart muscle or the other negative influences in the cardiovascular system.

♣ Miscarriage: this complication occurs in pregnant women. Especially, with the pregnant women in the first months of pregnancy, risk of miscarriage is higher than when contracted mumps.

Any objects susceptible to mumps?

Each year, mumps is usually outbreak in the period November 10 to about January 6 the following year.

Because mumps virus spreads fast through the respiratory tract, so those who often present in a public place as children go to kindergarten, youth in school or who work in an office environment are the subjects vulnerable to mumps virus attack.

How to prevent mumps

The best way to prevent mumps is vaccination disease prevention. Most people have immunity to the causes of mumps when was fully vaccinated.

Vaccine, mumps is usually injected in combination in the form of measles – mumps – rubella (MMR). Children need to be given enough 2 doses of MMR before going to school. A dose of vaccine is not completely effective in preventing mumps.

The object is to encourage administration of the vaccine MMR is:

♣ Baby from 12 to 15 months of age.

♣ Children from 4 to 6 years of age.

♣ University students, who are about to travel to the region or country to another.

♣ Women are of childbearing age.

♣ Medical staff or who work in regular contact with children.

Usually, each person only need to inject enough 2 doses of MMR is given. However, if you are living in areas with epidemic mumps, then maybe the doctor will recommend additional injection of the 3rd dose to enhance effective disease prevention.

Those who do not need vaccination MMR?

You don’t need to inject vaccine, the MMR vaccine if:

♣ Did blood tests prove body you have immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.

♣ Was born before 1957. Much medical research in Vietnam, said most of the people in this age have a viral infection in a natural way should your body gave birth to antibodies against mumps virus.

In addition, the vaccine MMR is also not recommended for the following subjects:

♣ Pregnant women or women planning pregnancy within the next 1-2 months.

♣ Person has the immune system is weakened or suffered serious injury.

♣ People ever have negative reactions to antibiotics meomycine or any other component of the vaccine MMR.

♣ Who suffer from blood disorders.

♣ Patients with HIV/AIDS.

♣ People who have the disease are treated with drugs that affect the immune system such as steroids.

♣ Who has just been injected with a type of other vaccines within the past 4 weeks.

Side effects of vaccine mumps MMR

In most cases, the vaccine, the MMR vaccine is very safe and effective in preventing mumps. Helps the body create antibodies, monster by injecting vaccine MMR a lot safer than creating antibodies naturally when the body is infected.

The majority of people do not experience side effects from the vaccine MMR but there are also a number of cases of mild fever, rash or joint pain in few days after injection.

Very rarely children vaccinated with MMR with fever seizures. In case of fever, convulsions after injection of MMR, then seizures also only take place in very short time.

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