Mumps abstinence from what? 4 types of food patients with mumps should stay away from -

Mumps abstinence from what? 4 types of food patients with mumps should stay away from

Mumps abstinence from what? The patient should eat something to heal diseases? That is the common question of both patients and caregivers for patients.

Mumps is the disease contagious through the respiratory tract when healthy people touch the saliva or secretions of an infected person. The disease can affect any part of the body, but it is often common expression in the salivary glands, known as parotid glands.

Salivary glands are located under the 2 side jaw and front of ear. To the period of the disease, the virus that causes mumps will make inflammation of the salivary glands causing it to swell in one or both sides. The cheeks of the sick person well is bulging out causing deformed face. This is also signs to recognize mumps most obvious.

Mumps has no cure. The most important thing patients need to do is build yourself nutrition, proper rest and limit the maximum risk of infecting others in disease duration.

Causes of mumps

Patients with mumps viral mumps penetrate into the body. Then, causes of mumps in the rest of the people is usually due to contact with saliva or secretions from the nose of the patient.

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Mumps abstinence from what?

When to stage outbreak symptoms, mumps causing the patient pain, body aches, loss of appetite and not being able to talk as normal. However, if the disease is not intolerant enough nutrients, “army of resistance” by they do not have enough power to fight with bacteria. In addition to need to be rested, patients mumps also must have mode proper nutrition. Mumps abstinence from what? Patients must absolutely avoid the following foods:

Θ pickles, spicy

When eating these kinds of food are sour or spicy, salivary glands of you will be irritated to secrete more saliva than. This inadvertently causes the salivary glands to work more in when we are weak, it will cause swelling, inflammation and pain sensations more severe.

Θ , Toy, wrinkles

Sticky is the raw material for processing many dishes attractive and benign, but people with mumps should not eat. The dishes from the folds, causing swelling parotid glands become worse, prolonged duration disease treatment for patients.

Θ chicken

Chicken long should we have to use more energy chewing than normal to crush food. This is the disadvantage for patients with mumps because at this time, the diet of the patient are much more difficult. Chicken will make the patients difficult to chew, hard to swallow.

Mumps should eat?

When you know mumps abstinence what you’ll find out what kind of food patients should use the priority to quickly heal. People with mumps should eat the following foods:

Cereal or other food made from beans

Nutrient content in legumes is quite high. In addition, cereals and beans also have the effect of increasing the resistance, help the body resist disease. So, this dish was very benign for people with mumps.

Liquid feed

People with mumps can sometimes high fever, body fatigue, difficult to digest food. Therefore, patients should be eating these types of food, soft liquid, easy to swallow, but still must ensure enough nutrients to feed the body as porridge, minced meat, egg soup, juice, vegetables, tubers…

Sick people should not eat too much in one meal, but be divided into many meals. The patient must eat a variety of food, soft, loose, easy to digest until the disease is in remission and then slowly returned to the diet as normal.

Fruits rich in vitamin C and green vegetables

Vitamin C helps the body increase resistance. Green vegetables are rich in fiber and other vitamins that help the body quick weight by health. With the mumps, the addition of fruits and green vegetables is also extremely important to shorten the duration of treatment of the disease. The disease should be priority drink orange juice, eat grapefruit, spinach, pumpkin…

Mumps should abstain from wind, water?

Perspective, people with mumps should avoid wind, water, had from time immemorial. Although only the concept of oral tradition, but not without scientific basis.

During pregnancy, the disease, the immune system of patients with weakened are susceptible to the bacterium, virus from external environmental attack. Cold water and wind as makes the immune system weak, to develop more diseases flu, cold or dangerous than mumps complications.

Moreover, the mumps virus spread very fast through the respiratory tract. When the disease, excessive exposure to the external environment, the virus from the saliva or secretions of the patient can emit and is located somewhere in space increase the risk of spreading the disease to the community.

Patients with mumps should toilet body quickly with warm water and rest in the house as much as possible until the disease.

Treatment mumps how’s that for efficiency?

If a doctor only to people with mumps can completely treat the disease at home. Although there is no cure but doctor will prescribe medicines to ease the symptoms to help the patient not be in pain excessive.

Sick people need medication right kickback and enough dose under the guidance of doctor. In that time, the disease is still necessary to clean the body regularly with warm water. Hygiene kits and household items need to be sterilized after each use to prevent the spread.

If it is, the patient must be quarantined with the remaining members in the family until fully recovered. Caregivers must also have absolute attention to process, prevention spread. When exposed, both the patient and the caregiver must wear a mask. If not necessary then the patient should not appear in any crowded place such as school, where there ceremony the party…

Full dining with the right foods is also important ways to the mumps quickly recover health.

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