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[Medical knowledge] traditional Medicine is what?

“Traditional medicine is what?” is question is very much the disease of interest when the treatment is not only simple to use each Western medicine, especially chronic diseases.

You let Hello Doctor learn traditional medicine what is the treatment method and strong and weak points of this method of treatment is okay!

Traditional medicine is what?

Traditional medicine is a branch of Oriental medicine whose origin comes from China and Vietnam. The renowned physician was viewed as the organization of medical practice Vietnam including Hai Thuong Lan ong and Tue Tinh. Based on the foundation of Yin and Yang – Five elements, traditional medicine Vietnam has formed from very long ago when the background is Western medicine appeared.

From the time of Van Lang or Dai Vietnam, medicine in Vietnam based on the platform of the combination medicine time Ese with the healing experience of the community of 54 ethnic groups. Add to that the ability to understand, use the source of medicinal herbs abundant in the tropics has created the background of traditional medicine in Vietnam.

The main goal of treatments that traditional medicine is focused on the adjustment balance, the elements, Yin – Yang in the body. This can help improve the health and quick recovery.

How to diagnose the disease in traditional medicine

Western medicine there are methods to check the health patients such as lab tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray… In the meantime, traditional medicine can diagnose the disease by the method of bonded quartet standard.

Four diagnostic are the 4 methods of diagnosis based on clinical symptoms of traditional medicine include:

1. Hope diagnosis

This is the method to recognize and identify the disease through understanding the circumstances, living conditions and identification signs of the disease. The outside observer will help your doctor in traditional medicine to know is the disability in the body reflect out. Traditional medicine often focuses on the review of the department in the face, eyes, tongue… do these parts have a relationship with government organs on the inside.

2. Office diagnosis

The diagnosis will be identified through the information provided by the patient. The doctor will pay attention to the nature of the disease, such as breathing, cough, groan… from the disease.

3. The diagnosis

This method of diagnosis of disease based on the collected answers about habits, daily activities, diet, psychological and physical… The question of the disease is 1 factor critical to get the information about medical history, disease progression early disease time to visit, at the same time to perfect information has on the earlier diagnosis.

4. Your diagnosis

This is the method the doctor uses instrument support attached to the clinic. The doctor can palpate to see if the location and nature of the disease, often see in skin, flesh, hands, legs, and abdomen, or also can view circuit.

Parallel with four diagnostic, traditional medicine also need to combine more the diagnosis clinical of modern medicine such as blood tests, laboratory tests, image the organs in the body. The combination between modern medicine and traditional medicine is increasingly commonly applied when the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Methods of treatment of traditional medicine

The method of treatment of diseases in traditional medicine can be divided into 3 methods, including acupuncture, medication drinking topical medications and massage.

• Acupuncture method: This method requires the physician to traditional medicine to understand the meridian system and acupuncture points on the human body. Acupuncture points, meridians, organs in the body has intimate contact with each other, so the doctor will acupuncture on acupuncture points corresponding with the body part having problems.

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• Medication: Drugs in traditional medicine is divided into two types of medication are medicines and drugs North. Herbs are medicines derived from Chinese, are studied and developed in accordance with the Vietnamese people. The drug is studies of the drug in Vietnam, evolving from generation to generation.

• Method of massage: Same as the method of acupuncture, but the doctor of traditional medicine will use hand massage on the acupuncture points on the body the disease instead of needles. However, the impact and the accuracy of this method is not as high as acupuncture. Therefore, this method is usually applied to health issues outside the patient’s body.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional medicine what is?

Traditional medicine has the advantages and disadvantages of the following:

Advantages of traditional medicine

• Limited side effects: The method, raw materials of traditional medicine use in the diagnosis and treatment for patients usually have very high safety. The drugs is mainly the raw materials come from nature like fruits, flowers, stems, roots, leaves… Thanks, it will limit the side effects for with the patient’s body.

• Effective treatment: traditional Medicine can help bring efficiency to the patient in the treatment of chronic diseases, due to the nature of the disease should be long-term treatment that limits side effects. Besides, traditional medicine does not only treat disease but also help to replenish nutrients, bring beauty effects.

Disadvantages of traditional medicine

• The duration of the effect slow: drugs, drinking in traditional medicine, however effective, but the effect is often to slow, not as fast as Western medicine. In addition, the process of apothecary often quite a feat and time consuming. Drugs in traditional medicine often smell heavy and quite difficult to drink for patients not familiar.

• Human resources, traditional medicine still low: Doctor of traditional medicine, after finishing school must undergo a learning process long-term accumulation of experience, trial new practice. Today, traditional medicine still has not developed much on the number of facility patients, as well as the quality of medical staff and understanding of the disease.

Traditional medicine can help bring effective treatment of the disease in a safe way and long lasting. However, you should ask your doctor about the combined methods of Western medicine and traditional medicine to ensure safety and improve the therapeutic effect, okay!

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