Medical equipment family: You should be prepared for? -

Medical equipment family: You should be prepared for?

Medical device family is what you should have in-house to ensure the health of the members of the family. These devices can help you track your body, and realize the abnormal situation to timely treatment, too!

You let Hello Doctor learn 5 medical equipment your family should be prepared to ensure the health, okay!

1. Electronic scales

Weight health is the product to check weight humans to assess the body condition, weight and situation basic health of us. Currently on the market there are two types of weight loss health it is weight, mechanical and electronic scales.

• Body mechanics: Usually only have the function check the weight, low price, easy to use, not replacing battery, high durability.

• Electronic balance: With technology, modern sensor should result the body weight more accurately. Besides, there can be added a number of other functions such as measuring the amount of water, the amount of fat in the body, the ability to save parameters weight measure of many people in the different times, calculate body mass index (BMI)…

Depending on the usage patterns that you can choose kind weight various health. If you want to choose, medical equipment, family electronic balance is the rational decision because there are many functions to help test for better health.

2. Electronic thermometer

Thermometer is medical equipment family indispensable, is used to measure body temperature. There are 2 types of thermometers are in common use are the mercury thermometers, and electronic thermometers.

Mercury thermometer

Type thermometer allows measurement results the correct temperature. However, the use of mercury thermometers when measuring for children usually very hard, by young or bestir, cry, not be measured. Besides, if accidentally broke a mercury thermometer, although the amount of mercury in the thermometer very little, but inhaling mercury vapour will endanger the health of others around you.

Electronic thermometer

Electronic thermometer is the body temperature measurement for faster results mercury thermometer. Type this thermometer is divided into 2 types, including infrared thermometers and electronic thermometers typically. Infrared thermometer for measurements without touching the person based on the principle of measuring the amount of infrared body radiating. Infrared thermometer can be used to measure forehead, ear, or both. Electronic thermometers typically use electronic technology to give measurement results quickly.

Electronic thermometer is used for easy operation and fast results just from 10 seconds to 1 minute. The results also easy to read thanks to the display on the screen clarity. You can measure at many different positions such as the forehead, armpits, ears, anus. Electronic thermometer is shock-resistant and impact-resistant better, so will limit the possibility of breakage or poisoning by using a mercury thermometer.

3. Blood pressure meter

According to statistics worldwide, there are 51,6% of people with hypertension do not know they are sick. According to The cardiologists Vietnam 2016, about 48% people suffer from hypertension but do not know I suffer from this condition. Status high blood pressure often turn slowly and silently, not to leave any specific symptoms that many patients subjective.

If to condition increase blood pressure, stretching will cause the health problems, increased risk of heart attack, stroke… blood pressure meter is a medical device family to help you control blood pressure at safe levels, thereby minimizing the risk of potential risks.

You can find on today’s market there are 2 types of blood pressure monitors, mechanical and electronic blood pressure monitors:

Blood pressure monitors body: this Kind of machine, however, the familiar structure and principle of operation is simple but the process of using quite complex. The disease often cannot be measured for themselves but must ask someone else to support.

Blood pressure meter electronic: equipment is measured at house with the measuring process simple that anyone can easily use, the display clear with the quick measurement and high accuracy.

4. Blood glucose meter

According to the federation world diabetes (IDF) 2017, Vietnam has about 3,53 million people are diagnosed with diabetes. In it, 70% of Vietnamese people suffering from diabetes are not yet diagnosed. Moreover, among people who have discovered the disease only about 29% are being treated.

So, decided to buy blood glucose meter to track the glycemic index is extremely important for people with diabetes. Type medical equipment this family will help you achieve the control goal HbA1c, get to know the status lowering or raising blood sugar acute. At the same time, the blood glucose test helps motivate the patient toward healthy lifestyle and disease treatment more scientific.

5. Nebuliser, nose and throat

In Vietnam, the weather changes erratically and the air a lot of dust, making the incidence of respiratory diseases is inevitable. Especially in children, the respiratory system is weaker than adult status, exposure to dust and smoke pollution will be more prone to suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchiolitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis…

The nebuliser, nose and throat at home can help put the drug directly to the mucosa in the nasopharynx, only about 5 minutes use as medicine will be absorbed into the is in the body to help patients feel better quickly. Meanwhile, the use of drugs through the oral route it takes from about 30 – 60 minutes and the injection takes 15 – 30 minutes to the drug began to take effect.

Today there are many medical equipment family are sold everywhere, so you need to come to the center, where the sale of reputable warranty to buy the products durability, precision and safety.

The medical device family on are usually not too expensive, so you should be equipped in the home to be able to control the health index the right way. Early detection of index abnormal body not only help you and your loved ones prevent the underlying disease, but also contributes to promoting healthy lifestyle, too!

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