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Look at guess the disease to check the health

You can look at guess ill every time look in the mirror to promptly detect health problems such as hepatitis, herpes, lupus…

You don’t think the mirror just to check his appearance looks like. Look closely to see signs of any abnormal appearance on your face not because it can be warning for many health problems. Here are 8 ways to look at disease simple warnings you should early treatment, okay.

1. Look at disease through the skin and eyes

Skin and eye yellowing can be a symptom of jaundice. This condition occurs when the body produces too much waste in the process of breaking down red blood cells. This is normal and not harmful in children who are born before 38 weeks due to the liver is still not perfectly developed.

In adults, jaundice can be signs of much more serious problems like viral hepatitis, mononucleosis, diseases of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas…

2. Look at guess ill by mole

Moles usually are the dots black or brown appear on the skin. This is the epidermis cells is formed by melanocytes, the cells that contribute to skin color. The majority of moles are benign, but you need to see a doctor soon if you notice the appearance of abnormalities such as:

  • Mole asymmetry
  • Color mole is irregular
  • The outer contour mole is blurred
  • Diameter moles larger than pea
  • Moles can change within a few week back

The variation abnormality in moles are danger signs warning of skin cancer, in which cancer cells melanoma is malignant and the death rate very high.

3. Look at your face, guess ill through sores

These sores around the lips, mouth often are the cold sores caused by the virus causing genital herpes (Herpes) type 1. The majority of cases of genital herpes in the mouth is often due to infection through saliva. When you are infected with the virus, the virus will stay in the body. The sores caused by a virus will start to flare back up when you are sick, worried, tired or exposed to the sun too long.

Most of the cases of genital herpes will disappear. You can also use a topical ointment in addition to combined with medication therapy can improve the disease.

4. Look at your face, guess ill through the lips

Who also have the ability to dry out the lips at a certain point, especially when the weather becomes cold and dry. Lip balm will help you to moisturize the lips and restricts the lips is peeling, chapped. However, dry lips can also be sign of many health problems such as shortage of water when the body is not provided the amount of water essential to maintain the metabolic activity.

Dryness of the lips can also be caused by allergies or the body’s response for some drugs, such as steroids.

You can learn more: 6 signs you’re dehydrated: Take additional water now!

5. Look at guess ill pass, too original

Most of the rashes are not too serious and will gradually go away, but the wing shape butterfly back is it is worth to note. The note board will appear in the cheek area with shapes such as butterfly wings and is often a sign of lupus. This is a disease formed when the immune system attacks tissues and organs in the body.

When is the note board, you can also find yourself suffering from fever, aching joints and stiff back, fingers turn blue when cold.

When appearance rashes, you should soon see a doctor if appear the rashes of unknown cause accompanied by other symptoms.

6. Look at your face, guess ill through puffiness

When area puffiness contains too much liquid will make the swelling. Hot and humid weather most likely is the reason that your body retain more water. Routine like to eat more savory food or the condition of hormone changes also cause puffiness eye is puffy.

!important;”>swelling puffiness also usually appear more when you are older due to the aging process causes muscles to lift eyelids gradually weakened.

If you also suffer from eye redness and itching, it could be an allergic reaction to food, pollen, cosmetics, makeup, perfume, milk face wash…

7. Look at disease through the number of feathers

Hair grows much not only affects the aesthetic but also the warning signs you are experiencing health problems. The cause can be due to the increased secretion of androgens gonads in the syndrome of polycystic ovaries blockers, steroids ovaries, insulin resistance in diabetes mellitus…

The easiest method to treat the condition of hair growth unusual is pluck or shave. However, this method only has an instant effect because the fur will then grow back and will even grow more.

The therapist can specify the drug treatment or using lasers to slow down the growth process of hair.

8. Look at disease through the traces

Melasma is facial skin condition appearance spots small round brown or black-brown. The nature of melasma is due to excessive growth of melanin pigment are in the basal layer epidermis and mesoderm. Phenomenon melanin increase in frequently in women postpartum and women in middle age.

In many cases, melasma will usually disappear after birth of the baby or stop use of oral contraceptives. In some cases the pigmentation can last for many years. A number of other agents also cause you to encounter the condition melasma persistent as smoke, dust, hot sun, UV rays, condition of prolonged stress, or use cosmetics not properly, poor quality…

Melasma can be viewed as the manifestation of endocrine disorder or the condition of prolonged stress.

Please always pay attention to every sign, even the smallest appearance in any location on your body, especially in places easy to observe, such as on the face. Although looking face guess the disease can somewhat help you get to know many health risks, but also don’t forget to consult with your doctor to be accurately diagnosed me.

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