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Learn martial arts: How training health you are missing

Martial arts not only for self-protection but also help you improve your physique, health or spirit. When learning martial arts, you will also learn how to control her body it’s rhythmic and lithe.

Not few people wonder his martial arts to do if just walking around the place safe, familiar. But learning martial arts not only to ensure safety for you but also brings many other benefits. So you have to know martial arts to do and the martial arts should learn to do anal yet?

The benefits are when learning martial arts

Martial arts not only help you self-defense in dangerous situations that also have many benefits for physical and mental.

1. Learning martial arts increase cardiovascular health

According to research by centers for disease control and prevention disease United States (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), only 1/5 of the adult really moving enough. Passive lifestyle, this can influence not small to to cardiovascular. Cardiovascular health is very important because the heart is a key segments of the body.

So, you need to change the sedentary habits to have cardiovascular system stronger. You can start training cardio by learning martial arts because the martial arts can help you increase your heart rate. This will contribute to help you build strength cardiovascular very good.

2. Learning martial arts help you more toned

Martial arts can help increase muscle mass, should will bring to you burn fat and have the toned physique more. This is because the movements punch, kick while learning martial arts requires the arm muscles, leg muscles and the center of gravity must operate very much. When you’ve got more muscle, the metabolic rate will be higher and you will continue burning even more of the fat even when resting.

3. Learning martial arts help you lose weight

Martial arts is a form of exercise that helps you promote the the metabolism in the body to lose weight more easily. According to the recommendations of the centers for disease control and prevention disease United States, you should exercise about 150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes per week. So you can divide the number of hours this into 2 – 3 sessions training per week, each session about an hour to get most results.

4. Learning martial arts help you to increase your reflex speed

When learning martial arts, you always need to practice the ability to his reflexes to block or dodge the world martial arts of the opponent. Gradually, the speed of your reflexes in practical situations will be significantly faster. For example, you will faster processing when encountering dangerous situations when driving or manipulation more quickly when cooking.

5. Learning martial arts helps you more flexible

There are many martial arts require flexibility and agility should be able to help you improve the way movement of the body. When learning the martial arts, these movements every day, your will neat and more agile.

6. Learning martial arts help you gain strength

When learning martial arts, you not only need to perform the right posture punch or kick, which also need strength training to attack more powerful. So in the process of training, your body will also become stiffer.

7. Learning martial arts gives you more flexibility

Martial arts requires that you need to have the flexibility to perform the technical high kicks or dodging the attacks from the opponent. You will gradually learn how to coordinate legs, hands rhythmically and move more easily. Besides, you can reduce the risk of sports injuries if training is a body supple and flexible.

8. Learning martial arts helps you more resilient

Each martial arts are requires you to have the ability to coordinate and keep good body to perform the martial arts, as well as dodge from the opponent. After a period of practice, you will be in control of her body better and from there will also be movement a sure way over.

9. Learning martial arts helps stabilize blood pressure

Most of the martial arts requires you to serious workout to improve fitness. These exercises have the same effect as form high intensity workouts in short time (High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT). This form of exercise requires you set of quick exercises with 100% effort in short duration to improve cardiovascular health, slow the heart rate at rest and lower blood pressure.

10. Learning martial arts is good for psychological health

Martial arts can help you reduce stress and increase focus. Besides, learning martial arts can stimulate the body to release endorphin, a hormone that helps you feel happy and reduce the risk of early death. Furthermore, martial arts often comes with certain rules help you understand more about yourself, promote discipline, increase the martial spirit and goal setting. This is the value so precious that people, especially children, will learn to be while learning martial arts.

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The martial arts should learn

There are many martial help just help you self-defense was very good for strength training. You can refer to the martial art should learn the following:

1. Vovinam

Vovinam also known as Viet Vo Dao is the martial art of the Vietnamese people founded and have now been introduced to international friends. This is a martial art characterized by the stone on the not beautiful eyes. Martial arts uniform official martial this available in blue comes with the red belt from the lower to high is belt, blue, blue belt, red belt, white belt. The martial arts not only trains in martial arts and weapons which also need to cultivate the personality.

2. Karate

Karate, also called Karate (Not Directed) is a martial traditions of the region of Okinawa in Japan. This martial art has many technical characteristics, such as punching machines, punches and kicks, and the lever lock, block, dodge, knock… When I first start learning karate, you will be white belt. After level up gradually, belt color also changes from white to yellow, green, light blue, green, blue, dark brown, and the highest is black.

3. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art derived from Korea is characterized by the quick kicks, high kicks and spins beautifully. Martial arts of taekwondo are white, long sleeve comes with belt color corresponding with the level of skill of the person carrying. Beginners will wear white belt, then going to training and competition to up turn belt yellow belt orange belt green belt purple belt blue belt blue belt, nau, belt sheath and the highest is a black belt.

4. Judo

Judo, also known as Nhu is martial arts of the Japanese in the spirit of take your winning diamonds. The attacks, mainly of Judo is excavated, crushed, strangled, and lock limbs. This martial art also has a number of slash and stab by hand, foot or weapon to defense. The set will be hierarchical with the color belt from low to high is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black belt, then have the white line, belt clip, red clip, white and the highest is red.

5. Taichi

Tai chi is a martial traditions of China, but is now also considered a fitness food helps improve your health. This is a martial was the need with the soft, unhurried. When practicing taichi, you also need to keep the mind calm and breathe properly.

Learning martial arts not only as a form of self-defense but also brings many benefits for physical health and your spirit. You try with a martial his excitement to have added a way train yourself.

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