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Learn how to massage foot, relaxing at home

Massage table legs are not a relaxation method, luxuries only available in the spa. You can learn how to foot massage at home to relieve stress and protect your health with just 10 – 20 minutes per day.

If you want to improve blood circulation to legs after a day of travel fatigue, you can learn how to foot massage at home. Moreover, you will also help you dispel tired during the day and continue to add fire to love with the other half if you knew how to massage the foot.

The benefits of foot massage

Method massage foot bring many benefits for physical and mental as follows.

1. Foot Massage next fire story love

You have the inspiration for a dark, sexy side of him when in a relaxing space with massage oils, scented candles and a little soft music when massaging the feet. Moreover, the movements of foot massage, stimulating also the foreplay proper help you forget the stress of the day and the ardent. Feeling gently stimulating this will help you ready to proceed to the area more sensitive as the back, knees and thighs in.

2. Foot Massage improves blood circulation

Sedentary lifestyle makes the muscles not used often so prone to pain and stiffness because of not getting enough blood flow. Special muscles in the feet also bound in shoes all day so should always be more care.

You just need to massage the feet for 10 – 20 before sleeping is able to improve blood circulation to the legs quite a lot. This will help reduce any soreness, fatigue or numbness. Moreover, diabetics also need to improve blood flow to the feet to prevention of complications.

You can learn more: diabetes complications: pain, and leg ulcers

3. Foot Massage helps to prevent injury

You can massage the feet to reduce pain in muscles, bones, joints as well as recover faster after injury. Besides, you can also massage your legs 3 – 5 times/week to minimize risk of injury, foot and ankle.

You can combine methods of foot massage with exercises to help increase strength to the foot health, as well as more supple. Foot and ankle flexible enough, supple will help you avoid those unpleasant injuries

4. Foot Massage improve mood

A number of studies suggest that foot massage with reflexology not only helps you the most relaxing time but also brings many positive effects such as reduction such as anxiety, depression. The scientists have proved applying foot massage this regularly has helped reduce anxiety in cancer patients significantly.

5. Foot Massage helps relieve headaches

A study done in Denmark showed that people suffering from headaches and migraines have improved after the foot massage reflexology. The participants in the experiment applied the method of massage, foot reflexology combined with a more healthy lifestyle to cure the headaches. After three months, 65% patients had slight decrease the unpleasant symptoms and a small number of longer cured the disease.

6. Foot Massage helps to reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure is increasingly more common in both men and women. This condition can be due to many causes like stress, unhealthy eating, genetics… but massage feet can help you relax, improve blood flow, and from that conditioning back blood pressure.

A study done on the employees to do the work stress and fatigue as health care for the elderly with dementia. The results showed that the foot massage 10 minutes/ time, 3 times/week to help these employees improve mood, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

7. Foot Massage mitigation of diseases of the feet

The problem such as foot flat, or inflammation weight liver the legs can affect everyday life.

• Stock foot flat: This is the condition the soles do not have the form of dome-shaped as usual, but flat. Because the soles of the feet have no arch, these athletes every day, such as walk or running jump will directly affect the ankle, knee, hip joints and spine. This syndrome can cause you to suffer foot pain, though only light physical activity.

• Inflammation weight liver foot: This is a condition the tendon the foot is inflammation and swelling. The liver foot is a strip of tissue located below the leg bone, at the end of the heel bone and near the toe. When inflammation weight liver, legs, you will be sharp pain near the heel, especially when starting to walk early in the morning.

You can learn more: inflammatory Diseases weight liver what is foot?

You can regularly massage the feet combined fitness exercises for legs to reduce the pain caused by the disease on the cause.

8. Foot Massage helps to period more pleasant

Not less women feel uncomfortable, tired when coming to the menstrual period. The premenstrual symptoms common are sadness, irritability, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, headaches…

You can learn how to foot massage to feel better in the days red light. Most of the premenstrual symptoms may be slightly reduced if you massage legs daily during this period.

Stages of menopause not only brings much discomfort similar to premenstrual symptoms, but also can cause fires and depression. If foot massage regularly, you can reduce somewhat the million symptoms of menopause this to life more comfortable.

9. Foot Massage reduces edema in pregnant women

Fit is body status water area should be swelling. Edema in the feet and ankles is very common situation in pregnant women, especially women who are in the last three months of pregnancy. Condition pregnant is right foot, can be overcome by massaging the feet daily combined with plenty of rest and eat and drink accordingly.

How to foot massage at home

You can have foot massage for yourself or massage for the other half to both have foreplay hot. How to massage feet at home involves the following steps.

1. Soak your feet with warm water

– Before you start, you soak the foot in warm water for 5 – 10 minutes. You can add the oils have more flavoring if desired. The oil will help clean and keep warm feet. The scent from the oil will also help you relax more, too.

– After the foot soak is finished, you dry your feet with a warm towel.

2. Prepare massage feet

– You need to prepare a place to set foot, such as table, chair or bed. Then you sit or lie down and start relaxing.

You will massage each leg a should be prepared warm towel to wrap the foot rest.

– Please wash your hands with warm water to warm the hands before beginning the foot massage.

3. Warm up the muscles in the legs

– You massage, massage oil or lotion over the entire foot up to the ankle a little bit. There are a number of massage oils you can choose such as fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil… You should learn well before using to avoid these oils themselves allergic and choose the most appropriate type.

You can find out more: 5 oils best massage by the therapist

– You gently rotate the foot in circles to relax the muscles. When rotating, you use a hand trap heels, hands rest, then put on the ankle to rotate the foot.

4. Massage the feet

– When has finished booting, you put your foot down the table, chair or bed.

– Use both hands to grip around the legs, one hand side on a hand placed under the soles of the feet. You start massaging from the toes to the ankle and from the ankle down toe. You massage circle in two opposite directions from the toes to above the ankle and back down.

– You put your two thumbs under your foot and the other toes to the top surface of the foot and began to massage. You start at the toes and then massage up to the ankle and back down.

5. Massage the toes

– You use hand detector to find the joints of the toes. You still keep your thumb on the underside and the remaining fingers on the upper side of the leg, and then perform the circular motion around the joints the toe.

– You massage each toe, starting from pinkie to thumb by massage from root to tip-toe. When they came to the head-to-toe, you use your hand to rotate the toe a ring. Then, you gently pull the toes.

– You continue inserted four fingers into four alternating feet, then glide your hand back and forth slowly.

6. Finish the foot massage

– You use your thumb to perform the circular motion, then flick the line up and down in the soles of the feet.

– Place the thumb in the palm of the legs and the other fingers on the upper side of the feet, and gentle stroking the entire foot from toe to ankle.

Legs, under a lot of pressure when you go standing all day long should always need special care. However, you do not need to new spa can be pampering feet that just need to learn how to foot massage at home. This method combined with the workouts and healthy living can help you are healthy physically as well as mentally better.

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