Learn about physical therapy, respiratory in infants – Flapping vibration expectorant

Respiratory infection is a common disease in children, causing the nose, almost, throat, your child will edema and exudates sputum viscosity. If not supported to remove, export, viscous sputum will be stagnant cause bacterial infection, cause children anorexia, vomiting, shortness of breath, wheezing with cough and fever. According to research, there are about more than 30-40% of children have at least a respiratory infection in my life.

Current physical therapy respiratory or also known as technical flapping vibration expectorant is one of the methods of treatment respiratory infection the most effective. Let’s Vinmec find out more details about technical flapping vibration expectorant in the article below.

1. Pat vibro expectorant is what?

Is physical method, or manually by technicians, or by the instrument, or both to help improve the efficiency of respiratory help lung expansion better, strengthen the respiratory muscles, and excretion, the removal of secretions, viscous phlegm out of the respiratory tract. Pat vibro expectorant based on the physical properties of a gas to change in pressure in the gas path, according to the breathing rhythm of the child to do the long, viscous sputum, ventilated airway. This method is applied in a number of pathologies of the respiratory tract such as:

  • Inflammation of the nasal congestion
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Inflammation of the deflated lobe of the lung
  • The pathology of the respiratory tract, causing children to suffer from stagnant phlegm viscous, clogging respiratory
  • Chronic diseases cause stagnant sputum viscosity, such as cerebral palsy, neuropathy – motor, a number of chronic respiratory diseases,…
  • Atelectasis due to stagnant phlegm
  • After surgery, especially thoracic surgery

This method helps the airway to be ventilated, causing children to breathe easier, reduce wheezing and reduce vomiting. At the same time, this method helps to liberate the viscous phlegm stagnant in the trachea, the bronchi, that will be more pleasant and breastfeeding, eating will be better.

2. 4 steps in 1 times made flap vibration expectorant

The time taken flap vibration expectorant in each treatment is 10-15 minutes. However, depending on the condition of the baby that the Doctor will specify the number of times treatment implementation.

Parents should let baby fasting before the technical implementation about two hours, should spray gas content for children before coming to do the sputum thinning out, easy to put over. After performing this technique, you should hug on to the baby to reduce crying, reduce can you take, can give the baby to drink warm water and 10 after the new implementation is for the baby to eat.

Depending on the condition of the baby that the Doctor will specify the number of times carry out treatment for the baby. Typically, the time taken flap vibration expectorant for baby is about 10-15 minutes each time with 4 steps:

  • Through nose and throat

    • Place the child lying on the table, mother standing in the young legs, keeping both hands baby.
    • Technician physical therapy for children to lie first on one side, user physiological saline (0,9% sodium chloride injection) pump into the upper nostril, creating continuous flow from the nasal cavity on down the nasal cavity below, to phlegm thinning out to easily put phlegm and take the secretions out through the nasal cavity below the.
  • Blow your nose

    • Help expel the sputum viscosity in the nose – the throat out.
    • Made by black nostrils on at the same time taking forefinger closed mouth, bring the phlegm will be expelled out the nostrils below, use soft paper to wipe clean, continue to pump salt water and blow your nose until it is no longer nasal discharge.
  • Blocked the blade root

    • Help push talks from the pharynx out of the mouth.
    • Place your baby lie on your back, at the top, then inhale using a fingers face one nostril, at the same time your other hand use your thumb to stop the blade angle back to the child to inhale the sputum moved down the mouth
    • Perform the same with the nostrils rest.
    • When observed, the exhale, the technician used the thumb placed under the tongue root, and then use the force to gently move the thumb to bring the phlegm and secretions from the pharynx out of the mouth thanks to the thrust of air flow are breathing out.
  • Technical increase exhaled air AFE (Acceleration du Flux Expiratoire)

    • Is performed to expel the viscous phlegm remaining in the portion near the airway such as the trachea and large bronchi. This technique creates a repulsive force strong airflow in the lungs out with the velocity is almost the velocity of the cough.
    • Technicians put one hand in the ribs end, left hand placed on the chest young. When the child begins to exhale, the technician will help with a gentle force until the child near the end of the exhale.
    • Action on-going done 5 times, then will stimulate coughing to expel the phlegm viscosity out

When performing the method flapping vibration expectorant , children will often cry because of discomfort right from the technician to pump salt water into the nose. The manipulation of the technical implementation with 4 steps on the whole not cause the child pain. However, the reflex cry of the child helps the expulsion of phlegm more easily, more big sob, sputum viscosity as to be pushed out more and fast. If the child cry more, most likely spasm of the airway, at this time the technicians of the same parents will cajole young to young find more pleasant and easy technical implementation.

3. Parents should make flapping vibration expectorant for kids?

Parents absolutely should not make technique flap vibration expectorant at home. This method should only be done under the designation of doctor, and so the technicians are trained in-depth expertise.A number of things parents can do at home to help your baby to get sick:

  • Small nose with physiological saline for 4-5 times/day, especially before feeding or sleeping to sleep better and eat better. Before nose drops for kids parents should wash their hands clean.
  • Should just used a paper towel to clean use a time to blow, wipe their noses for children; avoid using towel, milk many times because there is more risk of infection more severe.
  • For the child to drink plenty of water to diluted sputum out.
  • Split meals to young, easy to digest and not anorexia.
  • When sleeping, for children to lie on the pillow higher than usual.
  • Restrict the using the mouth suction nose for young, because in the oral cavity of the mother, there are many pathogenic bacteria, should be used only in case of emergency.
  • When the inflamed respiratory, children often cough or vomiting, this is a natural reflex to expel foreign substances out of the airway. Meanwhile, parents should support children with phlegm by pat the baby’s back.
  • Absolutely not give the child to drink the drug inhibits coughing which are not indicative of the therapist because it will make the sputum becomes solid, the stick high and difficult to expel out.

Some notes:

  • Pat vibro expectorant is a measure of therapeutic support, not treatment causes.
  • Synthesis and analysis of the results of many recent studies in the world show that physics respiratory therapy does not alter the progression of two causes of cough with sputum important and common in young children are pneumonia and bronchiolitis without complications atelectasis.
  • For the case of children suffering from respiratory infections merely, including pneumonia, bar, tracheobronchitis, bronchiolitis without complications due to stagnant phlegm, not made flapping vibration expectorant for children.
  • Not when children with respiratory disease also need to exercise , physical therapy, respiratory , even in many cases really have sputum. For example, patients with asthma, not always should be physical therapy, although is also cold and influenza. Special to note is when patients are asthma attack (often present cough, heavy chest, wheezing, difficulty breathing) they should not be the therapy as not effective and sometimes did more heavy breathing predicament of the child.

So, babies need to see a specialist to be diagnosed, determining the exact causes and treatments appropriate and effective.

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