Language disorders: obstacles make you afraid to communicate -

Language disorders: obstacles make you afraid to communicate

Sometimes you forget words, say obscure, w uh too much can also be symptoms of language disorders. This is a disease common in children, but if not treated, will persist into adulthood.

In the process of learning to speak, children sometimes use the word the wrong way or say the sentence is not grammatically correct. When this situation lasts, then you’ll need to mind because these can be signs of disorder languages, often met in children. If not treated, the disease will be a communication barrier very large when mature.

Disorder what is the language?

Language disorder is a condition people have difficulty in speaking out the thoughts of yourself as well as understand what others are saying. The disease occurs in 10 – 15% of children under 3 years of age but there are also cases where the patient came of age, newly diagnosed disease.

Signs of language disorders in children

If development disorder language when young will have the following expression:

– Often don’t remember the name of the widgets around and use words instead like “that” or “that” to replace.

– Confused words are related to each other, for example, called “table” is “chair,” call “steak” is “chicken”…

– Unconscious, the sounds in a word, for example “cat”, then read the “trail ceo”…

– Frequently forget words and have to the one from the other to replace.

– Saying things obscure or arrange words in the wrong order.

– Using the wrong or say the wrong idioms, proverbs.

– Always understand everything literally should not understand the joke subtext.

– Can’t focus when listening to others speak, especially when there are noises like the television, music…

– No excitement when speaking, even when talking with the home or friends.

– Don’t remember the information in the dialogue just happened.

Signs of language disorders in adults

For people in mature age, the manifestations of disorder language in the work environment can be:

– Anxiety when having to talk or presentations in front of many people.

– Difficult to answer the question from above, even when already know the answer.

– Trouble in the chat in company.

– Don’t remember the wording specialized in his work.

– Do not keep up in meetings, especially in meetings there are many people speaking.

– Serious culture sayings normal.

– Difficulty in answering questions when meeting.

– Difficulty in following the complex instructions and often only want to receive tasks by email.

The cause of the language disorder is often unknown. However, the two causes affect language ability may be mentioned are genetics and nutrition. Sometimes some head injuries can also cause the disease.

Symptoms of language disorders

Patients with language disorders may suffer from language disorder expressive language disorder receptive or both. Please refer to the following symptoms to better understand the two types of language disorders this.

Symptoms disorder expressive language

Disorder expressive language is when the ability to speak or write of the disease affected. Those who have this syndrome often experience problems in remembering vocabulary, grammar, and choose from. A visible symptoms is patients often use words such as “uh”, “um” when she can’t find the words suitable.

A number of other symptoms of the disorder expressive language include:

  • Missed letters when it comes
  • Say the wrong word order in sentences
  • The ability of the restricted
  • Repeat question when thinking answers
  • Reduce the possibility of building a dialogue
  • Vocabulary less than those of the same age
  • Reduced ability to use words and connect sentences to explain or describe something
  • Not properly determine the time of occurrence of the action in the sentence (e.g., “are eating” said the “had eaten”)

A number of symptoms above can be a part of a process to develop normal language if the child is in the stage of learning to speak. However, if the above symptoms do not improve after a short time, the baby may have a language disorder.

Symptoms disorders of language reception

Disorders of language reception is when you can’t absorb or understand the information we hear. This can make daily activities in school, the workplace or at home becomes difficult.

For example, a baby 18 months old can not follow these simple instructions such as “picking up toys”, “sit down” or “go into the room,” it may have acquired language disorders. Baby on 30 months of age do not answer the questions of others verbally or by nodding or shaking head is also a sign of language disorder, receptive.

Effective communication is an important part of the formation of relationships in society. The symptoms of language disorder if not treated will lead to depression and other behavioral problems other.

How to treatment of language disorders

Disorder patients need the cooperation treatment of the home, teachers, language experts and doctors. The following is the treatment of language disorders that you should implement as soon as possible:

1. Health check

The first thing to do when detection of symptoms of language disorders is to take the patient to see a doctor for physical examination. This will help rule out related diseases such as hearing problems or impairment of other senses.

2. Speech therapy

Methods common treatment for the disorder, language is speech therapy. Treatment will depend on age, cause and degree of disorder of the disease. The process of treatment early will usually yield the more satisfactory results.

3. Care at home

Relatives can help the patient at home by the way as:

  • Patiently waiting for the disease to find answers
  • Keep comfort to reduce anxiety for patients
  • Speak clearly, slowly and precisely when asking questions to patients
  • Requiring the patient repeat the instructions you just said in from of their own

If you have children language disorders in school age you should contact the child’s teacher to discuss the activity in class.

4. Psychotherapy

The difficulty in communicating with people can cause psychological discomfort, inhibition, and can even lead to some behavior beyond control. So, the patient may need to see a doctor psychological therapies to balance emotions and behavior.

Stock language disorders greatly affect the life, the learning process and work efficiency of sufferers. However, preventing this syndrome is very difficult because the cause of the disease is usually not clear. Along with the help of the language expert or psychologist, you will be able to step by step overcome or help loved ones improve the situation better.

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