Keep soft hands thanks to dishwashers -

Keep soft hands thanks to dishwashers

Dishwashers, however, expensive with the price of almost 10,000,000, but help you save effort and protect the skin of hands from the chemicals from dishwater. This is a reasonable solution when you are bored to roll up their sleeves to clean husband cup, small after every meal.

When you have dishwashers, you will protect hands his precious from toxic chemicals from the type of dishwashing liquid. Moreover, you will also have more time to do what they want to be happier every day instead of tired and stood before the sink for too long.

You should buy a dishwasher?

To decide whether I should buy a dishwasher or not, you consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of machine.

Advantages of dishwasher

When you have dishwashers, you not only save the labor power which sees dishes will also be more clean.

1. Dishwashers are very convenient

Pros easy to see most of the dishwasher is to save you effort and time. You no longer have to hand wash dishes that just need to put everything into the machine and wait. In fact, The U.s. department of energy estimates, the use of dishwashers help you save up to 230 hours per year. You can use the daylight saving time is this to meet friends or take care of themselves better.

2. Dishes clean more

Dishwashers commonly use water 60°C to clean the dishes and the eating utensils this will be cleaner when you wash by hand very much. Moreover, some sample dishwasher also has sterilization function to help bowl chopsticks more clean, remove the bacteria thoroughly.

3. Energy saving

Some model dishwashers can help you cut down on the amount of water and the amount of electricity that you use. United States department of energy estimates that new dishwasher can save up to more than 18,000 l of water per year. This not only helps you save more money but also can bring many benefits for the environment.

4. Protect the hand skin

Dishwater usually contains some chemical cleaners are harmful for the skin of hands should the dishwasher directly in the long term will cause harm to your hands. If not want to buy dishwashers, you should wear gloves when washing dishes to protect hands. Besides, you can also learn how to make dishwashing liquid nature to protect the hands better.

Cons of dishwasher

However, very convenient, but the dishwasher also has a number of disadvantages that you need to consider before buying on use.

1. Dishwashers have the high cost

The amount of money that you need to spend to buy a dishwasher is not a small figure. Furthermore, the dishwasher also need cleaners designed exclusively for pc because of the type of dishwashing liquid usually create too many suds and can damage the machine. But detergents for dishwasher are also often quite expensive. So, to own and operate the machine, you should be prepared psychological need to spend much money.

2. Machine does not wash are all kind of cup

Dishwashers can disinfect dishes more effectively than washing by hand. However, there are a number of dishes not suitable with the machine. When using the dishwasher, the items like cup, porcelain, glass, crystal, knives, nonstick pans or other items made of wood will easily damaged. Besides, the loading too many dishes into the machine also makes dishes there is the risk of fracturing more.

Decide whether to buy or not depends on many factors such as living habits, economic viability, design kitchen, what kind of cup or use… so you consider well to invest effectively for the sink bowl, okay.

Criteria to choose a dishwasher

If you have decided to buy a dishwasher to save effort and protect your hands, you please refer to the following criteria to choose the suitable machine.

1. The capacity of the machine

Each type of dishwasher on the market have different capacity, so you need to know his needs before buying. If you want to hand rinse dishes before, you don’t need to buy a dishwasher had the rinse mode is too strong. If you don’t wash the dishes first, select the template with the power to dislodge the grease and leftovers best.

2. Features with air

Dishwasher today is not only washed and dried the dishes. The new models also add a number of convenient functions, you should consider such as:

• Self-cleaning: A number of machines have cleaning system integrated inside to clean excess food under the mesh filter spam as well as wash the body inside of the machine.

• Sterilized dishes: the Machine has the ability to sterilize to get rid of the bacteria leftover after the process of washing the cups.

• Wash vegetables: there are now multiple models integrate more features to wash vegetables help you ease the burden when filling the stove. If you like cooking at home, you can consider choose the pattern of this machine.

Typically, the machine, the more features it will have frame rates as high. So, please clearly define his needs to avoid spending money on a machine there are many features not used to.

3. The electric water drain

The model dishwashers will cause you to spend more money electricity and water is not small, each month. So, to increase economic efficiency in the long term, you select the sample machine has the function of saving water and electricity, okay.

4. Size dishwasher

On the market there are three types of dishwashers, with the common dimensions such as:

• Dishwasher to the table: This is the line dishwashers, the smallest with a size of only 450 x 550 x 500 mm. Due to the small size, the machine is not washing is too much cup or what kind of pot too big. But this is suggestions very suitable for those kitchens don’t have too much empty space.

• Dishwasher independent: this machine Line has the horizontal size with a washing machine, about 850 x 600 x 600 mm. This is the flexibility that does not require you to pre-designed place to put the dishwasher in the kitchen. Machines often have 2 – 3 tray stacking cups and can be washed is some type of pot to. However, the color of this type of machine was quite limited, so you may not get the color match the color tone desired.

• Dishwasher, big cabinet: the size of the type of machine this cabinet at about 820 x 600 x 600 mm, quite on par dishwasher independent. However, you can “camouflage” this kind of machine hidden in the cupboard in my kitchen. Here’s a hint, suitable for the family room, kitchen, carefully designed, with space reserved for a dishwasher.

You need to consider the area of kitchen design, kitchen and the amount of cup you use every day to choose the size fit.

When buying these types of machines have 2 – 3 tray stacking cups, you get priority the machine allows adjusting the position of the tray dishes. This feature is very convenient because you can lift or lower the tray depending on the size of the eating utensils used at that time.

5. The noise of dishwashers

Noise from dishwashers would be a big problem if your kitchen is near the living room or bedroom. However, you can fight noise pollution by starting up the dishwasher at the time no one at home to noise does not affect everyone. If it is, you should also choose the model of modern, less noise.

Products use the same dishwasher

To operate dishwashers I just buy the right way, you need to prepare more products 3, specialized as follows.

• Cleaners: The type of detergent designed for dishwashers may have the form of tablets, liquid or powder, which helps cleanse food residue and clean the dishes. This substance will cling to the residue on the dishes and when the water spray discharge of these substances away, then the dirt will also come along. The detergent for the dishwasher often create little or even no foam, compartment cleaners are usually located at the machine.

You need to read the accompanying instructions dishwasher to know machine, how much detergent. If you give too little, dishes won’t clean, but if you give too much, eating utensils in the machine will be amazing.

• Water cup ball: Water ball cup help cup the bowl in the machine, dries evenly and does not stain. Where the water cup ball usually in the right side compartment contains detergent.

• Salt for water softeners: hard Water is water that contains too many seeds cations calcium and magnesium. This type of water is harmful for the machine. So, you need to prepare salt water softener for use with dishwashers. Machine type is completely different from table salt you normally use should you need to avoid confusion, okay.

Dispensers salt for water softeners are often located in the floor of the machine near the mesh filter spam. You will usually have to add a hopper to load salt into this box easier. Please read the manual of the machine to know the amount of salt we need to pour into.

Some machines have the warn feature to remind you to add water ball cups and salt for water softeners when needed. If the machine does not have this function, you need to note the times I loaded these two products and check back often.

How to use dishwasher

Before operating the dishwasher the first time, you need to read the manual to know the camera mode, to have as normal washing, wash the dirty dishes much, wash cups… Once you understand these modes and have the product used with the machine, you can refer to the following steps:

– Use a funnel gifts to pour salt water softener and water into the compartment containing salt. Then, please close the lid compartment contains salt, close the machine and boot mode quick wash.

– Set the consumption of salt according to the instructions for use.

– Loaded water ball cup according to instructions for use.

– Remove the detergent into compartment.

– Stacking dishes to wash into the machine. You remember remove all leftovers out before loading cups into the machine. When stacking, you pay attention, it stars for the cup not overlap and are not entangled in the need to spray water at the floor of the machine.

– Try rotating need to spray water watch have met obstacles what not.

– Close the machine and select rinse mode is suitable.

– After a few months of use, you remember cleaning periodically.

Dishwashers will help you protect hand skin from the harmful chemicals and not pressured by work dishwasher full of tired. This is an investment you should consider in order to have more time with the people that you love more.

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