Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Health?

Many girls love nail polish because it will make their nails look better. But in fact, nail polish is very harmful, not only harmful to the nail but also dangerous to the health of the body.

Women who love beauty know that in addition to hairstyles, you can do nail in the most popular style today because colorful nails are the key for women to pursue beauty.

What are the dangers of nail polish?

1. Nails will be yellow and dull

Why is nail polish painted so beautiful? That’s because it is composed of a large number of pigments, many of which are artificial chemical constituents of various pigments. If you apply it on a regular basis, your nail will slowly lose its shine, leading to yellowing and dullness.

2. Nails will be brittle 

Not only do the cells in our body need to breathe, our nails also need to breathe. Nail polish on your nails interferes with normal breathing and destroys their epidermal cells, so your nails will become more and more vulnerable. In addition, the nail cannot breathe smoothly, and layer breakage occurs.

3. Abrasion of the nail, causing the nail to separate from the nail bed

While the nail polish looks great when applied, it destroys our nails. I believe many girls will find their nails separate from the underlying nail after trying them. This is actually due to the corrosive nature of nail polish pigments.

4. Nail polish with a toxic odor can cause dizziness

Some nail polishes have a very unpleasant odor because it contains acetone and ethyl acetate, both of which are very volatile. So, once the body smells, there will be noticeable bouts of dizziness. And nail polish that has a pungent taste can also damage the nervous system.

5. The finger will be dry and inflamed

Nail polish is made from a large number of chemical ingredients, so when applied to our hands, it will irritate the skin around our nails, and then the keratin on the edges of our fingers. will harden. Inflammation can occur and be severe in the nail.

6. Carcinogenicity

Nail polish contains such a high pigment index so that the chemical ingredients in it will fall. If women are used to nail polish for a long time, frequent exposure to these toxic substances will also increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, nail polish is very detrimental to our health.

Take a car on nail polish everyday

1.Paint the nail in ventilated environment

It’s best to paint your nails in a well-ventilated environment, as the smell emitted by the nail polish will slowly evaporate into the air, preventing you from inhaling too much.

2. Paint the nails first

Remember that the first step in nail polish is to apply the primer first. This will not only protect the surface of your nail, but also isolate direct damage to your nails.

3. Reduce the use of nail polish that dries quickly

Try not to use nail polish that dries quickly because of its high chemical content and is more harmful to the human body. It is usually not recommended.

4. Add calcium to the nails

After applying nail polish, you need to add calcium correctly to the nail, as it requires intensive care and maintenance. You can use certain hard nail oils properly, which will form a protective film and strengthen the nail.

After reading the above content, everyone knows the harmful effects behind the beauty of nail polish . This is the content of this issue. Thanks for your continued support.


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