If you knew how to repel complications, heart failure, end-stage not the cùngĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

If you knew how to repel complications, heart failure, end-stage not the cùngĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

The sick person would hear the doctor diagnose heart failure end stage also dazed think the days rest is too short-lived, narrowly had to get to the afterlife… is there any way to help you relieve some of the symptoms to live better?

People with heart failure level 1, level 2 or level 3 can completely control the symptoms by medication or surgery. But when the disease has progressed into heart failure, end-stage patients often hospitalized because of cough, edema, shortness of breath, heart rhythm disorders do not respond to the drug treatment. To mitigate these complications, you need to have health care so closely.

The symptoms of heart failure end-stage

Ths. Bs. Nguyen Dinh Hien, Head of Internal medicine cardiovascular disease, hospital saint Paul, Hanoi, said heart failure end stage is severe degree of heart failure 4. At this level, you often no longer respond to the treatments in internal medicine and will be faced with many dangerous complications.

Stage heart failure in level 1 or level 2, you can not clearly see the manifestation of the disease. But heart failure will progress silently and cause you to often hospitalized because of the dangerous symptoms. The symptoms of heart failure, the final stage may be mentioned are:

• Cough with shortness of breath: the Blood is not circulation, stasis back the lungs that hinders gas exchange processes should patients prone to bouts of dry cough accompanied by shortness of breath. This symptom occurs more when the patient exertion or rest. Many people also have symptoms of acute pulmonary edema is cough with mucous sputum is white or blood red.

• Fit: Heart reduce the possibility of blood about should translate and fluid accumulation in the body, especially those parts far from the heart. This leaves the patients with edema in the extremities, especially in the legs.

• Anorexia and nausea: When is heart failure end stage blood to the digestive organs like the stomach not enough. At the same time, poor blood nutrients is stasis back in the liver makes the liver and makes people always feel loss of appetite, bloating, nausea…

• Bradycardia: heart Function has been weakened so the heart is no longer able to fast squeeze to provide enough nutrients for the body. So, people with heart failure end stage often have bradycardia.

In addition to the effects on patients with heart failure end stage often encounter dangerous complications, such as acute pulmonary edema, atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, or cerebral infarction. All the above complications affect quality of life and even life expectancy of heart failure patients end stage. However, patients can still live for many years if you know how to protect health and to relieve symptoms.

Instead of anxiety or depression when is heart failure end-stage, you need to find ways of mitigating the unpleasant complications and to maintain the spirit of fun to improve the quality of life.

Reducing mild heart failure symptoms late stage

You should adhere to your treatment doctor and hold the happy mood to improve the symptoms.

Disease heart failure end-stage won’t affect your life too much if you know how to control the unpleasant symptoms follow the following tips,

1. Health monitoring

For patients with heart failure, end-stage, having a person in the care and support monitoring health situation is very necessary. The role of the care of patients with heart failure is very important because this is the person who has the responsibility directly related to the health and longevity of the disease, such as:

– Inform the doctor the unusual signs of disease to adjust drug therapy or hospitalization in a timely manner.

– Check urine output of the patient daily to adjust water intake not too much not too little. Besides, the monitored body temperature is also very necessary because the patient will need to visit a doctor if body temperature drops too low, causing hands and feet is cold.

– Track your weight daily see patients who have weight gain or weight loss abnormal no.

The patient should also observe the dangerous symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath or cough. These symptoms in acute cases can cause fainting and danger to life should you need hospitalization immediately.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to symptoms of cough with phlegm the form of a foam there is blood, because this is the manifestation of the acute pulmonary edema require hospitalization in order to have treatment timely.

2. Dietary and exercise reasonable

These foods are easy to digest will help you to prevent abdominal distention

When you have heart failure, end-stage, patients need to adjust diet and his workouts according to the following precautions:

• Eat foods easy to digest: You can often suffer from bloating should eat the food easy to digest, high in fiber and potassium, such as vegetables, cereals, bananas, avocados… You also need to avoid dishes high in fat, red meat, or too salty, and can select the dish was pureed.

Drink enough water: You should avoid drinking too much water that should only supplement a sufficient amount of water. To avoid drinking too much water, you should only drink water when thirsty, or see dark urine.

Daily mobility: People with heart failure end stage is often tired so hard to walk or exercise to be as healthy person. So, you should be active in place gently by moving the joints of the limbs and the positive massage of hands, legs, to blood blood circulation.

When located on vacation, you should prescribe high pillow to lie in a posture half lying half-sitting as this posture will help you to ease breathing and reduce coughing.

3. Keep the mood fun

You can improve morale by taking the time for your preferences.

You will be vulnerable to boredom, anxiety, and let go when you know his heart failure end-stage, but this mentality can make the disease more severe. You try to find a way to improve his spirits by taking the time for your preferences.

You should spend time with relatives and friends to confide in and seek support. Thanks to it, life will become fun, upbeat and meaningful.

4. Use herbal support

Anh Nguyen Hung Son (Minh Tan, Viet Tri) is heart failure level 4 and hospitalized 6 – 7 times per year. Condition quite heavy that you can’t breathe without oxygen, family, back are not eligible for surgery.

But you didn’t quit, after a period of persistent treatment, he Son was found to be hope when known food protection health Benefits of Mind Khang (*). He said “When taken to the 3rd, I don’t have to breathe oxygen again, at which time new see that he was alive. Drink to the box 32 can hold mom run is uphill… life began to return from it”.

Food protection health Benefits of Mind Khang is typical products of herbal medicine has been clinical test and study results have been posted on Science Magazine’s Global Canada. Research results showed Useful Mind Khang effectively support increased ejection fraction, reduced blood cholesterol, reduced rate of hospitalization for heart failure progression, reduce symptoms of heart failure such as cough, edema, shortness of breath, fatigue.

A lot of people think that heart failure end stage is the same road should lose all hope and abandon all efforts, health care. This not only makes the condition worse, but also make the body more heartbreaking because the day short months remaining. Actually, the path ahead is long or short, depends very much on how you take care of yourself right now!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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