How to write a diary help you to dispel stress -

How to write a diary help you to dispel stress

Don’t think that only the her new romantic school how to write a diary with the notebook, and… You still write diary daily to relieve stress with the post to share on Facebook too!

Stress is increasingly attacking us more intense in the era there is too much fierce competition. Westerners often look to the psychiatrist when I see the problems that cause stress as common as divorce, loss of loved ones, the impasse in the work… However, the Vietnamese people, we don’t have routine health care such psychological.

If you don’t have a psychiatrist to find to each when under stress, feel free to chat with friends and relatives. If the condition currency to the extent you don’t want to share with anyone, the time has come you need to learn how to write a diary to cure stress!

Why should you write diary?

You can write a diary to record information, training, language skills and psychological therapy.

1. Write a diary to record information

From when I was a student you had to take notes homework to remember knowledge. This is the most basic help you practice your writing skills diary after this. When were more mature, you can write the work diary or travel diary to store important information.

2. Writing diary help language training

If you love writing, write diary more often to practice the language. Combined with the habit of reading books, you will accumulate more usage from new to learn to write diary or. From there, you will have more chance of success than when in craft language.

3. Write a diary to psychotherapy

Many psychologist recommend that patients should write diary because this is a way to help improve mood and depression symptoms. The studies also demonstrate the habit of writing diary is good for mental health, and help treat the disease more effectively.

Doctor Jill Howell (Usa) shared with WebMD that: “Writing diary is not in therapy for all ailments, but this habit brings a lot of benefits”.

If you often suffer from stress diary can be seen as a psychological therapy help you prevent the risk of suffering from depression or autism.

Guide how to write daily diary

Diary is one way of healing stress that anyone can apply when we meet the difficult problems of psychology. You can buy a book written diary-style, classic, or write a diary online on the blog or social network page. Depending on individual needs, you can write a learning diary, travel diary or diary love.

How to write diary classic

This option is very suitable for introverts there life style closed so just want to keep a notebook diary of his own. The power of introverts can come from the story notes daily, or just simply a saying to inspire.

To write a diary in a classic style, you just need to prepare a notebook and pen. You can decorate your window, write a diary with drawings or photographs of memories.

How to write diary online

If you belong to the sample who have the habit of online on social networks, here’s a hint to help relieve stress and strengthen the connection with your friends. How to write diary online very simple even is completely free, so you don’t waste money buying window or pen!

The following are a number of ways a diary online that you can choose from:

• Application writing diary: With the explosion of technology, you can download the app write a log of the phone to the notes at any time. If you use Android you can download app write a diary as Journey, Day Journal, Daylio, DayGram, Dream Journal Ultimate, Penzu, Universal Diary, Moment Diary, Memoires…

Application written diary Journey

• Write diary on Facebook: Every time you write a status or post a personal photo is also a how to write diary on Facebook, too. When writing a diary, share on social media, you will feel reduced stress, more thanks to get the interaction your friends.

Write diary on Facebook help you to share emotions.

• Write log on the network with a personal blog: If you love writing, try way write a diary on the network with a personal blog. This can be considered as a “fertile ground” for you to develop language skills, for writing it!

Blog diary of her | the

How to write a learning diary

To knowledge systems in a scientific way and easy to remember, you need to learn how to write a learning diary. Instead of copy according to the teaching of the teacher, you should learn how to take notes effectively by following advice here:

• Write an outline of general post with the brick top of the line before the record details

• Focus on listening to filter the important keywords rather than writing complete sentences.

• Use more colors, symbols, and images to content becomes easier to remember than

How to take notes effectively not only helps you capture knowledge when going to school, but also very useful when you go to work thanks to the ability to selectively important information.

How to write diary journey

You may have heard of “diary of Dang Thuy Tram” imbues tears were storming on the forum about a journey, the fierce in war. Why don’t you try to write the travel diary to record new experiences in the journey to discover yourself, huh?

Suffering because of a parting lover, you travel. Tired of feeling empty, you travel. Stress because of work come flooding in, you also… travel. Let’s write out all those thoughts and feelings into travel diaries, you will be able to travel alone without the fear of loneliness!

How to write a love diary

Character Allie in the movie The Notebook (diary)

If you’ve ever watched the movie The Notebook (diary) adapted from the works of writer Nicholas Sparks, you will learn how to write love diary of guy si love the name Noah. Don’t smile ignored because you do not believe in the romantic love story, true story has opened up an opportunity for people suffering with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease grim.

Thanks to the diary page of Noah’s grandmother, Allie can go through the end of their lives lightly more than the patience of the husband in the nursing home. You can also learn how to write a diary for lovers as a “secrets of flirting” people with romantic soul.

For with love, you only need to confess in a sincere way his affection is enough. Heart, he will melt because of the language, from the rustic of you!

How to write diary or help you feel more confident

Learn how to write diaries or comment about celebrities | the diary of her

Diary is inherently a way of recording personal, but sometimes you also want to write or a little more to increase the effective transmission of feelings. When you focus on finding how the choice of words, you seem to forget all stress problems are encountered.

If you can learn how to write diary or to feel more confident when send for your or share on social networks?

How to write opening diary

The opening sentence is always a difficult challenge to those who rarely write. You can learn how to write open-top diary by the simple sentences here:

– Brother, …

– Diary of love …

– Saigon day … month … year …

– I feel today the truth is ….

– If there is a time machine, I would do things differently …

When learning how to write diary or, you just live it with thoughts and feelings. Don’t be too anxious when putting pen down to write the first line, how to write open-top diary is just a “greeting” with yourself, that’s all!

How to write a diary like?

If the watch diary is a place to hone your skills writing, you write really diverse themes: school, work, friendship, love, marriage, family… to learn how To write diary or you should read more books to supplement vocabulary and practice expressions.

If the log is psychological therapy to help you repel stress, control depression and prevent autism then you need to write out his feelings. Only when seeing the cause, you can solve problems in a radical way.

You don’t need to write diary “or” to find cure for stress, but most are not “real”, when confronted with egos in the battle his own inner.

We have so many ways to write the diary from the small window, content status on Facebook to a song very emotional… Let’s see the diary as a separate world that you can delight create and live true to what I his personal. Instead of looking for how to write a diary or you should discover inner strength to help you overcome all obstacles in order to feel happy and reap more successful!

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