How to use glass pot durable for you to cook delicious -

How to use glass pot durable for you to cook delicious

A pot set glass not only brings elegance to the kitchen which is also very good for health over. However, you need to use, carefully preserved to pot always durable, beautiful and cook more delicious dishes for family.

Pot glass is the safe choice for health to replace the cooking utensils toxic in the kitchen as non-stick pans have Teflon, copper pot or aluminum pot. But, you already know how to use and preservation to increase the shelf life for the pot of her plush yet? Let’s go over some advantages and disadvantages of the glass pot and how to use types of kitchen tools this.

Advantages of the type of glass pot

The cooking utensils made of glass does not only beautify the kitchen space which also has a number of benefits as follows:

• Used in microwave oven: If you want to reheat food in glass pot, you will be comfortable skip straight pot into the microwave. In addition, you can also to straighten up the stove that you don’t have to pour the food out of the cup, bowl or other pot.

• User is in the oven: When using the glass pot, you won’t need to put the food out in a tray bake that can be left straight food into the pot to bake. This will help you not to use too many cooking utensils to prepare meals quickly.

• Easy-to-observe food inside: Pot the glass is usually transparent, so you can observed the food being cooked in the pot. This will help you limit the water spills out due to excessive boiling or the food is burning.

• Used in refrigerator and freezer: If you want to preserve leftovers just cook with glass pots, you don’t need to move food through the containers that easily remove straight pot into the refrigerator or freezer. You need to wait for the pot to cool and then put into the refrigerator to ensure longevity pot.

• Take advantage of to present food: When receiving guests, you can cook and prepare food in cookware made of glass which does not need an extra plate or bowl. Kind of pot is this still enough sophistication and luxury to you decorated the dish beautifully.

• Ensure food safety: the Glass does not contain harmful chemicals or cause chemical reactions with food should be food cooked in this pot is very safe for health, avoid food poisoning.

• Not smelling food: The cooking utensils made of glass are quite easy to clean and not smelling like food after cooking. If you know how to preserve pot will always be durable, without signs haunted the smell or the sticky burn marks from food.

When there is a glass pot, you will save a lot of time cooking, preserving or reheat food.

Disadvantages of this type of glass pot

However, glass pots have quite a lot of advantages but you still need to consider some disadvantages of this type of pot this before you decide to buy the pot. Some disadvantages may be mentioned are:

• Easy to scratch or break: If you do not carefully preserved, glass pot are prone to falling, broken, or scratched. This is quite dangerous, especially if there are children or pets in the house. When the pot was scratched or have cracks, you should not be taken forward because the pot will be broken then.

• Distribute heat unevenly: Glass distributes the heat unevenly so you need to observe your food carefully when cooking to avoid food being burned.

• Weight of boiler weight: Other cooking tools, glass weighs more than aluminum pot or copper, so you can encounter little difficulty when using or bung calves, move the pot.

• A high price: the Price of a pot of glass fall into the range of 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 a product to purchase, size and quality. This is a high price compared with the price range of 200,000 – 500,000 dong of many types of other pot.

The dish can be cooked in the pot glass

Cookware made of glass, suitable to cook the dish water. You can use this pot for some culinary purposes as:

  • Boiled noodles
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Curry
  • Boiled eggs
  • Grilled food
  • Cook soup, or soup
  • Dispensing hot beverages

You should avoid using the cookware glass, to deep-fry or stir-fry because of the clean grease will be slightly strenuous, you know.

How to preserve pot glass

The cooking utensils made of glass, quite heavy and easy to crack, so you need to be careful when cleaning and arranging.

• Wiping washing: Before washing the glass pot, you soak the pot with water soap to the stain removers out and easy to wash over. In addition, you should only use water of mild dishwashing liquid and cleaning pads soft when washing to avoid scratching the pot. You can also remove the pot into the dishwasher if your pot can be used in this machine.

• The arrangement: When arranging cooking utensils of glass in cabinets or shelves, you need it own’t what it should not overlap to avoid status bumps. If you want to stack the pot up each other to save space, you go upside down face pot down and then my husband gradually from small to large. In addition, you should also to a lining with a soft towel between the pot to protect the pot better.

Glass pot kitchen cooking from it?

Often the cooking utensils made of glass can not be used with the stove because the glass material is not magnetic, so does not absorb the heat from the stove. Moreover, the use of pot is not compatible nor how to use the kitchen from the safety. However, you still have a way just to take cooking function quickly of the kitchen from the medium broth is a pot of luxury.

• Buy more disk heat transfer: Plate heat transfer is a sheet of stainless steel capable of infection from and transformed into heat to heat the glass pot. When cooking, you put the disc transfers the heat directly on the stove then put the pot up on the disk. This product also supports the pot type not compatible with kitchen from to you comfortable using a clay pot, ceramic, porcelain, aluminum… to cook.

Disk transfer heat to the kitchen from the

• Choose glass pot kitchen cooking from: currently, there Is a certain type of glass pot is designed with the bottom part have the ability to infection from so that you can use directly on the stove. You find purchase of this pot of prestigious brands to get quality product.

• Use the kitchen from the combined infrared: If you want to equipped kitchen for your house, you consider taking the kitchen from the combined infrared. This type of kitchen has all the cooking from and the cooking infrared. You can use the cookware with glass in the cook infrared and use stainless steel in the cooking from a very convenient.

Glass pot, chic, safe for health, but requires you to remove the health care skills as the new durable. So you consider well the advantages and disadvantages of this type of pot this before you decide to buy download user offline.

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