How to treat constipation effectively on the occasion of new year -

How to treat constipation effectively on the occasion of new year

How to treat constipation is a concern of many people on the new year’s day, because if the condition prolonged constipation will cause serious effects to the digestive system.

New year is the occasion of all family members are gathering gatherings, is the time to visit their family and friends after a busy year. Attending a party, eating is inevitable.

However, most of the dishes on new year usually don’t have many greens, so easy to make you constipated. It would be horrible if you suffer from constipation in the early days of the year with the stomach always have a feeling of heaviness, discomfort. Don’t be too worried! Let Hello Doctor learn about how to treat constipation through the article below.

What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition defecation difficult and the distance between the times of defecation prolonged than usual. Each person has the habit of going to various targets, but if you go less than 3 times within a week, you may have constipation.

Fact, constipation is not a disease specific. It is a symptom of the disease in the rectum, including colon and rectum. Diseases that cause constipation may be mild and as common as polyps of the rectum or as serious as colorectal cancer.

How to treat constipation effectively

Fact, how to treat mild constipation is very simple. You just need to change your daily lifestyle, such as exercise habits, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water – according to the expert recommendation is about 1.5 – 2 liters per day – and add fiber. You should limit the use of laxatives at this stage as the body has the high likelihood of drug dependence. However, you can replace them with the laxatives such as malabar spinach, papaya, or banana.

Balance time every day to go to goal is comfortable also is a way treatment of constipation. Drink warm water a few minutes before going can help to stimulate peristalsis of the rectum.

For constipation, moderate and severe, you may need to use medication to treat constipation effectively.

How to treat constipation in adults

Currently, the treatment of constipation is mainly Western medicine. This way usually have a quick effect but no treatment end-point the cause of constipation.

Major drug groups used in treatment of constipation includes:

  • Laxatives increase the create mass distribution
  • Group lubrication: oil, paraphin, glycerin
  • Laxative stimulates: increases peristalsis. However, group use this drug must be doctor prescribed and should not be abused because the drug has the potential risk of causing cancer
  • Laxative osmosis: the salt of magnesia, and phosphate, sorbitol…
  • Glycerin puts anal
  • Magnesium Ion, zinc, calcium enhances movement in the digestive tube.

The doctor also recommends the patient should take a laxative interrupted in the process of treatment of constipation because group use this drug long-term are likely to cause complications later.

In addition to the above measures, constipation sufferers can apply the method of massage, breathing to assist relieve constipation.

  • Massage abdomen once per day, preferably in the morning, massage in a clockwise direction by rapeseed oil or peanut oil.
  • Perform the movements breathe using the abdomen to increase the spasm of abdominal muscles, creating the circulation system spasms of the colon.

People who suffer from constipation should eat what on the occasion of the new year?

According to Oriental medicine, Vietnam has many kinds of vegetables, tubers, results support treatment of constipation easy to find as sweet potatoes, potatoes, papaya, banana… all have uses for the treatment of constipation effective. However, on the new year’s day will be quite difficult for you in looking to buy some foods on because they are not available. After this, the expert from Hello, Doctor will suggest for you few types of berries is used for treatment of constipation easy:

  • Ripe bananas: eat every day a result help laxative, soft stool, overcome constipation effectively.
  • Apples: to apples shell and eat every day from 2 – 3 in the morning to develop their use for the treatment of constipation as well as stimulates the digestive system of this fruit.
  • Kiwi: every day to eat two fruits will improve the problem of defecation a lot.
  • Pears, carrots, walnuts, nectarine, raisins, apricots… also promote intestinal peristalsis, treat constipation, clean the colon, stimulate digestion and laxative.
  • Sprouts, broccoli sprouts, okra, malabar spinach, gourd, white radish, cabbage, pumpkins also have the ability to treat constipation, febrifuge, laxative, help promote intestinal peristalsis, excretion feces out. However, you should note not to cook these foods on too ripe, because then the nutrients will no longer.
  • Legumes such as black beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, pinto beans… help food move through the intestines easily. Black bread, cereals, bread, whole grains help reduce constipation.

How to treat constipation in young children

Constipation in young children usually is due to digestive system they are not perfect. The frequency of constipation accounted for 3% in children under 4 years of age and 10% in young adulthood. Here are some methods to help treat constipation effectively in children:

  • Infant still breastfeeding: if the child goes beyond slow few days but still go and the stool is still soft and puree, they’re okay. At this time, parents need to calm down, continue to track more.
  • Children under 1 year of age: you can choose one of the following measures to cure treatment for toddlers:

    • Glycerin puts anal
    • Enema with water to cool, softens the stool for easy passing out
    • Medication lactoluse or sorbitol regulate motility physiology of the colon and help make the stool softer
  • Children over 1 year: lottery analysis fast by glycerin put anal or enema every day from 1 – 2 times. In addition, you can try method of coordination: day enema day Monday and Tuesday use place anal.

Drug lactoluse and sorbitol need take 2 times/day for seven consecutive days. Note, you should only enema for child in case child is stasis stool long day. Do not abuse this measure.

Children with constipation what to eat on Tet?

On the new year’s day, the traditional dishes such as chung cake, fried spring rolls, cheese, frozen meat… are very attractive to small children. However, rich in nutrients, but delicious dishes, this also made it somewhat difficult for the digestive system in children, especially small children are suffering from constipation. Therefore, you should limit feeding children these items, at the time of adding the following foods to the menu new year’s day:

  • Fruits and vegetables have high fiber content such as broccoli, vegetables, jute, vegetables, spinach, okra, spinach, amaranth, ripe papaya, sweet potatoes, butter, apples: large amount of fiber from the plants this helps the child’s digestive system works more actively, blocks the stool soft and porous, easily be colitis escort exhaust.
  • The foods rich in magnesium (black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds…) and zinc (shrimp, crab, beef…): magnesium and zinc enhances the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Function song push the feces of colitis also so that more stable.
  • Yogurt: source of beneficial bacteria contained in yogurt will help balance of intestinal bacteria, prevent the bad effects of harmful bacteria to function normal digestion of the child.

Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor do not take out the advice, diagnosis or treatment methods medical.

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