How to handle when burns the tongue to prevent infection -

How to handle when burns the tongue to prevent infection

Status burns the tongue, but not too serious, but can lead to infection if you do not know how to aid. What should you do when burns the tongue to help alleviate the feeling of pain and discomfort?

You can burn the tongue if no check should accidentally eating food too hot. When burns the tongue, you need some way to aid reasonable to wounds, less pain and no infections. You let Hello Doctor to find out when the tongue burns should do it.

Burns the tongue is what?

Burns the tongue is a common condition that occurs after you eat or drink something too hot. Status burns the tongue can cause pain, discomfort but will also heal over time. You can apply the first aid treatment for these burns usually if burns the tongue. However, you go to the doctor immediately if the burns are too severe.

Some cases the tongue may burning even though you do not eat or drink hot. This condition can be syndrome mouth burning. This is a syndrome that constantly is burning without clear causes. A number of other health conditions can lead to the same symptoms syndrome mouth burning is:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gritting his teeth
  • Tongue map
  • Wearing dentures
  • Lack of vitamin
  • Thrush
  • Lichen planus in the mouth
  • Injuries in the mouth
  • Allergic reaction to some foods
  • Taking certain drugs such as drugs for high blood pressure
  • The endocrine disorder such as diabetes or hypothyroidism
  • Weight loss by hormonal
  • Gastric acid reflux up the mouth due to a number of diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease esophagus (GERD)
  • Brushing your teeth too vigorously, use mouthwash too often, and the routine dental care other unhealthy.

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Causes of tongue burns

You can burn the tongue, mouth or lips if you accidentally eat food too hot. The regular dining hot without checking the temperature first will make you at risk of burns edged higher.

However, cases of syndrome mouth burning back no apparent reason. Reasons may be due to the nerves of the mouth have problems. However, factors due to genetic and environment may also be related. In addition, psychological stress, anxiety and depression can cause the symptoms of syndrome mouth burning worse.

Symptoms burns the tongue

Symptoms burns different blades depending on the severity of the burns. Usually burns the tongue is divided into 3 levels:

• Burns the tongue a: burns only affect the outermost layer of the tongue. You can feel the pain as well as redness and swelling in the tongue.

• Burns tongue level two: this case is usually more pain because both the outermost layer and lower layers of the blade are hurt. The tongue may also be blistering, redness and swelling.

• Tongue burns third degree: Burns the tongue three affect the deep tissues of the tongue. When this blade will change color white or black. You can also suffer loss of sensation or pain in the tongue.

When the tongue is red or swelling due to burns, the lesbian, tongue, or also known as the papillae the tongue can disappear. This can make the blade smooth rather than have many small seeds li ti on the surface as usual.

The doctor will diagnose based on the signs burns the tongue can be observed is the tongue, redness, swelling and blistering. These signs will help the doctor determine the severity of burns and how to treat accordingly.

If there is burning sensation in the tongue due to syndrome mouth burning, you also have additional symptoms such as:

  • The mouth has a metallic taste or bitter
  • The burning, numbness and tingling repeat daily
  • Feeling of dry mouth even in the mouth still has enough saliva normal
  • Feeling mild discomfort in the tongue in the morning and this feeling gradually increases during the day

You should go to the doctor for diagnosis of disease if any of the above symptoms. Your doctor will help you figure out the routine dental care not good as well as exclude those diseases that have similar symptoms to diagnose the syndrome mouth burning.

Complications when burns the tongue

The case of burns the tongue serious if not treated properly can lead to infection. So if second-degree burns and third degree, you need to see a doctor immediately for timely treatment.

Tongue burns can also affect taste buds and cause spot burns loss of sensation. However, this is only a complication temporary because taste buds usually regenerate after every two weeks if you don’t get burns too heavy.

Burns the tongue, what should I do?

You need first aid for burns to relieve the pain and prevent complications. To avoid infection and reduced pain when burns blades level one, you can make the way first aid the following:

  • Suck on ice or popsicles to soothe the pain.
  • Drink water and gargle with cool water for a few minutes.
  • Try holding a little sugar or honey on the tongue to reduce pain.
  • Avoid eating or drink the liquid warm to hot so as not to irritate the burn.
  • Take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) to reduce pain and inflammation.

If burns the blades to level two or level three, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Status tongue burns can heal in about two weeks or less. However, sometimes the burn can last up to six weeks depending on the cause and severity.

You go to the doctor or dentist if the burn does not improve or there are signs of infection. Signs of infection due to burns the tongue may include:

  • Fever
  • Purulent
  • Tongue swelling
  • Red tongue over
  • The pain increased
  • Tongue not healing

If the syndrome mouth burning, you can also apply the same measures to reduce pain.

You can prevent tongue burns by testing the temperature of food and drink before use. This is especially important when you take drinks or foods after reheating in the microwave as these items may not heat evenly. Can part food not hot, but the other part back hot enough to cause burns, too.

The first aid treatment for burns typically as cold compresses or painkillers can help when you burns the tongue. However, if burns too heavy or burns do not heal, you go to the doctor immediately to get treated the right way, okay.

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