How to fix hoarseness long day of surgery polyps the vocal cords -

How to fix hoarseness long day of surgery polyps the vocal cords

Polyps of the vocal cords is one of the causes of hoarseness lasts popular. Hoarseness long day not only affect communication but also the psychological impact of life of patients.

Depending on the cause of the disease that condition, hoarseness can occur in short period or prolonged. To treat the condition hoarseness long day, the doctor should determine the exact cause of the disease. Patients with polyps of vocal cords cause hoarseness long day can be treated by surgery, use of drugs combined with rest mode, abstain from talking strictly in a certain period of time.

Polyps of the vocal cords is what?

Polyps of the vocal cords can occur in one or both vocal cords. The polyps often have a red color, highlights the veins, has the form blisters that look like blisters with the different size.

Causes polyps of the vocal cords can due to abuse of voice in a long time or say too big, too much at an event like festival, sports, music or inflammatory… in Addition, smokers in a long time, patients with hypothyroidism or gastric reflux esophagitis, allergic… can also be polyps of the vocal cords. Condition polyps the vocal cords caused by smoking, known as edema Reinke.

Symptoms polyps vocal cords

Who suffer from nasal polyps, vocal cords often have the typical symptoms such as:

  • Hoarseness
  • Hear clear breath sounds
  • Voice seems rough or hissing
  • Patients with pain, parotid
  • Neck pain, feeling of lump in throat
  • Frequently coughs or clears his throat
  • Tired…

If hoarseness, neck pain, or have one of the symptoms above lasted on 1 week, you should go to the clinic at the specialist hospital ear, nose and throat to be examined promptly. The doctor will conduct a clinical examination combined with the history, characteristics, career… or just the endoscope to be able to diagnose the condition most accurately.

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Recipes improve the condition hoarseness long day due to polyps of the vocal cords after surgery using herbal products of Truong Huu Quan

British Army share of time 2 years is hoarseness, shortness of breath due to polyps of the vocal cords

Anh Truong Huu Quan (born in 1977, residing at Hamlet 4, Long Dien Dong A, Dong Hai district, bac Lieu province) is an elementary school teacher for long years. 2016, he is hoarseness long day and think due to working too hard, just rest a few days will do. But after the condition hoarseness of you have no signs of remission, trying to say, are you feeling short of breath, very tired.

British Army to go to the clinic at the provincial hospital, doctors said he suffered polyps vocal cords. Don’t put much faith in this result, you to ho chi minh CITY. HCM city to explore. Here, doctors also concluded he is polyps the vocal cords and indications for surgery. With the desire to cure the condition of hoarseness, british Army agreed to surgery.

But, after surgery, the condition hoarseness of he bad gradually, and the weak must go. The doctor advised him to stop talking a time because if you continue to say, your illness, he will be difficult to cure. Due to the peculiarities occupation so the british Army could not follow only prescribed by your doctor. Can not say to should you use devices that support the lectures.

Status hoarseness heavy makes you men can’t talk with people as before. This made him feel himself as a real polite, gradually withdrawn, arose mood, grumbling.

Then, you go online looking for methods to remedy hoarseness, shortness of breath after surgery polyps the vocal cords and accidentally know to Target products Pure Bar (*). Find out more, I know a lot of people suffer from hoarseness, said short of breath as you used this product have positive results, associated buy 5 boxes to use.

Initially, he served with a dose of 6 capsules/day, divided 2 times. The drink is 1 year, voice of the british Army improved markedly. Through months 2 and 3, british Army reduced the dose down to 4 tablets/day. After 3 months take the Pure Bar, the voice of british Troops improve was from 70 – 80% say no shortness of breath, lectures do not need to support device sound again. This made him very happy mood, elated, back to normal.

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Food health protection Goal Pure Thantel:

Goal Pure Bar has helped british Army to improve hoarseness, shortness of breath

Target products Pure Bar is a combination of 4 kinds of medicinal herbs after:

  • Radiation can (tidbits): The drug has cool, heat, detoxification, flirting, blood, sputum loss. Rhizome tidbits has a strong effect against the bacteria pneumococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, bacillus pertussis. Tidbits be dubbed the antibiotics plant, enhances the resistance and increase the ability to fight with pathogens, safe, with no worry about drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Sale bien related: spicy, calculated average, have the beneficial effect urinary, pepper emphysema, clearing heat, detoxification, inflammatory focus. In the background traditional medicine, selling margin related to be used in the cases like swelling, pain, inflammation, tumors, boils, antitumor, support the prevention of grain fiber, vocal cord polyps, vocal cord.
  • Dandelion you: Have a therapeutic effect in reducing swelling, edema, pharyngeal mucosa, larynx pass.
  • Forest wolf: In Oriental medicine, the forest wolf is the drug used to fight inflammation, infection, that help to lower fever, detoxify, reduce inflammation swelling. In addition, the forest wolf also has the effect of conditioning the immune system, improve mood, thereby helping to prevent acute respiratory infections, causing the disease has no chance of recurrence.

Goal Pure Bar is rated high in the supportive treatment condition, hoarseness due to polyps of the vocal cords and many other causes. Products recommended long-term according to the data from 3 – 6 months to maximize the effects, prevention and support treatment of the disease.

If you have any questions related to pathology, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as nasal polyps, vocal cords, laryngitis, hoarseness, loss of voice, shortness of breath… please contact total station 1800 6103 (toll-free call) or hotline 090 220 7582 (Zalo/Viber) to be specific advice.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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