How To Fix a Cracked Screen with Nail Polish

Have you experienced this: accidentally dropping your phone on the ground, and picking up the screen is cracked? It is possible that you have dropped your phone to the ground many times before but it still hasn’t been damaged but this time, your phone’s screen is finally abandoned.

If the cracks are small, they can be prevented from spreading using a substance called cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is a popular household product and can be found in super matte paint and nail polish.

How To Fix a Cracked Screen with Nail Polish

Should you choose nail polish ? First, choose a clean color. Your phone has a tiny stripe across the screen that looks cute, but it’s definitely annoying. The next step is to wipe the dust off the surface of the phone, then dab some nail polish on the cracks with a toothpick.

Tilt your phone back and forth to let the nail polish soak in the cracks, then wipe off excess nail polish before the nail polish dries completely. Let nail polish soak in dry cracks for at least 10 minutes before using your phone again. If you get it right, you will have an unobtrusive crack repaired. Its seals help prevent water and dust from entering the screen. But it’s best to keep your phone away from damp places as you can’t rely on a single drop of dry nail polish.

Can nail polish repair broken screen?

Unfortunately, nail polish cannot repair broken screens. Basically, it can only repair a small crack or prevent the crack from spreading. If you pick up your phone and see that the original screen turns into a spider web, all you should do is take a large piece of tape, stick it carefully to the original screen, then send the phone to the repair shop.

You can also try to replace the broken screen yourself as screen replacement kits are available. However, if you are a clumsy person or this is your first time changing your cell phone screen, and this is a relatively new and expensive cell phone, then you should have a professional change the screen. .

If you replace the cluttered screen, you can damage your phone to the point where it can’t be repaired, so if you want to learn how to fix your phone yourself, you can practice on your old phone first. However, you should be careful when making your own at home. The worst thing is to put nail polish on the t-shirt. And I think you might have fun with ” how to remove nail polish from clothes “.


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