How To Do Short Curly Hair -

How To Do Short Curly Hair

For girls who like to curl hair, they must want to try all kinds of abc, xyz types of curling hair. However, not all styles are suitable and do not damage their beloved hair. Therefore, I will tell you a secret to becoming a gentle girl just like the natural Do Short Curly Hair , and it can be easily done at home. Is that love?

How To Do Short Curly Hair

1. How to make naturally curly hair wave form

This is a natural curly hairstyle that many girls like because it brings feminine tenderness to the face. After shampooing, do not rush to dry your hair, but use a towel to dry until the hair is still slightly damp.

Then, divide your hair into two or four equal parts and then braid the hair. Now go to sleep. Next morning, let your hair loose, gently comb with your fingers. And so you have a long curly hair bobbing naturally. If you want to have big curls, just loosen your hair.

2. How to make curly hair naturally in the tail

With this hairstyle, you only need 1 spray bottle to find easily. Gently spray the ends of your hair to wet. Then wipe off the water with a soft towel and gently comb to prevent the hair from tangling. Then divide your hair into two sections, and then twist into a round bun overnight. This way, you will have a lovely long curly hair tomorrow without the expensive salon.

3. How to make naturally curly hair with a pencil

You don’t have to pay for an expensive salon styling, just with a pencil on your desk, you have an amazingly simple way to naturally curl your hair. Use a smooth comb and divide the hair into sections. Take small, tense parts, and place the pencil in.

Take the spray candy, spray it quickly through hair to make it easier to curl. Roll the hair around the pencil once, if the hair is too smooth, you can use a rubber band to hold it close to the roots and hold it for about 3 minutes, then remove the hair and continue to apply glue to keep curly. Just like that until the end of the hair, at this time it is not as glamorous as you desire. 

Finally, after letting the hair braid for 15 minutes, you remove it, the hair will be very fluffy and the waves are extremely beautiful. This hair is very suitable for thin-haired people and wants their hair to look thicker.

4. Making curly hair with a toothpick

Clip toothpicks are inherently one of the indispensable “weapons” in the styling process. Indeed, with only small toothpicks you can completely turn your straight hair into vividly wavy.

To do this natural curly hair, after shampooing clean, use a towel to dry hair gently with a towel. When the hair is relatively dry, divide it into small curls and apply a little styling gel to each strand. Use two fingers to wrap around each strand of hair until the length you want.

Finally, use a toothpick to fix the curled hair. Do the same with the rest of the curls and you will definitely have a naturally curly hair in the morning with no extra effort.

5. Make curly hair with curler

The famous hair curler is one of the most effective hair curlers. In addition to the cylindrical hair curlers you often find at hair salons, the market also sells curling irons and a hook.

Because the traditional cylindrical style does not hold long curly hair. So, try using curls when your hair is still damp. You roll the coil up near the hook, hold and pull the hook gently. After a night of waking up remove the roller and spray a little glue to keep it sticky longer. So you have a curly hair bobbing as if having just come to the salon.

6.How to make curly hair with straighteners?

While a curling iron is only capable of curling, straighteners in addition to straightening also help you in case you need curly hair. This natural curly hair style is suitable for girls who want to save money.


Above are ways to make Do Short Curly Hair delicious and cheap at home. You can completely get a beautiful hair curling by yourself without having to go to the salon. Moreover, the natural style of curly hair also helps your hair into natural folds, keeping hair healthy.

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