How To Cut Long Layered Bangs -

How To Cut Long Layered Bangs

Cut Long Layered Bangs not only fits many styles, it also helps her look more lovely. If you want this hairstyle to help you change your look, remember to look at these 5 long bangs that are not picky and extremely trendy.

How To Cut Long Layered Bangs

1. Long bangs with curly hairstyles

Long bangs with curly hair are very popular with girls because it can suit many styles ranging from light, feminine to luxurious, stylish. In particular, this is also an extremely suitable hairstyle for long bangs, so it is preferred by many idols. Depending on your length or personal preference, you can choose a natural curly style, big curls or small curls, but make sure it fits your face.

In addition to not being too picky and can be transformed with many different styles and styles, long bangs with curly hair styles are also very suitable for you with a big, round face. The long roof and the curls bobbing close to the cheek will create a slim effect for the face. However, to help your face be more balanced, remember to choose a moderate length (about shoulder length or slightly longer) or light hair colors to look younger and more prominent.

2. Long bangs with straight hair

Straight hair is one of the most casual hairstyles but has a great appeal, especially when they are combined with long bangs. Although not very prominent, long bangs with straight hair naturally can give girls a soft, seductive look.

In addition, the great advantage of this hairstyle is that you do not need to spend too much styling or care time and can change the hairstyle easily. Therefore, if you are a busy girl, do not ignore this hairstyle.

If you want to create accents for this hairstyle, you can choose how to trim the layer or dye light tones such as golden brown, dark brown. In addition, natural long straight hair with long bangs with natural black tones is a trend that is popular with girls because of its charisma and personality so you can try it if you feel like it and is suitable for you. Dear.

3.Long bangs with curly hair

Similar to long curly hair, long bangs are also suitable for water wave hairstyle. Not only does it help you hide your full face, this hairstyle is especially suitable for those who have long but thin hair, because the curls will help the hair look thicker and more fluffy.

If you like short hair, you can choose long bangs with short wave curly style (shoulder length), if you prefer feminine or long hair, try a gentle, natural wave with long waist length or slightly. In addition, you remember to add a little bright color to your hair can make skin more trendy and trendy.

4. Long bangs with a curled hairstyle

Long bangs can be considered to be extremely easy-going bangs when they can suit most hairstyles, including “national” curls. This continues to be an ideal suggestion for those who have a big face or want to hide their cheeks.

If you want to overcome the disadvantages of the face, you should choose a shoulder length so that the long bangs and hair after curling will hug close to the ears. Then they will help the lines become more delicate and tidy. If you do not like short hair, you can leave it long and only slightly curl the tail. However, the roof should still be slightly curled to create a homogeneous and natural hair.

5. Long bangs are dislocated

If you do not like the usual middle style of long bangs, you can choose a new long bangs with a different twist to be more attractive and personality. For any hairstyle, you only need to divide the throne 6: 4 or 7: 3 and then gently bend the roof to make them more fluffy. This hairstyle will create a bulge so that you have thin hair that cheats quite quite the thickness of the hair.

Long bangs are one of the hairstyles that help you cover the disadvantages of your face to become more beautiful and sexy. When deciding to choose a hairstyle to refresh yourself in the image of an elegant lady, do not be afraid to try it with long bangs, it will be as gentle as possible!


Above are some ways to Cut Long Layered Bangs easily done at home. It only takes a little time to get a new hairstyle right away without having to go to a hair salon. I wish you success and have beautiful hair as you wish.

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