How To Blow Out Short Hair -

How To Blow Out Short Hair

The beautiful short hairstyles hello summer  is a very hot trend today. The outstanding advantage of short hair is both stylish and fresh. Those of you who are looking to switch from a trendy, feminine haircut to a dynamic, stylish short hair but are thinking about options, this article will help you.

Today Blog will share with girls  beautiful short hairstyles hello summer . These hairstyles are leading the trend and at the same time helping to “age hack” for women. So why don’t you try to refresh yourself right away.

1. Bad Hair

Short hair is often said to be suitable only for her personality, in a tomboy style, but not really. A proper haircut will help you become more luxurious. You do not need to spend a lot of time to care or create sophisticated designs you still have a beautiful charm.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that you will show the maximum facial beauty with a jealous high neck. You can also combine with accessories, earrings stand out at the party. This stylish hairstyle is suitable for office, just can go out, party. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long faces, hearts.

2. Thin bangs

Also helps show off the delicate contours of the face. The thin roof helps cover the high forehead, which is detrimental to many girls, helping the face to be more balanced. This hairstyle is especially suitable for her personality or dirt cake.

3. Curly hair

The floating disorder helps the girlfriend look mature, more luxurious. With short hair is no exception. You can try this hairstyle by curling with the machine when going to parties. The curly hair is sophisticated and will definitely bring you a different beauty.

4. Bob’s hair

With only the length of the chin, bob hair will be an ideal choice for girls who own the perfect oval face to square or round, want to borrow the right hairstyle to cover up the shortcomings on the face. .

4.1. Straight bob without bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with round faces and gourd. This hairstyle is young but still luxurious, simple but not boring. All you need to do is dry after shampooing to create a fluffy feel.

4.2. Straight, straight bob

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long and rough mirror faces. It helps to bring a modern, attractive and extremely feminine appearance. However, taking care of your roof is often not easy, requiring you to keep your hair dry.

The short bangs are the hottest short hairs today. This hairstyle is suitable for both round face and long face, can help you cheat a dozen years old. Short curled hair is the most popular choice for girls, they bring a youthful, feminine look.

4.3. Curly bob hair

Is the next shimmering hairstyle for girls who like the combination of personality and femininity. The curls under the tail will be styled wavy. Depending on your style, you will choose for yourself big waves or small waves. And of course, whichever you choose, your face is also covered by short locks of hair on both cheeks.

The short, curly hair is simply a slightly wavy, slightly messy look that becomes popular thanks to the dyeing of auburn.

You will look extremely personal and impressive. This short hairstyle is considered suitable for all faces. Will make the most crazy sisters is very suitable for her personality. The hair is straightened, then the tail bends inwards, the middle of the young bangs will become much younger.


It is very important to take care of your hair to keep it soft and smooth.

Above are the beautiful short hairstyles for the summer that the blog has compiled. Please quickly choose a hairstyle that suits you. Choose for yourself a new look. Wish you will have a satisfactory hair for yourself.

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