How to Apply Nail Polish on Toes?

Not only must you look good in the summer, but your toes must be good too. Especially the girls love to wear sandals in the summer. It always feels like something is missing, yes, it’s the charm of the toes. Look at these pedicure designs. They look great.

Design multi-color toenails

Wear sandals in summer, and have a bright, eye-catching set of nails. It is beautiful. If your skin is whiter, you can choose a tone similar to coffee + blue in the picture.

Fashion is gorgeous enough. You can create your own favorite graphics. Looks simple but makes people glimpse at first glance, it is full of class, beautiful to die, put on sandals, enjoy the charm of this toe.

Pedicure cartoon design

If you are a girl who likes small animals, pedicure designs can also be cute. How cute are short and delicate cartoon nail art? It feels very small and fresh, very feminine and full of children.

Does it make you think back to your childhood? Especially in the summer, the moment you wear sandals, your toes always bring endless charm, very creative and cute.

Diamond nail design

If you are a mature woman, especially a decent woman at work, you can choose a diamond-studded sequin nail, which is especially cool and eye-catching.

Nail styles that you mustn’t miss in the summer, feel these shiny things for yourself, just on your feet. Finger operation was fine as we were always on the low end.

So it doesn’t look too sticky, hurry up to catch the beat. Let you be a delicate girl this summer.

Floral nail design

The gentle and deep art of nail art is very suitable for summer. Flowers bloom on your toes so that you can lead to a good mood. Such beautiful nails believe that every girl cannot refuse, too great.

The flower element’s nail art is gaining momentum. It’s very three-dimensional, beautiful and in full bloom.

She’s a gentle girl, and it’s also adorable. I love the unique beauty of the freshness that makes you so attractive in moments of open toes.

Pure pedicure design

Clear-colored nails are said to be more suitable for quiet girls. They like monotony, calmness and don’t like clutter.

However, pure-colored nails have the highest rates in summer because they are not picky about the shape of the toenail. Just choose a pure nail color that matches your skin tone.

Everyone is beautiful, and the public loves clean and gentle color systems. The classic wilderness is not outdated. Do you like pure nails like me?


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