How to Apply Crackle Nail Polish?

Get The Perfect Crackle Effect

It looks a bit like cracked glass and visible background color is visible from the broken finish. The art of hand painting cracked nails is becoming more and more popular.

When the nail polish dries and hardens, it can cause cracks in the nail. These cracks will only damage the surface coating, but the color of the coating will remain intact.

Try different colors, such as matte or metallic – each design is unique.

Crack polishing needs to be covered with a surface layer for a perfect “crack”. Or, you can use a nail brush to create the same “cracked” effect.

Top tip for a great cracked nail polish

Make sure to choose a contrasting color. If the colors are too similar, you will hardly notice the effect of the cracks.

Make sure that your primer is completely dry.

Use a very thin layer of crackinh enamel to achieve the best crack effect.

If it was too thick, there wouldn’t be so many cracks.

Be sure to apply a layer on the surface, as cracked enamel is easy to come off.

Cracked nail art can give your nails a unique look. You may need a little practice to get the correct crack effect, but it’s well worth the effort.

How to apply cracked nail polish

1. Buy cracked polish and choose your base color

I recommend choosing two very good contrasting colors. Dark colors will always look good with light colors. Or you can choose any of the two opposing colors on the color wheel and they are guaranteed to match well.

I recommend choosing two colors with very good contrast. Light colors always go with dark colors, or you can choose two opposing colors to make sure they match well.

2. Coating the base

A top-quality primer can at least keep your nails intact for a week, which makes the time you spend on nails completely worth it!

3. Paint the nails with a solid color

Apply one or two primary colors to match your nail polish color. You can choose a fine glossy paint or choose glitter or other textures, but this can affect the appearance of the cracks. Wait at least 5-10 minutes for the primer coat to dry. If you are just as impatient as me, you can check the TV to prevent yellowing or apply a layer of cracked early.

4. Polish your cracks over the base color

Apply a thin coat of paint to polish the crack quickly and evenly. Do not apply too thickly, or it will lead to clumping. The thicker the application, the larger the cracks.

5. See it crackle

Polish will shrink after use, which is why cracking effect occurs. You can see the nail polish shrink in front of your eyes, and it only takes less than 10 minutes for the nail to crack completely. Patiently wait for it to dry completely before applying topcoats.


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