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How long does rice water take to make hair grow?

her hair grows 4 cm in three months

For three months, I used rice water to grow my hair. During this time, I can prove that my hair has grown 4 and a half centimeters, so I’m happy with the results.

Today I want to tell you how you can also get the same results.

Yes, just like you read it.

 You can also speed up hair growth and have a desired mane.  

But please pay attention!

If you want your hair to grow, it is important that you use rice broth as I will explain to you here. If not, the only thing you will do is waste your precious time.

That is why, I will tell you:

  • The optimal recipe for rice washing water
  • How to use water properly for the best effect.
  • 5 amazing benefits you will get from using this rice rinse recipe.

The final rice water recipe

speed up hair growth

I was a bit skeptical when people started telling me about homemade recipes, but once I heard a comment on how great a rice water is, I decided to give it a try.

Mainly because I am regretting a haircut I did and I want my hair to grow as fast as possible .

Before taking the leap and trying rice broth, I did a lot of research and I found that what makes this homemade recipe so powerful is inositol.

 Inositol is a carbs that repair hair and give hair excellent properties such as durability and elasticity.  

However, while researching, I discovered a problem: the Internet offers many different ways to take the remedy.

Is there any guarantee that they all work?

Not one.

So I took the time to try them out.

I have tried fermented rice broth, rice broth, rice broth … I experimented with different processes that surprised me with the results.

Here is my last recipe, my “secret recipe.”

What do you need?

  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 cup of rice

How is it prepared?

  • Rinse rice thoroughly with water to remove dirt.
  • Boil cup of rice in four cups of water.
  • When the rice is soft, the water is ready to wash your rice.
  • Strain the water and let it cool for half an hour.

All right, now that you have water, it’s time to apply it to your hair.

But you should apply it correctly, because otherwise, all the work you have done won’t serve anything.

How you should use the water to wash the rice in order for it to work

  • First, you should wet your hair with rice water, especially the scalp area and massage for 5 minutes.
  • This step targets the follicles, helping to stimulate growth and strengthen hair.
  • After five minutes, wash your hair with the shampoo you prefer. When washing off the shampoo, use the rest of the water to rinse the rice from the center of your hair to the ends and leave for half an hour. Then rinse with natural water.
  • The final step is to target your hair strands, which will give your mane elastic, soft, and lustrous.

Many people do not recommend using shampoo or rice broth, thinking that this homemade method loses its properties.

But inositol is constantly working. What does it mean? That means even after rinsing the hair, inositol still works.

 I recommend using shampoo after the first step to avoid the appearance of dandruff and I rinse it off after the last step so that the hair does not become frizzy and hard.  

Like I said, I have tried many different uses of rice broth and this one gave me the best results, that’s why I want to share it with you so that you don’t waste your time.

I use rice water once a week, but you can use it twice a week if that looks better. And don’t waste leftover rice. I make rice cakes!

5 amazing benefits of washing-up water

for a short time

As I told you, the active ingredient in rice broth is inositol. This carbon hydrate offers the following benefits to your hair.

  • Elasticities

Elasticity refers to how hair works, that is, the ability of your hair to stretch without breaking and return to its natural state.

That is why, the water that rinses the rice will help you to return your hair. If your hair is straight , it will be more straight. Conversely, if your hair is curly, it will become more frilly.

  • It helps to reduce friction.

With rice water, you will get softer hair, while at the same time preventing friction between hairs.

Without friction, your hair won’t get tangled and therefore, it won’t break.

If you stop your hair from falling out, you will notice how much hair grows.

A lot of times, we think our hair is not growing and what’s going on is it’s broken in half.

  • Power

Inositol not only restores hair fibers, but also strengthens follicles. Your new hair will be stronger and thicker.

  • Soft and shining

The most amazing thing about the rice broth is that you will see the changes the first time you use it.

Obviously, you will not notice their hair how development until after a month, but there is a benefit that you will notice right from the first topical: the hair of you will be super soft and shiny .

  • Longer hair

With stronger, more elastic, and firmer hair with less friction, an increase in hair growth occurs on its own. Don’t forget to massage your scalp while the water rinsing the rice will help your hair grow faster.


Remember that each body is different, so the water that rinses up the rice can have different effects on you. Your hair may grow a little more or a little bit more of my tanned hair.

You should also be realistic. If you decide to use rice broth because you see a community in China using it and their hair is one and a half meters long, I hate you will blow your bubbles.

Chinese women’s hair grows faster not only because they use rice water, but because their lifestyles are healthier than ours in many ways.

So if your goal is to have 10 cm longer hair in a month, I doubt you will get there. But if you want your hair to grow a meter long, you will use the water to wash the rice from time to time and regularly.

As I told you, I am delighted with the results. Not only was it fun but also surprising because it exceeded my expectations.

Are you eager to get hair like Rapunzel? Don’t wait too long, and let us know your results.


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