How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

Nail polish helps to embellish a more finished look, but many women skip the habit of self-care for fear of not lasting long. While a perfect man looks cool, a chipped man looks messy and lazy. The problem is that although there are many brands of nail polish on the market, not all are durable and you can have difficulty removing nail polish just because the nail is chipped.

Are you looking for a nail polish that will last all week? We’ve found 10 of the best long-lasting nail polish you can buy in Australia! Keep reading to learn more about how to paint your nails last longer. In this article, we provide 5 tips to keep your nail polish on longer. 

How long does nail polish last?

Essential for manicuring

Before doing a manicure, you need a basic manicure first. This is especially important. A flat and tidy nail polish can ensure longer nails. Removes dead skin at the edge of the nail. Don’t paint your nails on dead skin This is why, because nail art is generally not available.

Don’t forget to apply primer

Primer not only protects nails from wear, but also prevents nails from dark yellow stains. Therefore, it’s especially important to apply a primer, whether you have cleaned or polished the nail surface. 

Block all distances

When painting, use the nail polish brush tip dipped in a moderate amount of nail polish, apply the tip of the nail, then apply from base to tip. Take care not to apply to the horny layer but also not to too far. Because the opening is too large, water will enter and it will easily cause the nail to fall off.

Nail polish brushes are not suitable for hard pressing

When applying nail polish, do not press the flat, hard nail polish brush against the nails. This is very easy to happen and can easily lead to uneven nail polish. The correct method of application is to gently sweep the nail polish. Touch the nail surface, then rub gently.

Oil borders on the ground

Finally, pay attention to nail polish, applying it every three days to avoid peeling the nail polish. In addition, it can make nails look brighter and last longer.


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