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Homeopathy: therapy “the”

Homeopathy is therapy treatment natural medicine used worldwide for over 200 years to treat both acute and chronic. This method is based on the principles of healing “the”.

Let’s find out therapy homeopathic what is the mechanism of action by modulation and this method actually works okay.

Homeopathy is what?

Homeopathic or homeopathy is a healing therapy safe and natural to reduce the symptoms, help the body to regenerate itself and improve overall health.

Therapy homeopathy is often used to maintain health and treatment of long term disease, such as atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. This method also may be used to treat the small injuries such as cuts, scratches and muscle strain or sprain. However, therapy homeopathy not intended to treat serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, infections, heavy or emergency.

Homeopathic medicine is also known with the name called drugs, healing at home, is produced from the natural source and less side effects.

The mechanism of action of homeopathy

Therapy homeopathy is a medical doctor German named Samuel Christian Hahnemann invented in the late EIGHTEENTH century. This therapy is based on natural law “the”. In other words, something causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat a disease with similar symptoms through the activation mechanisms of natural defense of the body.

For example when peeled onions, you can will feel the eyes are hot, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing… this Time the onions will be used as a therapy, homeopathy, offer a small amount for the human body colds or people with allergies to help the body heal itself.

Methods homeopathy is known for its distinct characteristics such as:

• Less cause side effects: often, a person has a cold or fever or is indicated for use antihistamines to reduce the symptoms of runny nose and watery eyes. But this medication often comes with side effects such as drowsiness and constipation. Therapy homeopathy if applied properly will not cause side effects but also help the health is restored in a natural way.

• Treatment according to each case: Each person, however, have the same disease but can manifest in different ways. The process of treatment of the amount will be based on the pathological origin, condition, fitness, feelings… of the individual patient. So, doctor, healing in this way are often exposed to sick people for so long. Way treatment will differ depending on each person should many people, however, have the same disease as each other, but most method of treatment not the same.

• Cure from the root cause disease: conventional Medicine treatment of disease through the use of drugs to control symptoms help the disease usually recover quickly. However, when stopping the drug, the disease can easily return. Therapy micro will bring effective in stimulating a healing response and treatment is the cause the disease.

Process pharmacy

Homeopathic medicines are drug products be manufactured according to the standards and processes described in the pharmacopeia homeopathic United States (HPUS). Management agency food and drug administration (FDA) requires drugs to be qualified about the density, purity and packaging. On the drug label specifies only the table active ingredient, the thinning drugs and guide safe use. The drug is prepared in various forms such as tablets, sugar concentrates, liquid drops, gels and creams.

Drug en quality when produced must comply with Rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP), current FDA. The components used for the mechanism of this drug may include:

• Vegetation: Trees, mature death (Wolf’s Bane), nightshade (Deadly Nightshade), dandelion, plantain…

• Minerals: Phosphate, iron, arsenic oxide, sodium chloride…

• Secretions from animals: the Sting of some kinds of poisonous snakes, the ink of the cuttlefish…

• Chemical: A number of drugs can also be prepared from chemical substances as penicillin or streptomycin.

The homeopathic medicine is diluted many times a particular substance the original until only a small amount of that substance in the product. Manufacturing process the drug in this therapy include:

– Perform cleaning and preparation of one type of plant in accordance HPUS to create the extract by using alcohol and water.

– This alcohol is then diluted and shaken vigorously through the process of shaking is called succussion.

– Step dilution is repeated many times, each step of dilution is assumed to increase the effective medicines through the process of potentization.

Therapy homeopathy for that if dilute concentrations of the drug as much effect of drugs as high. The majority of the dose of this drug has been made very dilute to when only a small portion of active substance can in the finished product.

Homeopathic remedies, when completed, will be labeled with the entry into force according to the number of times of shaking and dilution was made. The drug is classification popular today include X (ratio 1:10), C (ratio 1:100) and M (ratio 1: 10.000). For example 1 drop of tincture is mixed with 9 drops of alcohol (ratio 1:10) and shaken 6 times will be labeled 6X. Drug en amount currently available in the form of dosage and the rate of effect different.

The medicines in this therapy are also classified drugs prescribe or not prescribe. Most of the drugs are non-prescription, unless be prepared from a highly toxic substance or is of limited use for the pathological condition serious.

Therapy homeopathy work?

Currently the research about the effectiveness of therapy micronutrients are not yet clear. A number of studies found the method useful, while some others are not. Many people believe that the effect of this method is just the placebo effect (placebo). The symptoms improve just because you believe treatments are effective, this trigger the brain to release chemicals to reduce pain quickly, or other symptoms.

If you are suffering from a pathological condition that, the best way is you go to see a doctor to be diagnosed and treated with medication regimens more often. You should avoid using homeopathy because can make the disease more severe.

The method of this trace most do not cause side effects due to high content of active substances is very low. However, some types of medication this form contains the heavy metals such as mercury and iron may affect the use of conventional medicine. Therefore, you should discuss with your doctor about the can use general drug treatment and homeopathic medicines or not to limit drug interactions.

The information above hopefully can help you understand therapy homeopathic what is the mechanism of action and modulation. Before using any treatments, you should also actively explore the related information in conjunction with treatment instructions from the doctor to ensure good health most.

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