Helping the patient surgery thyroid quickly recover health -

Helping the patient surgery thyroid quickly recover health

Anatomy the thyroid is a medical procedure that is applicable for patients who have thyroid disease treatment with medication but not effective.

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped located in the lower part the front of the neck. When the anatomy of the thyroid gland, the doctor will remove part or the entire thyroid of you to serve for therapeutic purposes. Range surgery depending on the disease state, age, and ability to meet the patient’s treatment.

Whether it is a division very small, but the thyroid gland has important role. It produces hormone thyroid circulate throughout the other parts to adjust the temperature and support the metabolic processes of the body. At the same time, the hormone thyroid is also the indispensable ingredient to maintain health, cardiovascular system, digestive system, bones, joints… anatomy, the thyroid will make you hormone deficiency hypothyroidism. From there, the functioning of the other parts are also affected. Once there, the doctor can give you medication hormone supplements the thyroid gland.

When do you need surgery thyroid?

A person is more likely to remove the thyroid gland if:

⇒ With malignant tumors in the thyroid gland. Usually, tumors appear on the thyroid are benign, but after examining a biopsy, the doctor detects signs of cancer, you can specify your anatomy thyroid to always remove that tumor.

⇒ Lymph nodes (tumors), thyroid too big causes more dangerous symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, change in voice.

⇒ Disease hyperthyroidism but does not respond to treatments with drugs or radioactive iodine.

⇒ Disease Basedow or complications of this disease.

The anatomical form of thyroid

There are many types of surgery, the thyroid gland, the doctor will assign you to apply a certain type after analyzing the factors related to thyroid condition and overall health of you.

3 types of surgery thyroid the most common include:

♦ Cut thyroid or cutting lobe of the thyroid gland

This form is related to the removal of one lobe or half of the thyroid gland. This type is applied for the case there is a nodular melanoma or cancer in one side of thyroid.

♦ Cutting lobe connection (isthmus)

This procedure will remove a piece of tissue connecting the two lobes of the thyroid gland if there are tumors appear on it. This tissue has the medical name is isthmus.

♦ Cutting the entire thyroid gland

This means that the doctor will be surgery to remove the entire thyroid gland out of your body. It is especially necessary in the case of thyroid cancer severe stage, many tumors in the two side lobes and the disease Graves (another name of the disease of Basedow).

Procedure surgery thyroid

Typically, the treating physician will ask you to prepare the necessary procedures. This usually involves fasting for a certain period of time before doing surgery.

During surgery, the patient is injected anesthesia. Then the doctor will start to make a small incision in the neck be very careful to not touch to the vocal cords and trachea. The surgery can last for about 2 hours.

Once out of the surgery room, the patient will be taken to the recovery room to monitor actively. The doctor will observe the level of recovery of the patient and instruct the necessary information for re-examination next.

Helping the patient surgery thyroid quickly recover health

Patients recently undergone surgery will be to continue monitoring at the hospital. However, in this period, the patient was able to eat the food is soft, easy to swallow.

The house can prepare gruel, porridge, puree, or eat a lot of water to provide for patients in about 3-5 days after surgery. This just helps the stomach easily work back after a time of fasting waiting for surgery, just help people to receive food.

Patients still have to be body hygiene every day. Your doctor may for the patient, cut sutures the incision after 7 days. After that, patients can eat normal activities and hospital.

After discharge, the patient must re-discover and track recurring after 7 days or as directed by your doctor to screening for the early complications that can occur. During the visit, this doctor will also tell the patient the surgery was achieve the purpose of treatment, thyroid disease or not.

Then, patients still have to re-examination periodically after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months to screening of late complications after the surgery. If the detection of complications in this stage, the doctor will help the patient choose the way of proper treatment.

The recovery period after surgery thyroid

Most people can return to normal life their after about 5-7 days of surgery. However, you need to limit the participation of active sport such as swimming, football, volleyball… in few days, few weeks or until the doctor said you were fully recovered. During this time period, you also are not porters with heavy items to avoid pressure on the neck, causing stress to the incision.

You may have a sore throat after a few days when he completed the surgery. At this time, you can ask your doctor to use the pain medication does not prescribe or let it out. If a sore throat too serious, or is having difficulty breathing, hoarse voice, you take notice for your doctor to get the right advice.

In this stage, the doctor will also monitor the concentration of the hormone thyroid and calcium your thyroid to check the status of hypothyroidism or hypoparathyroidism to promptly give the plan the appropriate medical.

Your neck can also still swollen and bruised slightly. This is normal signs but if the swelling cause soreness or sense of deprivation to the touch, you must inform your doctor immediately to be tested and eliminate the risk of infection.

Recovery time will totally depend on the type of surgery, physical condition and care regime, eat, drink, rest of each patient.

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