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[Health advice] The coronary stent should not eat?

After the stenting, you can fret the coronary stent should not eat what to abstinence for the right. If you want to maintain effective treatment of long term disease, beed to know build weight diet for and science.

Patients after stenting need to have diet scientific reduce bad fats, increase food against inflammation, prevent re-occlusion stenosis, coronary artery does not influence the drug treatment. You let Hello Doctor learn the coronary stent should not eat and what diet to suit you.

The coronary stent should not eat?

After have made coronary stent, you should pay attention to avoid certain food groups below:

1. Food makes the condition atherosclerosis more serious

Patients after coronary stent should eat chicken remove the skin.

The majority of fast food, processed foods contain more saturated fats, trans fats just not beneficial to health just increases the risk of atherosclerotic vessels. Therefore, you should remove or minimize these foods in the diet.

• Animal organs and the skin of poultry: animal organs include the heart, liver, heart, and brain contain a lot of cholesterol is not beneficial for people with cardiovascular disease, increase the risk of atherosclerotic vessels. In particular, the skin of poultry also contains a lot of saturated fat. Therefore, patients need to remove the skin when eating meat or poultry.

• Fast food: What kind of fast food like fried chicken, hamburgers, fried… that causes cholesterol disorders, increases the risk of appearance add the principle of narrow new do contain many bad fats (trans fat).

• Meat processing available: Research shows dishes, processed meats such as bacon, sausage… have the potential to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease due to contain more trans fats and salt. Capital of people with coronary artery disease already have high blood pressure, so reducing salt, reducing cholesterol is essential to avoid cardiovascular disease becomes more severe.

• Water boiled meat, stew bones: saturated fats are very much in the bone marrow, broth, meat (even lean meat is red). Therefore, people with cardiovascular disease, especially people with coronary disease should not use meat broth.

No milk cup butter or whole milk, ice cream also contains more fat, so patients should use limited. Instead, you should drink the kind of low-fat milk, preferably soy milk.

2. Food affects a number of drugs, treatment

You should eat grapefruit away from the time of dosing of statins to limit the toxicity of the drug.

A number of foods, beverages, food supplements you should avoid taking together with the drug so can cause delay, decrease or enhance absorption of drugs such as:

Foods containing licorice, ginseng: licorice and ginseng will increase risk of bleeding hemorrhage under the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin K: foods rich in vitamin K such as spinach, broccoli, celery… increased blood clotting, reduce the effects of anticoagulants.

Water grapefruit: grapefruit Juice beam increases the toxicity of the group of drugs to lower blood cholesterol and statins (drugs commonly prescribed use in coronary artery disease).

Alcoholic drink: alcoholic drink as alcohol will increase the burden on the liver, causing elevated liver enzymes, affecting drug metabolism treatment.

3. Foods containing stimulants

To improve health, you should remove the irritants out of the diet daily, such as cigarettes, drinks with gas, caffeine…

The habit of smoking, whether passive or active, also increases the risk of spasm of the rim, causing atherosclerotic vessels. So, the patient coronary stent need to stop smoking cigarettes. In addition, a number of beverages, fizzy, drinks contain caffeine or other stimulants can increase the heart rate is not beneficial for people with cardiovascular disease.

Heart already hurt and need to be adjusted steady beat, group food stimulation will make the condition becomes more severe.

Food good for the coronary stent

The food is good for the coronary stent is food groups to ensure nutritional supplement full of vitamins, beneficial fats, fiber and limited fat. This will help patients prevent relapse and improve the cardiovascular system.

1. Food has anti-inflammatory and prevents atherosclerosis

Broccoli is very good for health of the heart.

The following are some nutritious foods you should supplement at meals per day to combat inflammation and prevents atherosclerosis:

• Foods that contain soluble fiber and vitamins: foods rich in soluble fiber such as peas, oats, carrots, oranges… enhances excretion of cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis vessels. Foods rich in vitamins such as apples, oranges, asparagus, carrots help boost the immune system, good for your heart.

• Foods that contain beneficial fats: beneficial fats also known as unsaturated fats have the effect of reducing the concentration of bad cholesterol LDL and increase the concentration of good cholesterol HDL. Beneficial fats often contain more in the foods such as vegetable oil, salmon, walnuts…

• Foods that contain anti-inflammatory: this food Group helps fight effects of free radicals up blood vessels and prevents the risk of myocardial infarction. The food you should eat is nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, fatty fish, green vegetables, dark chocolate…

2. These spices help improve circulation, coronary

Garlic is a spice that help to reduce bad cholesterol.

To protect heart health, you need to choose carefully right from selecting spices for the daily meals. A number of spices brings the warm heat helps to relax vessels, increase blood circulation, lower cholesterol such as garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper…

3. Herbal Oriental medicine to help reduce atherosclerosis vessels

Besides diet and use the drug treatment, the patient should use additional product support from natural herbs to support lower cholesterol and increase blood circulation to the heart.

Among the support products, food protection, health Benefits Center, Khang can use to support enhance heart function for people with cardiovascular disease. This is the product has been research, reviews shown to be effective lowering cholesterol and reducing the symptoms of heart failure. This is especially meaningful with coronary artery disease in the screening for disease.

Cardiologist Pham Gia Khai had shared about the benefits of food protection health Benefits of Mind Khang with people with cardiovascular disease on channel VTC 14.

Besides the understanding of the coronary stent should not eat what you need medication as directed in combination with healthy lifestyle habits and herbal medicine to quickly recover health. Don’t diet a way, and for fear of more severe illness, instead, you make use of the type of food in a sober way and selectively clear!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.


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