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Healing run into the need to persevere: “Even water, slap”This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

In the past 4 years healing run baseless, he Badge on any day and only wish I could pick up food in family meals. Sometimes feel lonely in the fight with disease, he standstill to just want to die to escape the suffering!

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy (Bac Son commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi) has saw hands holding a pen slightly trembling now from when I was at school, but not until the 2013 new disease there are signs markedly. From the little things such as buttoning clothes, shave to pick up the pieces of rice to eat has become difficult for him…

Think back to the days I burned eat rice alone because be afraid to disturb to children and grandchildren, mr. Huy strained smile: “we have hundreds of treaties at health, but when sick, only remains a wish only is healthy”.

Since doctors diagnosis is run into the – disease, to date there is still no cure, journey 4 years to find the cure of him like a long battle while trying to cling to every bit of hope “also water, slap”.

Loneliness crept inside the apartment…

Chatting the guests in house in the village, do Luong, eyes his Commander suddenly became distant… He told me about the first days when stock run manually from childhood suddenly return to the level of increasingly more severe.

“At that time, I’m doing a team leader, inspector, just see his hand run don’t write anymore. I rested for a bit, then feel normal, but then the disease kept increasing, gradually increasing…

The situation worst is the influence of shake to the daily activities of themselves. I eat rice every time, pick up vegetables or fish sauce is very afraid because they psoriasis in children. I was forced to own, did not dare to sit together again. When I hold the cup of water with both hands also is comparison out. I go eat deck of many as to starve because no pick up is food, can only use hands,…”

Stock run hand is not only a big shock for the whole family, but also become barriers causing him Huy increasingly feel lonely in your own house!

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy (Bac Son commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi) is run manually from when I was at school.

Death there is deliverance from suffering?

Steps to other half life at the age of 66, he gathers not only be run manually but also suffer with degenerative cervical spine cause shoulder pain, nape, and hemorrhoids. He seemed desperate when faced pitchers at a time with the disease can turn a human become useless and redundant.

“I have also been diagnosed with add hemorrhoids make me not use the paper when going to the toilet. Much today I held spray faucet that re-wetting of the clothes by hand is run. Then, it’s time to shave it razor only wish moving into the environment should not dare to scrape. I brushed my teeth already difficult re risk, fisting, torn lips…”

Helpless because can’t manage, his Commander had given up all the activities for individual children in the house. The when there are no descendants in the next, loneliness, fighting with sickness becoming too much of a guilt as heavy as waiting to devour engulf the man’s head hair was salt and pepper…

He standstill too, there are times when he had thought of death with a panic want to be liberated from suffering as soon as possible!

But his heart lunges back when seeing the devoted care of grandchildren for her. Have the man or father would not want to be close to the sons to the end of his life? Though I know ill run into the very difficult to repair, he was still determined to begin the journey of living with the disease in a peaceful way.

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Also water, you need to slap!

Mr. Huy was able to hold cup of water after a long time is run manually.

Mr. Huy begin your journey to healing run into the of his trip in Bac Giang in late 2013. After half a year finding the net decay and expensive, he found himself eating and sleeping is over but condition it still stalled. He back up the road to Thac Ba, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh with hopes to find a master or good medicine. Throughout a year of toil he had traveled all over the place, sick of him not only not relieved, but also become more severe.

Once up network find out how to cure hand tremors, he Commander casually read my share of sick people at Bac Giang has the disease thanks to food health protection Lao Kingdom Event (*). With that in mind, “still water, even slapped,” said Commander decided to try his luck way treatment Eastern medicine, this despite the dissuade of the house.

“I drink to try 3 the first box, to box the 3rd, then see visible changes, are still run but status, neck shoulder has improved. I eat and sleep well, no longer pain, shoulder pain, nape to be that just slightly discomfort, not soreness as always. Patients my back pain every 2 months to 3 months is the re-appearance but from when drinking Lao Kingdom Event from July 4th to now, I saw already much. When taken to the 7th, I see the jerky should be very confident in this product and rest assured drink.

To box no. 15, I was able to hold chopsticks to eat normally. I was very happy, the whole house is also happy. I drink to the 20th is there can ride okay. Ago, I took my chess pieces are not for run good… But now I take comfort, do people still see the run but can play chess all right. If compared with, at most severe, now my condition has improved to 85%.”

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Journey uninterrupted stretch 1460 days of healing run and flat, his Commander finally reap the sweet fruits. He can’t treat all necessarily completely parallel success when find ways to live with disease in a peaceful way. If he does not persevere with the spirit of “still water, slap” then perhaps now lay quiet a place waiting for me, I serve as a disability!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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