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How to get the formaldehyde smell out of your hair after a straightening or perm treatment

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There is no better feeling than when you just left the salon with your hair straight, smooth and radiant.

I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t want to move because I’m afraid the curls threaten to come back again. But that doesn’t happen at all.

I have had smooth, shiny and straight hair as I always dreamed, of course, I noticed something very strange.

Something made my nose wrinkle.

And it was a nauseous smell, a smell of formaldehyde that made me almost dizzy.

At first I thought this smell would go away after the first day. But the smell still lingers.

After three days, it’s finally time for me to wash my hair. I feel like I’ve been invited to the Oscars.

I will finally get rid of the formaldehyde smell from my hair!

But nothing prepares me for what happens. I wash my hair with a citric shampoo, the smell of which reminds me of the fruit trees grown at my grandmother’s house.

I washed it not once, but twice. Also, I applied the same brand of conditioner.

But after rinsing it off, that unpleasant smell persisted.

  At that moment, all the happiness I got from straightening my hair was wiped out by the stench of rotten fish.  

So I decided that I had to go back to the root of the problem where the bad smell started in my hair.

Can you imagine what that is?

Exactly, I went back to the salon where I did the treatment.

And there, I found the answer I was looking for.

That’s why, if you are looking to do straightening or perming treatment, don’t stop reading what I am going to write below, as I will tell you:

  • Why, after straightening or curling hair, sometimes the smell of formaldehyde remains on the hair
  • How to Get Rid of Unpleasant Smell on Your Hair |

Why does a straightener treatment leave such a terrible smell in your hair?

As I told you before, I decided to go directly to the source to deodorize formaldehyde in my hair. Meaning, I went to see my stylist.

I should tell you that she treats me well, and she took the time to explain to me why my hair still smells bad after fifteen days and many washes.

I have pretty obvious curly hair, although I wouldn’t call them afro curly hair, but it’s pretty curly.

 Since then, my stylist has been using formaldehyde at more than 2% concentration. The higher the percentage formaldehyde, the more unpleasant the product smells.  

That means the bad smell is the price I have to pay for having my desired straight hair.

What made it clear to me after visiting my stylist was that the higher the concentration of formaldehyde applied to my hair to straighten my hair, the worse the smell.

Looking at this photo, I have only one question left: how do I get rid of the bad smell from my hair.

I can assure you that the answer my stylist gave me was unable to take my eyes off.

Do you want to know what she told me?

How to deodorize formaldehyde on hair

deodorize hair

Unfortunately, when a higher concentration is used for straightening the hair , the odor lasts longer, even up to three months.

Moreover, many times, using a flat iron or a hair dryer can intensify the smell of formaldehyde.

But, my hair stylist gave me some tips to make the stench less concentrated.

  • First, she advised me to use a dry shampoo , one with a strong smell that can mask the amount of formaldehyde.

Using dry shampoo has two advantages. First, it helps to hide the odors of the product used in the straightening process.

In addition, you let your hair be less exposed to water, which will prolong the effect of the straightening process.

Use between washings

Instead, I used the coldest water I could bear with the last rinse.

 As you can see, the strong smell of formaldehyde disappears as the product disappears from the hair.  

Nowadays, not all straightening or perm treatments leave such a strong smell on your hair. It only lasts when the formaldehyde ratio is high enough to get the effect you want.

Up to now, it has been about five months since my treatment, and I have noticed that gradually, the smell of nausea has subsided considerably.

As my grandmother said, every cloud has a silver lining. After all, I like to hide the unpleasant smell of formaldehyde in my hair but still have soft, shiny, straight hair.

Now you know how to mask the smell of formaldehyde after straightening.

Have you ever smelled an unpleasant smell after straightening your hair or curling it?


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