Gestational diabetes mellitus (Part I)


Gestational diabetes mellitus and medical services at international hospital Vinmec

Motherhood is the vocation of all women. But we women should know that: When pregnant are also more at risk for both mother and child. Special disease

gestational diabetes mellitus

(“ĐTĐTK”) today is community-wide interest because of the speed increase quickly and the danger for all m

o and the fetus.

Understand the situation on the, hospital Vinmec open private two faculties: Department of endocrinology – diabetes and Mature products, complete with the modern equipment necessary to diagnose, monitor, treat those disease specialist in general and disease ĐTĐTK in particular. The doctors at Vinmec have many years of experience in the field of diabetic pregnancy and has served follow-up care treatment for thousands of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus pregnancy, help women have a healthy pregnancy and normal birth.

In particular, at endocrinology – diabetes have a room dedicated to experience French regulations and carry out the process of screening for detection and treatment monitoring gestational diabetes for pregnant women book management of pregnancy at Vinmec hospital. At the same time there is room, nutrition counseling, diabetes mellitus, regularly held consultation to equip the pregnant women had knowledge about diabetes mellitus pregnancy to detect timely, instructions for self-monitoring of blood glucose at home, how to inject insulin, follow the signs lower blood sugar, go to states according to a doctor’s appointment. Adherence to treatment is to avoid the dangerous complications for both mother and child…

Endocrinology – diabetes mellitus coordinate closely with the obstetrician to conduct screening diabetes mellitus pregnancy week 24 – 28. The women ĐTĐTK will be followed at two medical specialties (departments of diabetes and obstetrics) during pregnancy. Special time to have a baby the treatment regimen closely in time and track blood sugar for the right students, timely detection of hypoglycemia and continue long-term monitoring.


How is gestational diabetes?

According to the definition of the union of international diabetes (IDF), diabetes Association(ADA) and Association for the Study of diabetes European.

“Gestational diabetes mellitus(ĐTĐTK) is a condition disorders of glucose tolerance in any level and / or hyperglycemia onset or is first detected during pregnancy”.

This definition does not exclude cases where the patient has had the condition, disorders of glucose tolerance from before but yet to be discovered. This definition also does not distinguish postpartum patients also increase blood glucose or not.


Why suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus (pathogenetic mechanisms)?

Many studies showed that in patients with diabetes mellitus pregnancy when do experience French tolerated glucoz, the early peak of insulin secretion and response of insulin secretion for the stimulation of hyperglycemia are reduced compared with women without diabetes mellitus pregnancy. In addition, the concentration of proinsulin is also higher, proving patients with diabetes mellitus pregnancy there is a decrease in insulin secretion in addition to the irregularities due to pregnancy cause.

Pregnancy can affect the evolutions of diabetes mellitus:

– Q1: Can trạngtăng assimilation and increased blood insulin, increased sensitivity to insulin in pregnant women. If the patient cradle vomiting more prone to hypoglycemia and acidosis ketones.

– Quarter 2: Pregnant women have the phenomenon of cell culture, insulin resistance, increased demand for insulin. blood sugar has the tendency to increase.

– Q3: the state of insulin resistance increasing. blood sugar have increased risk and increased risk of acidosis ketones.


The need for screening for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy

According to the Association American diabetes (ADA) recommends screening for and detection of gestational diabetes mellitus by analysis of risk factors and experience French oral glucose tolerance for the diagnosis ĐTĐ pregnancy or disorders of glucose tolerance. When there is diagnosis of pregnant women will be put into monitoring and treatment according to the process. There are regimens in childbirth for the pregnant women ĐTĐTK.

When done, if the blood sugar of the mother continue insulin treatment.If normal blood sugar, to week 6-12 range control back ĐTĐ according to the standard who are not pregnant to diagnose and keep track then to promptly detect ĐTĐ or money ĐTĐ.

Due to the metabolic disorders in pregnancy as so will affect both the fetus and the mother. If it is not detected for timely treatment, ĐTĐTK will leave these complications downright dangerous for both mother and child.

TS. Second specialist dr.


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