Find out about treatment regimens goiter merely -

Find out about treatment regimens goiter merely

Goiter is merely the term used to indicate the state of the thyroid gland distended which causes not due to cancer, inflammation, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. This is one of the forms of goiter the most mild and tend to occur in women more than men.

Goiter merely usually do not cause much influence on health but may cause the patient difficulty in eating, living. Therefore, depending on the size of the tumour and the level of impact of symptoms up patients, the doctor will devise treatment methods specifically, for example, use drugs, radioactive iodine and surgery. In the en this article, Hello Doctor,doctor, will provide information about treatment regimens goiter merely for your reference.

Goiter merely what?

Goiter merely or also known as goiter non toxic or goiter normal thyroid only thyroid condition, but does not include hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, not inflamed or tumor. Objects or suffering from goiter merely usually are women, especially those in puberty, pregnancy, menopause.

Goiter merely have three can including: Be spread, be more notes, if a note (can be single).

  • Goiter can be a nodules are usually benign, only about 5% of cases of the disease are carcinoma, need biopsy to the diagnosis more accurate. There are also cases of goiter merely a note does not respond to treatment bthat does. At this time, the patients need periodic re-examination to the doctor for timely intervention.
  • Can multiple nodules common in subjects older than can spread, symptoms are often not clear, the majority do not need treatment. However, patients need a biopsy tests cells to eliminate the risk of cancer.

Treatment regimens goiter merely

  • Cases tumour small, no clinical symptoms, patients need only periodic combined thyroid ultrasound to assess the degree of development of the tumor. The development size tumour different in each person. Therefore, in some people, the size tumour stable for many years, but there are also cases where a tumour grows fast, cause pressure on the organs in the neck area.
The treatment of goiter merely depend on expression of the disease
  • Inhibit thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH from the pituitary gland with thyroxine can help reduce the size of the thyroid gland in the treatment process. However, when you stop using this therapy, we see the size of the thyroid gland grow back as before the treatment. So, want to maintain the volume reduction goiter, patients need to continue long-term treatment.
  • Treatment with thyroxine in these young patients with goiter but size of tumour is not too large, and the disease is detected at an early stage usually have better results than with other objects. Some of the side effects of treatments goiter merely by thyroxine long term may be thinning bones and heart rhythm disorders.
  • Therapy use levothyroxine may be indicated for goiter single scattered with concentrations of TSH > 1mU/L to reduce the TSH in plasma at levels below normal (0.5 to 1.0 mU/L). Note that should not be reduced lower than this level. If the thyroid gland is reduced in size or stable, can continue treatment and monitoring of thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH periodically. Dose of levothyroxine the most effective in the treatment of goiter merely is usually of 1.5 – 2.0 µg/kg body weight/day. While using this drug, need to monitor the concentration of TSH and T3 hormone (triiodothyronine) freedom in the blood to adjust the dose as necessary to minimize undesirable effects.
  • Surgical methods are usually only used when the other treatments don’t bring about the effects and tumour to cause tamponade leads to difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing. A major complications of surgery of goiter is to increase the risk of hypothyroidism. The rate of recurrent goiter merely after surgery accounted for about 10 – 20%. The rate of experiencing complications due to surgery accounted for about 7 – 10%.
  • Therapy radioactive iodine I-131 may be designated to reduce the volume of tumor in cases of goiter merely too big in adults, but is contraindicated surgery or the case of recurrence after surgery. This method is usually not indicated for young people, as well as case bướu armor sinks below the sternum has a large size, can do swelling acute thyroid cause pressure on the trachea worse. Therapy I-131 will be effective and safe for cases of goiter merely many pitches. However, the rate of hypothyroidism is quite high: 22 – 40% in 5 years.

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Control goiter merely by herbal products have ingredient main is marine algae

To control goiter merely have a positive effect, patients should combine the use of herbal products that contain sea algae. Typical for this product line is food, health protection, Utilities, Armor King (*). The product contains the main ingredients are marine algae, along the the drugs such as high gentian, high sale, border union, three tees, high neem and KI, MgCl2. The combination of herbal ingredients in Useful Armor King brought to the effect as:

  • Marine algae, is a type of seaweed, contains iodine content is high, have the effect of soft tumor, tumour should be able to help shrink, make an indentation the size tumour.
  • High gentian, high sale, border union, three tees, high neem has anti-inflammatory, protect the thyroid gland from toxins, so for those who suffer from goiter that required surgery, Useful Armor King will limit status, tumor recurrence after surgery.
  • Marine algae, high neem and magnesium helps to alleviate the symptoms of the disease of thyroid nodules. KI has the role conditioning secretion of thyroid hormones.

Therefore, a Useful Armor United is comprehensive solution for patients suffering from goiter, which helps reduce symptoms, shrink the tumour and prevent recurrence after surgery in a safe, effective.

The mechanism of action of Ons for Armor King with goiter

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Hopefully this article on was somewhat provide you with the useful information about the treatment regimen goiter merely the same control method, the condition of goiter merely from herbs in an effective way. If you have any questions about the condition of goiter, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, or how to use the products Useful Armor King, please contact the switchboard: 1800 6103 (toll-free) or hotline: 090 220 7582 (Zalo/Viber).

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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