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Feeling of numbness of the limbs can be a sign of dangerous diseases

Feeling of numbness of the limbs just make you uncomfortable causing pressure on the nerves important the inside. This could just be a normal phenomenon and will pass very quickly, but sometimes this feeling is a sign of the serious disease that you need note.

After injury or infection, you will probably encounter feeling numb hands and feet, accompanied by bouts of tingling, stinging, loss of sensation in a body part or the skin is hot or cold. You let Hello Doctor find out whether this feeling there is no danger and prevention how it’s done.

Why are you feeling numbness of the limbs?

You can suffer from numbness of the limbs due to a number of health problems or factors such as gender or living habits.

Causes the sensation of numbness of the limbs

Bouts of numbness of the limbs may be a sign of health problems later.

1. Lack of vitamins: This is one of the most common causes causes numbness of the limbs. Can you are lacking in B vitamins, B1, B6, B12, or vitamin E. in Addition, the situation of vitamin D and vitamin B6 can also cause a feeling of numbness of the limbs.

2. Infections: infections such as herpes, shingles and HIV/AIDS can often cause skin temperature changes abnormal. Cold or too hot can also cause a feeling of numbness of the limbs.

3. Injury: nerves can be pinched and cause hand, foot numbness if you suffer injury due to practicing the wrong posture or lifting weights too heavy. In addition, the symptoms such as herniated disc and dislocated bone can cause numbness of the limbs.

4. Drink alcohol: Alcohol causes a lot of harm to the health. One of the harmful effects of alcohol is damage to the nerves, from which cause you to have numbness of the limbs.

5. Infection toxins: environmental toxins such as lead, arsenic and mercury can affect the function of the nerve, causing hand, foot numbness. In addition, toxins from certain types of chemotherapy drugs, and antibiotics may affect the microbial communities in the body and lead to feelings of numbness of the limbs.

6. Suffering from dangerous diseases: diseases such as liver damage, blood diseases, imbalance of hormonal factors, thyroid disease, stroke, and diabetes affects the entire body. One of the effects of the disease mentioned above is that hands and feet were numb.

7. Insect bites: feeling of numbness in hands and feet, can do you suffer from animal or insect bites. These can also be signs of lyme disease – a infection frequently if you suffer a tick bite.

What factors make you feel numbness of the limbs

In addition to the causes above, you also may feel numbness of the limbs if any, the following factors:

• Passive: the Habit of sitting, lying or standing in one spot too much without movement muscles also can increase the risk of numbness of limbs.

• Female gender: Women are more likely to suffer from numbness of limbs because they have the nerve channels narrow than men.

• Obesity: The nerves will be pinched if the weight of your body is too big lead to feelings of numbness of the limbs.

How all feeling numbness of the limbs?

You can workout enhance health or ask the doctor to intervene before feeling of numbness of the limbs:

• Rest: Method most effective treatment is rest to the tissues are being inserted are dilated.

• Physical therapy: You increase the strength of the muscles around the nerve pinched by a number of exercises and physical therapy helps to increase mobility and flexibility.

• Medication: If the condition lasts, you ask your doctor advice some medications to relieve the feeling of numbness of the limbs.

How to prevent numbness hands feet

To prevent the feeling of numbness of limbs, the most effective way is you need to be active more often following the following tips:

• Daily exercise: Routine workouts daily will help better blood circulation, thereby preventing symptoms numbness of the limbs. However, you need to be careful to avoid injury during exercise.

• Do not sit too long: If the job requires you to sit a lot in front of the computer, occasionally you take a break and go back in the office to relax and sinew.

Although the exercise can gently help you push back the feeling of numbness of the limbs, but in some cases, you still need the help of a doctor. So should you let’s go to the clinic to see hands and feet, numbness to the health check, okay!

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