Fasting interruption: Should or should not apply? -

Fasting interruption: Should or should not apply?

Fasting interruptions can be a method of weight loss effective for many people. However, not everyone can apply this therapy.

Today, fasting interruption has become one of the weight loss remedies popular. Other than the diet strict, this method is only mentioned at the time how you should eat something, instead of recommended foods that you should take.

However, whether fasting interruptions are really effective? You should or should not apply this therapy? Let Hello Doctor helps you answer questions on it.

Fasting interrupted to bring what benefits?

According to experts, fasting interruption included cycle of eating and fasting alternately different place. Fact, fasting discontinuity have appeared during the evolution of the human species. Therefore, in addition to weight loss, many researchers have enough evidence to convince of the benefits of this method, such as:

  • Improve the condition of insulin resistance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Enhance heart health as well as brain

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Why you should not make methods of fasting interrupted?

Everything has two sides, including measures of fasting interrupted. According to some nutrition experts, sometimes fasting interruption is not a good idea to apply in practice.

A few people came to the hospital with poor nutritional status. After conducting tests, blood sugar, doctors discovered unusual signs. Blood sugar levels when hungry of these people increase and decrease constantly during the day, instead of just rising in the morning as people adopt diets low-carb usually.

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In addition, the synthesis of cortisol as well as melatonin in them does not follow the circadian rhythm. Fact, the increase or decrease constant of sugar in the blood is related to the issue of adrenal exhaustion. Therefore, the production of cortisol according to the circadian rhythm meaning important to stabilize blood sugar levels.

To solve this problem, doctors decided for the patient using rations as usual in short time (the time between the meal is about 2-3 hours). After a few days, the amount of blood sugar of they have stability back. The other symptoms also improved. However, the rhythm of cortisol production only returned to the normal range after three weeks of applying this measure.

So, why some people can normalize blood sugar levels when applying the method of fasting disruption, others can’t? Until the present time, nutrition experts still haven’t found the answer most accurate. They only hypothesis on this issue may be related to the health status of the adrenal glands when you start fasting.

The sugar content in the blood have a relationship complex, with many hormones, such as:

  • Cortisol
  • Glucagon
  • Epinephrine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Growth Hormone

Therefore, we can say that if stabilize blood sugar, hormone levels will also stabilize. At the same time, this also means the loss of hormonal balance will cause the blood sugar level abnormalities.

A number of people can reveal problems such as on from the beginning of the measure fasting interruption. However, after a time, this situation has been improved. Fact, this depends on your condition. So, before applying the method of fasting disruption, you should consider whether your body can meet or not.

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