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Fake boobs: great solution for patients after a mastectomy

The number of women choosing breast reconstruction after mastectomy is increasing steadily. According to a study in 2013, the rate of reconstruction increased from 46% in 1998 to 63% in 2007. However, with patients can not surgery, breast reconstruction or simply don’t like this measure, they have a selection of other simple and less expensive than many. That is taking the fake one.

If breast cancer is detected at an early stage, patients can be cured. Treatment methods in this stage is usually surgery to remove the cancer cells from the breast. There are two types of surgery for breast cancer is breast-conserving surgery (removal of part of the breast) and mastectomy (complete removal of 1 – 2 breast).

After surgery, many sisters worried “mound bong island” of himself no longer as sexy as before, especially in the case of cutting the 2 breasts. The breasts become flat like men. This can make children fall into depression, melancholia. To solve this problem, in addition to breast reconstruction surgery, you can wear fake breasts silicone.

Fake tits is what? The advantage to using fake

Fake tits is what?

Breast prosthesis is a form of artificial breast, help chest a more natural shape after a mastectomy or breast preservation. This is a bag of soft silicone, smooth shape and weight nearly identical to the shape natural to your original.

Advantages when wearing fake tits

One of the advantages of using fake is to help your body balance back and keep balance the body, avoid imbalances or also known as is niểng shoulder on one side after a long time does not use fake breasts. After a surgery, type of mastectomy, the body will lose balance, can develop the problem of the other bones. Popular most affected as the problems in the back, neck and shoulders. Bring fake will help prevent curvature of the spine, no muscle pain in the neck and back or a shoulder tilt down and inward while the other shoulder higher. In addition, the use of fake chest also bring the following advantages:

  • Bra is not skewed and shifted out of position if you have to use fake
  • Regain body shape more natural before the surgery
  • Non-surgical breast reconstruction, should not risk and lose time waiting for the body to recover
  • Can wear the kind of different clothes, including swimwear
  • Can be easily replaced if the fake one is worn or damaged
  • Easily change the size if there is demand.

Choosing to buy fake boobs

  • Select the type of bring back feeling of confidence as tits, it’s 100% true: “Double mound bong island” is parts always help women create fun, charming, feminine. When no longer mount double again or one side loses the other side, sister easy to feel sad, depressed, especially can’t wear the shirt, open the chest. However, when the choice is fake as 100% real, you will think that it is real, forget the feeling that I’m carrying a fake. Tits as fake as it’s 100% fitting stick up into the chest to help you believe that it is a parts body, from that sense of inferiority is no more.
  • Color hustler with skin color: Your not prone to being brought fake boobs when wearing wide collar blouse.
  • Material: dildo made from medical silicone are tested safe for patients after the emulsion. In addition, the product is made from high quality materials, soft, softness, cold does not cause hot when in use.
  • Fake boobs have the flat edge, which can move in a natural way as you operate
  • Meet the staff professional advice to help you choose the right size. Weigh carefully see wearing fake boobs has to be the right choice for you or not.
  • Quality ISO 9001: This is a standard of System quality management by the Organization for standardization international developed and issued. ISO 9001 sets out the requirements to be used as a framework for a System of quality management.

The kind of fake tits

1. Chest paste directly to the skin (Shell Direct One)

  • Objects for use: products for patients who have surgery from 1 year upwards. Due to the glue adhesion is very tight, if the wound just opened 1 – 2 months, when removing the glue will hurt the wound.
  • Characteristics: Type of tits, this can use fixed securely with glue adhesive inside. Glue to ensure safety for the wound on the skin. Glue that can stick back by cleaning after use, can be reused 6 – 12 months depending on the process used more or less.
Fake 3 layer

2. Breast silicone Serena

  • Object use: the Patient had cut the body to the armpit or breast is not round, there is triangle with three corners, small tits, not too big.
  • Characteristics: designed with three corners, creating the perfect sense is not defective.

3. Soft and lightweight (Soft and Light)

  • Object use: The patient after cancer and the emulsion.
  • Characteristics: This product is made of silicone lighter than traditional silicone to 30%. The soft inner lining smooth, adapts to the chest and curve the body without causing discomfort. In accordance with the motion of the body such as lying, sitting, or moving, active all day but still create a feeling of nature, lightness. Designed in accordance with the format, small tits, and medium tits.

4. Category vintage (Classic)

  • Object use: the Patient does not do surgery, cut off the under arms and only surgery less, the surface flat chest completely.
  • Characteristics:the products fit the natural curve of the chest, a perfect chest, fullness, soft, gentle as real boobs do not uncomfortable, heavy when using. Very suitable for the scar sensitive and user when new surgery. Good format, do not move much when maneuvering, does not affect daily activities.

5. Super light (Ultra Light)

  • Object use: the Patient has edema of the lymph nodes under the arm, chest or had surgery take away a large amount of tissue on the chest and the patient have mold tits, big, heavy.
  • Features: This is silicone super lightweight design with two layers of light up to 60% more than other types of silicone often. This product helps to cover the tissue defect after surgery which does not cause heaviness. With hollow design inside, products suitable for patients with sports stadium and swimming which is not stagnate water.

6. Soft, lightweight (Soft and Light Discreetly)

  • Object use: the Patient was cut too deep, take away the meat in the armpit.
  • Characteristics: designed with three corners, can compensate for the patient has cut the body to the armpits makes it look perfect is not defective. Gentle design and color similar to skin color on the body.

How to use, preservation and shelf life of the breast prosthesis


First, you wear a bra for people carrying fake tits. Install the key behind. Land a wire on the side need to bring, fake. Put the dildo into the inside pocket of the coat, wearing her bra over her shoulder. Perform same with the rest. Adjust it again for balance.

How to preserve

  • After each use, you take the fake boobs out rinse the soap not smell, mild detergent, blot dry with a towel. If use this type of paste to the skin, you will have a specialized. Suppliers will tell you what should be done to preserve this product.
  • When not in use, fake, you take them in the box. Be careful not to general with sharp objects such as rings or brooches as they can spoil, causing silicone to leak. In addition, you also avoid placing the product where the sun shone on, or where there is high temperature.
  • If your home has pets, the more you need to take off carefully to avoid your pet taking out playfully, claws of them could damage the product.
  • Avoid using roll-on deodorant perfume directly onto the product as this can spoil the shape, fake.
  • If fake tits broken or worn out, you should just walk away because silicone is not recyclable is.

Term use

You can use fake boobs from 4 – 8 years. However, each year you should check that the bra still fit more not. You will probably need a new bra and fake boobs if your weight changes or the product is worn.

The wonder while using dildo

When traveling by plane, you must go through customs inspection. At this time, if using fake have been removed no?

Body scanner appear in most of the airport. Everyone goes through customs must be swept body. Bring fake is a sensitive issue. You don’t need to lift your shirt up to get fake tits, and security personnel, also not be to touch it. When about to take flight, you should:

  • Call up the switchboard of the airline that you’re making your flight to learn the rules on his status when flying.
  • Requires security personnel for you to areas scanned individually to determine on who you do not carry a threat of danger.

If you feel troublesome, you can not wear fake boobs and take on luggage. Currently no regulations which apply to the bearing silicone boarding.

When going swimming have to use the fake one is not?

You can use fake silicone casual or may stick a sponge (shaped like sucking bra) in swimwear. If you use fake boobs usually, you be washed with clean water after swimming to remove chlorine or salt. If using a sponge, you can discreetly press the hand on it to squeeze less water out.

Choosing to buy a bra for breast prosthesis

Many manufacturers of fake breasts also bra to support for the bearing fake tits more convenient. Type of bra this particular can may from many materials and have different colors. To choose a bra use with breast prosthesis, please remember the following secrets:

  • Shirt sizes: Determine size breast his to choose the right size. There are types of jacket for the patient, pregnant, small tits, big lift, good help breasts not sagging. Type of jacket material benign to secure for the wound of the patient
  • Class sucking thin in the coat: Depending on demand, you watch yourself in need of clothes have class sucking the thin, lightweight enough to lift the chest no. (If necessary, the clerk will offer for free for you)
  • Two bag fake inside: Choose the jacket has two pockets to put fake boobs on neat and certainly helps fixed breast silicone. Two this bag can be sewn mesh can elastic, breathable, help ventilation when placing the breast in.
  • Bra straps: Halter adjustable to suit each person. Halter also has the added layer of sexy, thin and lightweight help you wear comfortably all day without the stiff and harsh on the shoulders.
  • Cup boobs: Cup chest enhancement help cover cons is empty front.
  • Belt under the breast: If this belt by t-shirt it will help keep firmly in position the bra does not move when active, helps more confident and feel safe when worn all day. If the coat has underwire lightly below, you must check to see when wear on, you have to feel comfortable not. However, this product only in accordance with the patient after surgery 1 – 2 years. At this time, the wound incision is completely healed and no longer feeling pain. If using corset with underwire lightly when new surgery, eyeglass frames, will can and create discomfort.
  • Material jacket: Jacket is sewn with fabric, yarn, small, smooth, not what kind of fabric t-shirt conventional ventilation and wicking, two-way create safe feeling, comfortable all day when using. Or material delicate lace, soft and feminine.
  • Seam of coat exquisite, certainly is check out the.

The price of the bra, fake boobs

Prices of fake tits or bra different depending on the type that you choose. Following are the prices of a number of fake tits Silima and bra of the company, Renew Confidence:

  • The price of the bra: from vnd 1,500,000
  • Price of fake type 1: from 5.8 – 7 million, depending on size, use 4 – 8 years
  • Price of breast type 2: from 3.5 – 4 million, depending on size, use 3 – 5 years

Buy bra and fake boobs now?

Research shows once the emulsion breast cancer, many patients feel inferiority and inferiority into ourselves. The majority of patients struggling to find a solution for me to regain what was lost. The type of fake boobs, fake is a great solution for these patients. Products matching body defect of the patient to build their self-confidence back to normal life. Understand that The company Renew Confidence imported products Silima from Germany. This is the country demanding about quality the most, especially products for medical.

The material should elect silicone Silima dedicated for patients after breast cancer with no toxic chemicals, undergo a lot of steps meticulously combined with advanced technology. Products are strictly tested, quality assured safe. The patient can use breast this 5 – 10 years, even 20 years also ensure absolute safety. Sample code improved and perfected day by day help sister, once the emulsion regain confidence when using coat and the silicone Silima. Products also achieved ISO 9001 quality.

If you want advice on products Silima, you don’t hesitate to contact The company Renew Confidence professional bra and silicone breasts for breast cancer patients. This is one of the prestigious companies that we choose to introduce for you, please contact company by the following information:

In Ho Chi Minh city:

53/77A Tran Khanh du, Tan Dinh ward, district 1, ho chi minh CITY. CITY (the intersection of Tran Khanh du and Tran Khac chan, turn into the alley, neighborhood, culture). Hotline: 093 655 9081 – Website: Renewconfidence.com

In ho chi minh CITY. Da Nang:

K01/50 Le Trong Tan street, Thanh Khe district, An Khe, Da Nang city

Hotline: 078 777 7665 (Son) – 097 416 8995 (Imperial Russia)

In ho chi minh CITY. Tho :

1st floor, 40 Ly tu Trong, ward An cu, district Ninh Kieu, TP. Tho
Hotline: 090 949 8338 – 090 390 9338 (Mai Thy)

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