Extrapyramidal syndrome: the Disease can appear in young people tuổiĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

Extrapyramidal syndrome: the Disease can appear in young people tuổiĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Young people often ignore the symptoms as small as a slight tremor finger tips or run legs, because for that it is due to body weakness. Actually, this condition can be warning signs you are suffering from extrapyramidal syndrome.

So, extrapyramidal syndrome and what is the treatment like? You let Hello Doctor read through the article below!

Extrapyramidal syndrome is what disease?

System the tower is to gather a group of nerve cells, human gray at the base of the brain, with the brain acting on the brain cells the motor to govern the movements and regulate muscle tone of the body. So, any causes damage system in the tower is led to the motor disorder in the periphery, like hands and feet, trembling, muscle rigidity, chorea, going back slowly…

Causes of extrapyramidal syndrome

Vast majority of people with this disease are due to lesions or degeneration of the nerve cells extrapyramidal as the pathology following:

• Vascular disorders: Typical is the situation as arteriosclerosis, vasculitis, cerebral haemorrhage or cerebral infarction.

• Sequelae after trauma or cerebral ischemia: complications after trauma, surgery or anemia brain for chronic disease hypertension long day, degenerative spine…

• Side effects of medication: some medications, antipsychotics, antiemetics, metoclopramide, antihistamines can cause side effects.

• Frequent exposure to the chemical: toxic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals (mercury, lead, lithium…), metabolic disorders of copper (Wilson’s disease), infections of the brain…

• Diseases of the nervous system: Huntington’s Disease, lesions below the thalamus, epilepsy…

To orientation is method as well as drug treatment of extrapyramidal syndrome in the right way, you need to understand and know how to classify the main symptoms of this syndrome.

Symptoms extrapyramidal what is?

Extrapyramidal symptoms caused by dopamine – a substance that has role in motor control of the body is inhibiting the activity. There are 4 types of expression it is: symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, disorders of muscle tone syndrome, fidgety and troubled tardive dyskinesia (chorea).

1. Parkinson’s symptoms

Hand tremor is most common signs of Parkinson’s symptoms due to extrapyramidal disorders

The reason called Parkinson’s symptoms by this form has the same expression as Parkinson’s disease. The manifestations usually include: trembling of the limbs, spastic muscles, slow movement, hard to be yourself when located, difficult to lift the legs when walking, difficulty blinking, speech difficulties, reduced facial expression…

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2. Disorders of muscle tone

Disorders dystonia is a condition the muscles spasm or twist incontinence in a region or the whole body, causing the patient discomfort and pain. The expression most common is spasms of the neck muscles cause the head is rotated to one side or pull forward, spasms of the hands when writing letters or handle objects, double the eye lashes make the eyes blink constantly. Patients may even suffering from spasms of jaw muscles, tongue muscles leads to slow speech, drooling, difficulty chewing and swallowing food.

3. Syndrome fidgety

The patient feels restless, hard to sit still or keep still, body psychological urge to move should they are usually walking around, rocking, shaking, or cross your legs constantly.

This syndrome is often due to side effects of the antipsychotic drugs such as haloperidol, chlorpromazine, perphenazine…

4. Dyskinesia late

Dyskinesia late (chorea) often causes jerky movements unusually fast appearance suddenly in the lips, face, neck, hands, feet. These symptoms may appear after several months, even several years after the use of neuroleptics.

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Is extrapyramidal syndrome how to do?

Some new disease syndrome extrapyramidal can go away when stop using antipsychotic medication or switching to other drugs fewer side effects. However, with the majority of the remaining cases, the cure the disease completely is very difficult to implement. To improve the condition effective and lasting, you need to perform the full method below:

1. Medication adherence treatment

You go to see a doctor for advice rational drug use

Depending on the cause and specific symptoms, the doctor will prescribe drugs suitable treatment, can be drugs, anticholinergic drugs, tranquilizers, beta blockers, sympathomimetics, botox injections…

When using these drugs, you should be cautious with the unwanted effects such as dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness, and the risk of drug dependence. So, let’s try to take the right drug, dose, and re-examination regularly to the physician promptly adjust drug dosages to ensure therapeutic effect.

2. Actively change habits used to live

The physical activity will help improve extrapyramidal syndrome

Make adjustments in daily lifestyle is also a effective way to you can improve pathological condition.

• Many additional vitamins, minerals, omega – 3: You can supplement these substances in the diet such as green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, sea fish, whole grains, almonds, walnuts…

• Increase the intensity of physical activity: The motor activity will increase the flexibility, dexterity of the muscles, helps blood circulate better, since it improves the condition run the limbs, spasms, twisted body due to extrapyramidal syndrome.

• Mental relaxation and rest: You will reduce anxiety, stress, psychological stability and prevent the progression worsening of the disease.

3. Reduce the extrapyramidal syndrome herbal

Some herb that works to support treatment of extrapyramidal syndrome

Thien ma and The Big capital is two herbs in many post remedy time treatment of run shock. Today, many studies have proven, God magic, The small role similar amount nutrients of the nerve cells, helping to nourish, protect, and restore the cells had lesions.

This explains why when combined food health protection Lao Kingdom Event (*) extract from the ma and The dang, many patients feel psychologically more stable, reduced tremor, reduced spasticity, grasp and the movement activity every other day more accurately.

As the owner of an antique shop in Hanoi, Tran Huy Son was very bewildered to see finger tremor due to extrapyramidal syndrome. He said: “When you know this and start using food to protect the health Lao Kingdom Events associated with drug treatment, the symptoms run my now much improved. However, the disease remains, but the condition was reduced by about 80%, frequency run less and less”.

When newly diagnosed with to extrapyramidal syndrome, you don’t need to worry. You turn it into motivation to perform the method of improving symptoms. Just you persevere, try to combine use of Eastern medicine and Western medicine, the disease will soon be repelled.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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