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Elimination Communication With Our 5 Month Old – Pooping in the Potty

This video shows how our elimination communication experience is going with Carter at 5 months old. The video starts out right after I set him on the potty and put a little piece of toilet paper over his peepee. (For modesty & I don’t want to get peed on. lol.) My husband is recording and we do show the poop- so if you don’t want to see it make sure to stop watching when the screen with text comes up. 🙂

You will probably notice I do say ‘go poopoo’ and ‘good boy’ a lot in the video. That is because I am trying to associate ‘go poopoo’ with actually doing it so when he’s older he will be able to tell us if he needs to go verbally. I say ‘good boy’ because I want it to be a very positive experience and I don’t want him to feel like he’s doing anything wrong. He is not a ‘bad boy’ even if he poops in his diaper. It rarely happens now, but if it does I just change it and don’t do anything particular.

Again, I don’t view it as forcing him to do anything. I just feel it is easier for all of us if he can learn to use the potty now and not have to make a hard transition later. Plus it saves on the mess! You can see he doesn’t look upset or forced to do anything.

If you are against EC I respect your opinion, just please don’t judge us for doing what our family feels is best for our son. I do realize some babies are not as cooperative with EC and it’s not for everyone. Thanks for watching & questions below!

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