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[Doctors advise] type 2 Diabetes is heavy or light?

Many people with diabetes think that classification type 1, type 2 is to assess the disease, severe or mild. But type 2 diabetes is heavy or light depends on the other factors that if the disease is not noted, then there will be the risk of disability.

Professor Thai Hong Quang – chairman of The endocrinology and diabetes Vietnam, said the name diabetes type 2 just to know the cause of the disease, does not mean the disease is heavy or light. Instead, we can assess the type 2 diabetes is heavy or light based on the level and frequency of complications.

Type 2 diabetes, severe or mild, is due to complications

Statistics show, people type 2 diabetes very little risk of death due to hyperglycemia which mainly deaths due to complications of the disease, of which 65% is complications on cardiovascular. Complications of the disease is also the cause of the disease faced with the risk of disability such as amputation, kidney failure, blindness…

The influence of complications diabetes type 2

Complications of type 2 diabetes can cause the serious effects on the nervous system, heart, retina and kidneys.

• Neurological complications: complications this usually causes hand, foot numbness and burning. Condition worsens will cause loss of sensation of pain, hot or cold. Patients can be injured without discovered, gradually progress to wounds, ulcers and serious infections.

• Cardiovascular complications: high blood Sugar will cause atherosclerosis blood vessels, increases the heart rate. The most dangerous is going to cause the heart attack have no warning signs.

• Retinopathy: Diabetes do blood vessels the retina hurt, bleeding, can cause bubbles, tearing the retina and blindness.

• Kidney disease: high blood Sugar is also damaging to the kidneys. If not early, the disease will cause renal failure, to hemodialysis all my life or a kidney transplant.

The diabetes is severe complications such as renal failure, myocardial infarction, complications are often more severe cases of neurological complications, peripheral, complications skin… more and more complications appear, the more severe the disease and more difficult to treat.

People type 2 diabetes may experience many serious complications

Severity of type 2 diabetes compared with type 1 and type 3

Diabetes type 1 occurs because the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin. The symptoms of the disease are very severe. The disease easy to detect and early treatment should reduce the risk of complications later. However, the method of treatment of diabetes type 1 back restrictions than type 2.

With type 2 diabetes, the disease progresses silently for many years, beginning with insulin resistance and gradually is the pancreas decreases insulin secretion. Patients have many treatment but it often detects the disease too late. Many cases have complications at the time of diagnosis.

Also in diabetes type 3 diabetes Alzheimer’s patients with memory impairment makes it difficult to comply with treatment. So the possibility of complications and the level of complications also heavier than type 1 and type 2.

Very difficult to compare type 2 diabetes is heavier or lighter than type 1. You need to understand the characteristic of each type of disease to avoid confusion affect effective treatment.

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Warning signs of complications of diabetes

You can detect when diabetes progresses more severe through a number of symptoms following warning:

  • Heal wounds
  • Heart palpitations when resting
  • Or is leg pain when walking (pain way feedback)
  • Nails thickened, skin peeling and itching
  • Blurred vision, seeing black spots, or aches, watery eyes
  • Limbs heavy, stiff knee joints, shoulder joints, cramps in the night
  • Limbs numbness, burning, stinging, like needles, ants crawling on the skin

If you just subjective waiting until complications appear new treatment, it seemed already too late because the battle to regain health will as commitment go over. Best you should actively prevent complications right from the early stages to repel the disease quickly.

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How to prevent diabetes complications

Diabetic people need to follow directed by your doctor

According to the GS. Thai Hong Quang, the secret to delay and minimize the impact of diabetes complications is to strictly adhere to as directed by your doctor. At the same time, patients should also persevere in building healthy lifestyle and can be combined with herbal anti-complications.

1. Strict compliance with doctor’s appointment

Many people believe that blood sugar back to normal means the disease has from should arbitrarily discontinued the treatment. However, this only indicates disease of you are stable and not mean you’re cured. So, you should still continue to maintain taking the medication and only reduce the dose after consult a doctor.

Process for the treatment of diabetes need to combine many methods so patients should not be taken lightly any solution. Besides drug treatment, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and incorporate additional herbal support prevent complications.

2. Persevere build healthy lifestyle

The goal of building an eating plan, incorporate exercise and proper rest is indispensable in the process of treatment.

• Diet: People with diabetes don’t need to avoid absolutely any food, just eat up the foods rich in sugar and control the amount of food per meal. You can apply the principle of dinner plates to make this. Please do the full 1/2 plate veggies, 1/2 starch (rice, rice noodles, vermicelli…), and 1/2 is savory (meat, fish…). You should also remember to eat vegetables first meal to reduce blood sugar better.

• Exercise: This is the easiest method help reduce insulin resistance. However, this benefit is only achieved when you persevere, workout 20 – 30 minutes per day or a minimum of 5 sessions/week.

• Get enough sleep and relax: When stress or lack of sleep, the body will secrete a lot of hormones cause increased blood sugar. So, you should try to sleep 6 – 9 hours per day and keep the spirit always relaxed.

You should relax with loved ones to help improve diabetes

3. Combination herbal

Under the prism of science, many medicinal plants, ancient has affirmed the role of his assistance in the prevention and improvement of complications of diabetes. Typical not to mention the herb as Vessels anal, Hoai Son, The selfish prince, Creased…

Application research results of 4 herbal precious Vessels, Anal, Hoai Son, The selfish prince, Crumpled the technology of the modern scientists in Vietnam have created food health protection, Black Tibetan Road. (*)

The drug in food protection Household health Organs The possible impact on the causes of birth complications is the process of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Thanks to them, food not only help prevent but also support improve complications.

Thanks to the persistence use food to protect the health, Black Tibetan The same drug treatment, mr. P. V. Minh (ho chi minh CITY. Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen) have noticed changes markedly: “I gain weight, delicious dining, physiological problems also back to normal… Even, many people also say I’m stronger than both age 66 of yourself”.

Fact, you can complete the one to decide the type 2 diabetes is heavy or light by efforts to control blood sugar and prevent complications. If persistent lifestyle changes, combined medication with the herbal anti-complications, you can completely stop worrying europe to live health and wellbeing.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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