[Doctors advise] treatment of biliary stones in the liver, how effective?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

[Doctors advise] treatment of biliary stones in the liver, how effective?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

When treating biliary stones in the liver, the methods of Western medicine surgery type of gravel quickly, but easy to relapse gravel. Because of this, many people look to way treatment of stones using herbal medicine with the hope to impact more comprehensive to the liver bile.

When treating biliary stones in the liver, it is important first for patients is to carefully understand about new diseases that have treatment timely and effectively. Let Hello Doctor helps you better understand the gravel of the liver, and treatment in the article below!

Biliary stones in the liver what is?

Biliary stones in the liver also known as gravel liver. This is the condition the gallstones located in the bile path in the parenchyma of the liver or the hepatic ducts, percentage from 15 – 30% of cases of biliary stones.

1. Causes stones liver

Gravel the liver formed when the concentration of bilirubin in the bile too much. The cause of this condition may be due to bacterial infection of the biliary tract caused by helminths from the gut to creep up. The pathology of hemolysis, erythrocytes are destroyed, emit large amounts of bilirubin, or the stasis of bile prolonged in patients with atrophic biliary congenital tumors of the bile in the liver… as well as the risk factors that cause stones. The case of impairment of liver function can also be cause of stones, liver common.

Gravel liver are usually yellow green in pellet or slurry form. Gravel can be found in the path of bile in the liver, left liver, right, focus city, or scattered in the biliary tract deep in the liver parenchyma.

2. Symptoms stones liver

Abdominal pain lower right ribs are common symptoms in disease, gravel, liver

Symptoms of stones the liver is generally more obvious gallstones in the other location. Right from the early stages, however, pebbles of small size, but many people have felt bloating, indigestion, slightly throbbing pain in the right upper quadrant. When the pebble is larger or cause complications will appear symptoms such as:

• Fever due to inflammation, bacterial infection: Stones liver easy to cause inflammation of the biliary tract should be disease is often fever, chills, shivering.

• Colic the right upper quadrant: pain usually starting in the upper right abdomen. The disease is often pain after eating a lot of greasy or pain at night, accompanied by nausea, vomiting.

• Yellow skin, yellow eyes: this condition appear later due to bile stasis in the liver for a long time, bilirubin in bile, do yellow skin and sclera eyes. The level of jaundice in each person will be different accompanied by dark urine, stools that are pale in colour.

• Digestive problems: Many patients will often suffer from anorexia, fear of food, grease, nausea and weight loss.

In the stabilization phase, gravel, the liver does not cause pain. In the acute stage, the symptoms appear frantic, even many cases to the emergency because the stones liver cause dangerous complications.

3. Dangerous complications of stones liver

Biliary stones in the liver is a disease can cause dangerous complications.

• Common complications: purulent Inflammation of the biliary tract, liver abscess, hemorrhage, biliary…

• Long term complications: hepatitis, cirrhosis, biliary tract cancer in the liver… sepsis is one of the most dangerous complications that cause a negative impact on the network.

Complications due to biliary stones in the liver are very dangerous, affect the health and difficulty cured. You need early detection of the signs to recognize and seek treatment promptly.

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Treatment of biliary stones in the liver

Surgical intervention is the type of gravel the liver, make bile circulation back

To treat biliary stones in the liver, there are now drugs treat symptoms such as muscle relaxants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and beneficial policy… The pills dissolve stones such as chenodeoxycholic and ursodeoxycholic acid are not effective in the treatment of liver, many cases forced to intervene surgically to remove the stones.

After surgery, patients need to apply nutrition, activity, rational, combined with more tailored solutions to prevent recurrent stones.

1. Surgical treatment of stones in the liver

After visiting the clinic and assess the condition disease, the doctor will take out only the treatment to suit each person. If the stone has caused complications, patients need to surgical intervention to remove the stones help bile circulation back.

• Endoscopic pancreatic retrograde (ERCP): However, do not get stones in the liver but the way this usually applies to those who suffer from gravel, the liver has both stones in the biliary tract main. Endoscopic pancreatic retrograde can get stones in the bile duct, reduces the pressure in the biliary tract. The advantage of this method is to conduct fast, less complications and recovery health quickly.

• Laparoscopy lithotripsy percutaneous: this Method is done by creating a tunnel to the liver the endoscope is inserted into lithotripsy, then pump wash or use gabion take crumbs of gravel out. This is technically difficult, requiring the surgical experience, if not may cause severe complications like peritonitis, blood infections…

• Surgical incision to remove a stone: the Way to coordinate many modern techniques such as get gravel in gabion lithotripsy endoscope through the tube software… Surgical incision to remove a stone may not apply is if you have weak health, suffering from the disease of cardiovascular or clotting disorder…

• Surgery to cut part of the liver: the Doctor will specify the cut part of the liver, when all other treatments are not effective. However, the cut part of the liver can affect the function, production of bile, storage of glucose, excretion of toxins…

The surgical intervention is not absolute, the disease risk remains high survival stones or recurrent gravel liver. Surgery many times just health effects just expensive cost. Therefore, you need to navigate to the solution prevent the recurrence of biliary stones in the liver long-lasting and more effective.

2. Mode proper nutrition is very important

Regular worming helps prevent worms in the bile causing stones

Diet play no small role in preventing the risk of recurrence of stones and minimize the complications due to gravel cause.

• Eating and drinking hygiene: You need to make diet clean, full of green vegetables, fruits, food cooked boiled drinking. You absolutely should not eat raw food, food re-to avoid helminth infections from food.

• Limit foods that cause harm: foods that cause harm is the food rich in fats, cholesterol, alcohol, stimulants harmful…

• Regular worming: You should be deworming every 6 months/times to avoid the risk of bacterial infection of the biliary tract caused by helminths. The periodic health examination will also help detect early risk of recurrent stones.

Good nutrition should be combined with healthy lifestyle, so you take your time, relax, workout every day to help prevent stones reoccurring.

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3. Additional herbal support treatment of

Medicine modern Western medicine, however, has made the big step, however, to support recurrent biliary stones in the liver long-term sick people should be using more products from herbal medicine.

The herbal as Busy kim, Chi e, Sai ho, Kim tien thao, Hoang ba is the tran, Diep ha chau has been research has a beneficial effect bile, supplements liver, increase the circulation of bile… This is a suitable option to those suffering from gallstones, kidney stones, liver.

Food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang is formulated according to drug treatment gallstones with 8 herbal you’ll help reduce symptoms, post pebbles, limiting the risk of formation and recurrent biliary stones in the liver.

With the technology of the modern factory from WHO – GMP, food health protection Metal Đởm Khang (*) is high quality product, spend the gallstones, kidney stones, liver, gallbladder, gallbladder… Many sick people did not hide pleasure when has a good product, brings the positive effect in treatment and prevention of complications stones the liver.

Effective way of treatment of biliary stones in the liver depends much on yourself. Process processing gravel will be easier when you recognize the disease early and apply the right method of treatment and there is prevention of recurrence gravel effective… so, you will avoid a maximum the influence of this disease on the health and life of yourself.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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