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[Doctors advise] People with diabetes should eat something instead of rice?

The majority people with diabetes are afraid to eat white rice by psychological eating rice would be susceptible to hyperglycemia, but do not eat, then the lack of energy work. So, diabetic people should eat something instead of rice new good?

The principle is that you need to choose foods that can replace the rice that still ensure not make blood sugar levels to surge after eating, and provide enough energy for body activities. You let Hello Doctor find out whether people with diabetes should eat something instead of rice the right way in the article below.

Food can substitute for rice

Among the foods that contain starch, white rice has glycemic index food high (around 80) should be easy to increase blood sugar after eating. However, if you abstain completely, white rice, as well as starch, that’s a mistake. The cause is because this could make the body lack of energy, lower blood glucose, can even lead to coma and death.

To the body does not lack energy which still guarantee stable blood sugar in the safe zone, you can replace the white rice with the following foods:

1. Brown rice

Brown rice (milled rice, wife) other white rice so still keep the bran layer contains much soluble fiber helps the digestive process takes place more slowly. Thus, the patient will feel full longer and reduce cravings.

At the same time, brown rice also help to slow the absorption of sugar should not increase blood sugar suddenly after eating. In addition, brown rice also provides vitamin B1 to prevent numbness, edema in the extremities and vitamin B12 for people who must use metformin long day.

2. Oats

You should choose wholegrain oat or laminates. Oats also contain a high amount of soluble fiber and can be processed into many different styles like mix together fruit, yogurt for breakfast or porridge.

A bowl of porridge oats in the morning will help you all day and not worry about hyperglycemia.

3. Chia seeds, flax seeds

Chia seeds, flax seeds provide more soluble fiber, vitamin K, iron, phosphorus, omega-3… So the nuts are not only good for controlling blood sugar but also prevent cardiovascular complications and improve complications of bones and joints, reduce blood pressure…

You can buy nuts in the supermarket, processed with water to drink in morning or before eating rice dish mixed with vegetables or served with yogurt.

4. Sweet potatoes

Starch of potato is starch resistant lines, i.e. will not increase blood sugar after eating. In addition, sweet potatoes also help reduce blood sugar by improving the functioning of insulin and reduce the feeling of abdominal distention.

If you eat sweet potatoes baked or fried, it will at least increase blood sugar more than sweet potatoes boiled, so the processing sweet potatoes also very important.

Sweet potatoes can be used instead of rice but you need to pay attention to the way of processing.

5. Parking

Beans contain high nutritional content, especially good for controlling blood sugar and weight. You can mix parking, park, green, park, red, soybeans, raw shell with white rice or brown rice… also very good for health.

The type of parking very good for controlling blood sugar and weight.

When learn people with diabetes should eat something instead of rice, not less people try dieting remove also the white rice out of the daily menu and replaced with noodle, vermicelli, rice noodle, rice cake, wet cake… Whether this is good for health?

Actually, the raw materials common to the processing of that food is still rice, when milled powder will reduce the fiber, so the more that the blood sugar rise after eating. On the other hand, when to eat noodles, vermicelli, porridge… will usually be served with spring rolls, patties, fish sauce or broth from pork bones so it will not be beneficial for cardiovascular disease, blood pressure.

Every morning, instead of eating rice or rice noodles, vermicelli, porridge… you can prepare a cup of oats or other types of air combined with yogurt, served with green vegetables or fruit. Sometimes, you can still eat noodles, vermicelli, rice noodles,… but should eat only 2/3 of the car (car soup or cup to) with more green vegetables.

You can learn more: rush to find ways to lower blood sugar fast, you can get the bitter.

How to eat white rice, which remains stable blood sugar

You can still eat rice, which does not increase blood sugar if eaten in the right way.

You can still eat white rice and normal that does not increase blood sugar gradually stabilize HbA1c (a measure of the ability to control blood sugar by an average of one person in the previous 3 months).

• Eat according to the body needs: The calculation of the exact needs of the body quite laborious and also very complex. Therefore, you can approximate by eating less than normal meal, then check the blood sugar 2 hours after eating. If this value is above 10mmol/l, mean you need to eat less.

If no blood glucose meter handheld, you can estimate to eat until feel belly just right, pleasant, did not see the belly lumbering or heavy is.

• Control the amount of food in physique: If is condition normal, gentle work, you can apply main meals with 1 cup of rice. If you are a male, you should eat about 1.5 cups of rice, cases do heavy work, it can increase up 0.5 cups of rice.

• Order food match: To not increase blood sugar after a meal, the order of priority you should apply is to eat vegetables and drink the broth first, then eat to rice and other food. Amount of fiber in vegetables will help slow the absorption of sugar from starch. This will make you feel slightly back, the belly and reduce appetite.

With the experience mr. Dao Xuan Hanh (Hung Yen) share below, you can see the patient greater peace of mind because blood sugar stable without too miserable to eat and drink abstinence.

Mr Happy said: “I have type 2 diabetes, but only medication and done diet, exercise is not enough to control the disease, HbA1C remains high. I listen to doctor looking for product support and known food health protection Glutex(*). After a one-time use, I like get piles, not the keep the blood sugar at a safe level that HbA1c also reduce blood pressure, improve and see better”.

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You should not worry people with diabetes should eat something instead of rice to then apply to the diet, and back are not effective. Instead, you need to know how to choose food to eat instead of rice when diabetes and how to eat properly to be able to maintain health. If viewing nutrition as a natural treatment, you can repel diseases that are not experiencing side effects, you know!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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