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[Doctors advise] high blood sugar dangerous?

Mr. Happy (Hung Yen) thought was control the amount of sugar in the blood is high, but until the measured HbA1c to 8.5% of new assistant fire when know still there is a risk of complications. If not detected early, he will be faced with many deadly risks!

When high blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health, eye, kidney… are affected. Is a diabetic type 2 he Dug Spring Well 71-year-old (Hung Yen), beginning to feel bewildered: “high blood sugar dangerous?”.

Rarely high blood sugar sudden to the extent of causing death or coma. But, the majority of people suffer from high blood sugar will often be confronted with the danger as disability, blindness, deaths due to complications on the heart, eyes, blood vessels, nervous… You let Hello Doctor learn the signs to recognize high blood sugar levels, causes and how to control this dangerous condition, okay.

How to recognize high blood sugar

To get to know high blood sugar, you will need to pay attention to the warning signs of hyperglycemia and indicators of measurement of blood glucose.

Identification signs, high blood sugar will be different in each person. Have the symptoms quite clearly, but also the case only when going to explore new accidentally discovered. To determine a person has high blood sugar or not, you need based on the size measure is the glycemic index.

Warning signs high blood sugar

When blood sugar is high can lead to two main symptoms, including neurological symptoms and physical symptoms:

• Neurological symptoms: feeling tired, fast, hungry, or ravenous, thirsty more than usual, depressed mood, irritability.

• Physical symptoms: such as leg numbness, tingling, slow wound healing, weight loss of unknown cause, appearance of darkening stain abnormal in the armpit, the nape…

Index get know high blood sugar

You should go to a hospital checking as soon as there are signs of doubt high blood sugar

The doctor will see only the number of fasting blood sugar (fasting 8 hours or more) and blood sugar after eating 2 hours “regulations” reviews the amount of sugar in the blood. In addition, to assess the overall ability to control blood sugar throughout 24 hours of a person in the previous 3 months, you need extra measurements of HbA1c.

High blood sugar is when one of the three indicators of the standard of the ordinary person. Specific:

  • Fasting blood glucose ≥ 5,6 mmol/l (or 100mg/dl).
  • Blood sugar 2 hours after drinking 75 grams of sugar ≥ 11,1 mmol/l (or 200mg/dl)
  • HbA1c ≥ 5.7 percent

Risk when high blood sugar

High blood sugar due to chronic disorder of glucose metabolism, which are accompanied by disorders of fat metabolism and protein. This process takes place continuously will cause atherosclerosis large blood vessels, making chit narrowing of the small blood vessels and damage the entire nervous system of the body. This is the precursor for the complications that appear with lesions on the body:

Lesions on the heart: high blood sugar can cause atherosclerosis, stroke, increased risk of myocardial infarction…

Lesions on the kidneys: high blood Sugar can cause blood vessels in the kidneys are narrowed, congestion, impairment of kidney function and inflammation of the urinary tract, risk factors for kidney failure.

• Damage to the nervous system: the Amount of sugar in the blood high in a long period of time can hurt the blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to the nerves and cause paralysis.

• Eye damage: blood Sugar increase can cause the capillary system in the eye lesions.

In addition, high blood sugar also causes the infections on various parts on the body, causing impaired wound healing and impaired immunity.

Although rare, when sugar in blood increases dramatically, but blood sugar if increase too quickly can cause acute complications as acidosis ketones, coma due to increased osmotic pressure. The disease can be fatal if not detected and emergency promptly.

Once detected, high blood sugar, you need to find a way to control to reduce the risk of complications

Causes of high blood sugar

There are many reasons why high blood sugar in which causes easy control, like diet high in sugar, prolonged stress, sedentary, fitness, being sick, fever, infection or injury.

Group causes remain difficult to overcome in a day is the condition of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance makes fasting blood glucose instability, to increase blood sugar after eating, causing dyslipidemia and increased risk of atherosclerotic vessels. So, to solve a reduced insulin resistance is the secret to help control blood sugar effectively and limit the use of the drug in the urine the road.

How to control high blood sugar

In order to control high blood sugar you can protect the health by lowering blood sugar after this.

1. Exercise regularly

You can practice gentle exercises such as yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging for 30 minutes every day. This is a way to help you reduce insulin resistance, help the body use sugar more efficiently, thereby reducing blood sugar long-term.

2. Ensure adequate sleep

When lack of sleep, you can easily suffer from stress, fatigue and causing increased blood sugar. Therefore, you should sleep at least 6 hours a day.

3. Eat healthy food

People with diabetes don’t need too abstinence without eating just enough with the needs of the body

Green vegetables, beans, cereals, fruit, skim milk… are these foods you should eat regularly because of the form of this food at increased blood sugar has many benefits for health. How to eat is also very important, you should eat green vegetables, drink water up first and then use other foods to avoid postprandial hyperglycemia.

4. Adding herbal

Today, with the help of herbs such as Mango leaves, Neem leaves, Hoang ba, Que chi, bitter Melon, then the reduction of insulin resistance has become more simple. Research shows this herb has the ability to reduce insulin resistance thanks to comprehensive impact up cycle, sugar metabolism since sugar in the body until used in the muscles and reserve in the liver.

The herb has the ability to reduce insulin resistance, thereby helping to stabilize the fasting blood glucose, decreased HbA1c

Food protection health Glutex combine the herb quarterly from nature such as leaf, Mango, Royal, broadcast, Que chi, bitter Gourd, Neem leaves assistance reduce and stabilize blood sugar, preventing diabetic complications effective.

Share about experience reduce the amount of high blood sugar when combined with the herb he Well said: “From the diabetes, I think that to control blood sugar, it is not difficult. The evidence is going to check blood sugar regularly, I found the blood sugar rarely exceeds 7mmol/l. But months 5/2018 when measuring HbA1c, my new assistant fire HbA1c up to 8.5%. The doctor said it was blood, dirty, prone to complications. But since using more products food assistance health protection Glutex (*), the glycemic index, the blood pressure has on the stability, in particular HbA1c dropped to 5%”.

When blood sugar is high, you persevere medication combined with the method of stable blood sugar and use more the product support from nature. To keep the blood always in the safe zone, you need to learn how to control effectively. High blood sugar there is no danger depends very much on the consciousness of your own!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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