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[Doctors advise] cholelithiasis can it be fixed?

Many people bewildered when discovered I have gallstones and more and more worried to know that gallstones can still relapse after surgery. However, gallstones can cure does not depend very much on the try of your efforts!

Mrs. T. K. Thuan, ho chi minh CITY. Ho Chi Minh felt fear when recently discovered his disease, gallstones seem to accept living with floods or pain too, then surgery. But thanks to persistence and a little luck, she had repelled the disease.

So how help you do so? You let Hello Doctor find gallstones has cure does and how Pros “battle” with this disease, okay!

Gallstone disease is what?

Gallstones is the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract frequently, formed from the deposition irregularity of the components in bile, such as cholesterol, bile acids, bilirubin… gallstones may lie in the gallbladder (gall stones), bile duct (stones bile duct) or in the hepatic duct (biliary stones in the liver).

Most of the symptoms of gallstones are often initially not obvious or even no symptoms should cause difficulties in detecting the disease. About 20% of the total number of cases is biliary colic the right upper quadrant, fever, jaundice… Included with that is the digestive issues such as full distention, indigestion, nausea, vomiting. If symptoms of gallstones appear often will be indications for surgery type of gravel to avoid the acute complications dangerous such as cholangitis, acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis…

Gallstone disease can be treated not depending on the method of treatment of stones fit and conscious to prevent recurrent stones after treatment or surgical intervention.

Case you need surgery

When have discovered there are gallstones, the disease struggled to find a cure but not really understand the treatment options this disease. Usually if gallstones not cause symptoms or the symptoms are not too severe, the function of the gallbladder also good, the gravel is not too many not need treatment or surgical remove the stones.

With the case of pebbles not cause symptoms, you just need to change your diet healthy. In particular, you need to restrict oil and grease, ultrasonic periodic monitoring or medication dissolve stones if have cholesterol stones under 2cm as directed by your doctor.

Right upper quadrant pain is common symptoms of gallstone disease

You only need surgical treatment of gallstones when the stones cause complications, and depending on the location of gravel where there the treatment is different. With stones in the gallbladder, you will be assigned caesarean section cholecystectomy if belonging to the following cases:

• Gall stones: – Gravel size is too big cholestasis, biliary obstruction, often cause inflammation of the gallbladder and cholangitis or gravel too much occupied to 2/3 the gallbladder.

• Complications of gallstones: acute cholecystitis or chronic relapse several times (right upper quadrant pain, fever, vomiting…), cholangitis, pancreatitis, biliary…

• Gallbladder loss of function: Atrophy, calcification of the gallbladder, the gallbladder thickening, loss of contractile ability or the cases of polyps of the gallbladder on 10mm is diagnostic doubt progress to cancer will also be indications for surgery soon.

For the case of biliary stones as stones bile duct, the patient still another method is endoscopic retrograde the stones (ERCP). This method of treatment less invasive, as well as methods used to diagnose diseases of biliary tract other.

Cases of biliary stones in the liver are more complex should be in addition to percutaneous nephrolithotomy, you also need to apply coordinate methods such as lithotripsy, endoscopic, even cut a section lobe of the liver if the gravel too much.

A number of risks when surgery gallstones

Surgery gallstones is one of the surgery of the gastrointestinal tract common and is considered quite safe. Even so, this method is also potential for certain risks, and patients need to understand to get ready for surgery. A number of risks you may encounter include:

– Pain and fatigue. You can more rest to ease fatigue after the surgery.

– Nausea, vomiting due to the effects from the anaesthetic, causing numbness. To avoid this case, you can use anti-nausea medication before surgery and drink plenty of water after surgery to quickly elimination of drug residues from the body.

– Complications, injury to the bile duct or alive gravel. You can choose a doctor skilled surgery for yourself to limit somewhat these complications.

In particular, after the surgery, some patients still encounter pain condition, belly full of ascites, indigestion or diarrhea that lasts is called the “syndrome after cholecystectomy”. This causes a significant impact to the lives of sick people.

Surgical gallstones are not meant to cure the disease completely by gallstones is chronic disease, born from the metabolic disorders in the body. Because the stones are still at risk of recurrence, especially in people who have the address easy to create gravel such as obesity, high blood fat, diabetes, diet high in cholesterol, fat, or bacterial infection of the bile…

!important;”>treatment of gallstones the right way is not simply a surgery is done, but also need the solution to recurrent stones after surgery.

How to prevent gallstones recurrence

You should spend 30 minutes of exercise per day to help prevent gallstone disease

Gallstones have high relapse should the sick-room have very important meaning. To be able to prevent risks after surgery, you need good control of the risk factors, build, diet, and healthy living combined with herbs to help prevent gallstone recurrences.

1. Good control of risk factors

The disease comes such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, diseases of liver bile… is one of the risk factors promoting the formation of stones. Therefore, those who belong to the group on the need to pay attention, good treatment of the risk factors and taking medications as directed by your doctor in order to have good health.

2. Build healthy lifestyle

You need to restrict fat and eat more vegetables

A healthy lifestyle and reasonable diet is very necessary for everyone, including sick people and healthy people. People suffering from gallstones, either before or after surgery also need to limit the food cholesterol, fats and eat more greens, fruits. In addition, you also need to drink sufficient water and regular worming to prevent helminth infections.

An important note for those who suffer from gallstones is that you need to keep the psychological comfort, exercise and regular movement. This will help to increase the performance of muscles, good for digestion and circulation of bile, as well as avoid stasis of bile and recurrent stones.

3. Taking the herb quarterly

Many patients are still searching for an effective solution both before and after surgery gallstones and figured out how to remove gallstones from 8 herbal Busy kim, Chi e, tran, Diep ha chau is the, Ho ho, Huang bai and Kim money seminar. These herbs help to increase the secretion and circulation of bile, soften the gravel, increasing the contractility of the gallbladder help the song push the residue of gravel out at the same time prevent the formation of gallstones.

Mrs. T. K. Agreement after a period of using food to protect the health Kim Đởm Khang(*) said: “After 6 months of use, I go check to see pebbles 9mm only 5mm. After a year, the doctor told stones in gallbladder is gone. From here, I no longer have to worry to go to surgery gallbladder stones anymore”.

Food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang with 8 the herb quarterly is the solution to bring many benefits to the gallstones. Products can support soften the gravel and prevent the gravel back after surgery. This is also the functional foods in accordance with the who vd the biliary tract, cholecystitis, elevated liver enzymes, hepatitis, diet indigestion due to bile stasis, liver steatosis.

Instead of losing food, losing sleep because of worry gallstones can cure is not, you should proactively find out the treatments and have diet, more active lifestyle, to repel disease. Daily changes will help you post gallstones and gravel back after surgery in a natural way.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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